PureVPN Review: Safe, Secure & Best VPN Services

PureVPN is one of those VPN services which has been helping netizens bypass internet censorship and restrictions since the start. It’s moderately priced VPN services have proved to be one of the most efficient ones in the business. This PureVPN review will look into the positives as well as negatives of the services and users are advised to base their judgments on the basis of the various parameters provided below.

PureVPN has been a common name in the VPN business right since its inception in 2006. Situated in Hong Kong, the company is well known for providing multi-featured services at a reasonable price. It has one of the biggest IP Address databases amongst all the others in the business. This VPN service came into existence as a result of experimentation conducted by the GZ systems in the field of personal VPN service in 2006. The tests yielded positive results and hence PureVPN came into existence, becoming the first company to provide personal VPN services to the public.

PureVPN Features

Features of Access PureVPN provides a wide variety of features to its users so that they can use the services to the full and access any content on the web without any hitches. Some of the most important features have been given below:


Upto 5 devices support

Users can use 5 devices simultaneously using PureVPN which in our opinion is one of the USPs of this VPN service. For this PureVPN review, we tested the service by simultaneously connecting 5 devices at once, and it was able to give satisfactory speed on all the connected devices. Yes, the VPN stuttered at times but still the ability to connect these many devices is an added bonus.


Clean UI

The UI of this VPN is a no-nonsense kind and lets users connect and access the services in a very easy manner. Users have the option to choose their preferred server and alternatively, users can also avail the auto-detect option to connect to the fastest available server nearby. Accessibility of all the essential functions is easy and the overall UI is smooth and light.


256-bit Encryption

PureVPN provides its users with the option to use 256-bit encryption using SSTP and L2TP/IPSEC. This is one of the most secure protocol available in the contemporary times. Apart from SSTP, users also have the option to use PPTP (128-bit encryption). Unfortunately, the hugely popular OpenVPN protocol misses out but Beta tests are being conducted by the company and we might see it in action in the near future.


Unlimited bandwidth and server switch

Users are provided with unlimited bandwidth and server switches which enable them to access any web content without any bandwidth restrictions. However, the users have to comply with the company’s fair use policy under which there is 200 sessions per day max usage limit.



If you access a lot of media streaming services then using a SmartDNS is a must. SmartDNS helps the users in streaming web contents at a blazing fast speed. Users are provided with an add-on using which they can access any streaming site of their choice. Several streaming sites like Hulu and Hulu Plus have blocked VPN services but they can still be accessed via SmartDNS! Another feather in the cap for PureVPN!


Internet Kill Switch

This feature helps to maintain your online anonymity and security by switching off the entire internet when the VPN service gets turned off by mistake. Thus, your sensitive credential and data won’t be revealed to anyone in case the services are switched off for some time.


Spilt Tunneling

Split Tunneling is another USP of this VPN services which help the VPN to maintain/improve the speed of the service. The modus operandi of this feature is that it splits the user’s internet traffic into two parts; the sensitive ones are channeled through the secure VPN route while the normal traffic is allowed to directly exchange information from the internet. This splitting of bandwidth significantly increases the speed of the VPN service which proves to be a boon for heavy internet users.


DDoS Protection

DDoS has been a major force in cyber-attacks these days. Several companies and internet services are devising new methods to avert attacks in DDoS form. PureVPN offers DDoS protection to its users so that they do not become a target for the cyber-criminals using DDoS to interrupt their activities.


Optional Add-ons

There’s a wide array of add-ons bundled along with the PureVPN client. However, users can opt for other useful add-ons at a minimal price to significantly improve their productivity. Several add-ons like Dedicated IP and Dedicated Streaming ones are present to make life easier for the users. Apart from the add-ons, users can also install StealthVPN Browser to securely access any website devoid of any surveillance or tracking.

PureVPN Pricing

Pricing Chart PureVPN provides its VPN services at a very nominal price. Users can pick up from 3 pricing plans. A monthly plan for $9.95 per month. A six-month plan for $7.49 per month. And a yearly plan for $4.16 per month. All the plans are available with 7 days money back guarantee.

PureVPN Servers

Servers Limitation PureVPN has over 50 servers spread across 140 countries. The server spread is amazing and is evenly spread out throughout the world, giving users the option to connect to the nearest available server for the best results. The majority of servers are present in the UK, USA, and Canada. Further, there are atleast two servers present in all the other 137 countries. The good news is that PureVPN has located its servers even in those countries where stringent censorship policies are implemented. The server list is going to keep in increasing considering the motto of the company is to provide unrestricted internet access to all.


Avaliablety of ways

The client is available for all major platforms including Android as well as iOS. The apps, too, have a very fluid interface and take care of all the browsing needs.

PureVPN Customer Support

Customer Team Support The customer support team is available 24/7. There are four different means through which the customer support team can be contacted. These are support tickets, Live Chat Support, forums, and FAQs present on their website. Immediate assistance is provided to anyone trying to contact the representatives without the involvement of any bots. We contacted the customer support team for this PureVPN Review and the response was very quick and efficient. The Live Chat Support is available to all the visitors without any subscription so that potential customers can get answers to all their queries before they buy the product.


All the major advantages and disadvantages have been covered in details in this review and the readers are advised to take these points into consideration before subscribing to the services. In the case of any queries, you can leave a comment below and we would be glad to clear all your doubts. Alternatively, you can visit their forum or contact the customer services through Live Chat Support to get all their doubts cleared.