Season Results in English Football: How It was?

What events did football fans remember in the 2020/2021 season in England , who became the champion this year, who was voted as the best player, the main football events of this season.

England is the country where football was born. Here it is a national sport, it had a huge impact on the development of culture in general. Today, more than 40 thousand clubs are registered here, which is more than in all countries in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people want to know season results in English football: How It was?

What was the 2020/2021 season in English football: Who won?

Who won

From 12.05 to 23.05 the final of the England Football Championship was held. A total of 20 teams took part in the competition, each of them played 38 games. The undisputed leader was Manchester City, which scored 86 points in the final result. This victory for the team is the first in its history.

During the championship, he won 27 games and played 5 in a draw. This, the team was ahead of its closest rival Manchester United by 12 points. It is worth noting that this year there will be practically no intrigue about who will be the winner since Manchester City has shown itself as a worthy opponent from the first games of the season.

In general, the coach Josep Guardiola already had a well-matched team, the players knew their responsibilities, while Chelsea had minor problems with the strategy of the game until the middle of the tournament. Many fans believe that this prevented the legendary team from gaining the championship.

The third and fourth places were taken by such titled teams as Liverpool (69 points) and Chelsea (67). In general, all the teams of the season played unstably, so such results do not surprise the fans. The last places were taken by Fulham, West Bromwich, and Sheffield United, as a result, they dropped out of the Premier League and got into the Championship.

What teams were the discoveries of the season?

Experts consider 2 teams to be a real discovery of this season: West Ham and Leeds. The first team played smoothly throughout the season, they did not have strong ups and downs, in total, they earned 65 points and got to the sixth line of the results table. This result is 9 positions higher than last year.

David Moyes showed everyone that he is a really good coach. If earlier Fornals, Soucek and Michael Antonio were little-known footballers, then this year they have become real football stars. Many football critics have compared West Ham to Leicester, which also became famous without a single star in the squad.

The next team that deserves attention is Leeds. For the past 16 years, this team has not been able to make it to the top division, and this year not only deserved the opportunity to participate in the Premier League but also hit the 9th line of the standings with a running start.

The team won 18 games and drew 5 games. This season it was almost the only team that was never accused of not playing spectacularly or interestingly. All of their games had a lot of dangerous moments, difficult passes, and even had a few spectacular goals.

Who holds the title of the best player in England this year?

Best player in England

Usually, the best player is the footballer whose team has received some significant victories in the season or at least won some of the prizes (for example the FA Cup, of which there are already two). But this year was an exception.

Even though Tottenham took only 7th place in the English Championship, the member of this team became the best player this year. Harry Kane. He showed real miracles in attack, but the defense of the team pumped up a lot, which was the reason for such a low rating.

The result of the player speaks for itself: out of 68 goals, 37 were scored with the direct participation of Harry Kane.

Kane has been playing very successfully in tandem with Sona for the past 6 years. Even fans call them a killer duo. Together they simply destroy their rivals, but 2 players cannot ensure the success of the whole team.

For several years, various English and French clubs tried to lure Harry Kane away, but coach Dani Levy has not yet agreed to sell him. This is largely because he considers Kane to be his main asset, the team will lose any opportunity to win any game.

Conversations on this matter have been sharpening for several years, but the further, the more it becomes clear that the footballer does not seek to leave his club, even if it is not as successful as it could.

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