Teach Your Children About Online Privacy And Security And Preserve Their Innocence

The very essence of childhood is innocence. As soon as the innocence of a child is lost, they lose their childhood. Hence, it becomes extremely important to keep a tab on your children’s online activities to prevent them from watching contents made only for adults. Also, children are vulnerable to a lot of online security threats. Thus, it’s high time that you start teaching your children about online threats and tips to avoid them.

The internet can turn out to be a nightmare if not used correctly. It is never a good idea leave your children alone on the internet because even a single unwanted incident can scar them for life. Thus, we have compiled a list of things, you must do to protect your child’s online privacy.

Educate your kids about the danger of internet

Tell them that the internet is not a safe place. Teach them to never divulge their personal information to anyone on the internet. Your child’s security is at a risk even if their names or their age is revealed by them to a stranger. This should be the first and foremost thing to teach to your children when they get to use the internet.

Use parental controls over their devices

Install a parental control software on your child’s devices to keep track of their online activities. This enables you to prevent them from accessing inappropriate contents. Also, monitor their data usage and if you see a sudden surge in their online activities, then ask them politely about the reason for such surge.

Teach them about never communicating to any strangers

This is one of the most basic things that you must teach to enhance your child’s security online. Teach them to never talk to any strangers online. And if they wish to, then let them do it under your supervision and not alone. Who knows that the “sweet 15 years old boy” behind the monitor can turn out to be a 45-years old pedophile!

Ask them to avoid social networks

It’s better to avoid using social networks altogether at such tender age. And if they wish to join one, then read the terms and conditions of the social networks. Ensure that contents over such social networks are appropriate for kids. Keep track of what your kids are sharing on their social media. Make them familiar with the privacy options and ask them to never reveal their personal information over such networks.

Avoid sketchy websites like Omegle

Teach you kids to avoid websites like Omegle4chan, and the likes to avoid them from meeting people which might corrupt their young brains. Your child’s security might be at great risk if they start accessing such sketchy websites at a young age.

Install a VPN on their devices

You must install a VPN on their devices to keep all their information encrypted over the network. Teach them the benefits of a VPN and way to use them. This will minimize the risk of getting your child’s online private information from getting revealed to a third person.

Inculcate a habit of downloading music/software from official websites only

Inculcate this habit in your young ones to minimize the risk of infecting their devices with viruses and spyware which can a great threat to your child’s privacy and security. Always ask them to download contents from official and reputed sites only. This will ensure that no third party software clogs their systems and makes them vulnerable against cyber-attacks.


Amanda Todd (RIP) is the best (or the worst?) example of what the internet can do to the young ones. Child security has been a major concern for many countries leading to them drafting laws in this regard. You must teach your kids to stay safe online. Just use the tips given above and keep your child’s security intact over the internet.