8 Interesting Things You Can Do with a VPN

The internet is a vast, incredible, yet scary place. You get to witness the wonders of today's advancing technology and how the world has evolved with the help of science. However, this outstanding science is not what we are here to discuss.

You are well-aware of the things you can do within seconds with the internet's help, but while enjoying those glorious moments, you often forget the dark side of the internet and how it can harm you using the information you enter.

There's a solution for every problem, and there's a solution to this harmful problem as well. As the internet can be quite scary, geniuses have invented a safer way to surf the internet with a VPN, also known as a Virtual Private Network, There are some VPN providers like CyberGhost VPN, PureVPN, ExpressVPN and more.

The VPN allows you to surf the internet safely without restrictions, and it ultimately creates a ton of uses of a VPN so that you can benefit from it. If you don't already know about it, keep reading to find out.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) and How It Works

As the name pretty much gives away the term's primary meaning, a Virtual Private Network provides you with a private way or route to enter the internet without making it known who you are or where you reside.

Virtual Private Network

It disguises your IP address with another to protect you, and your data from malicious third-parties present online. These dangerous parasites online prey on your data through cyber-crimes if it is not appropriately protected.

Additionally, VPN is beneficial in countries with strict censorship laws and rigorous monitoring of the internet as it also helps to disguise your location online, avoiding any geo-restrictions. Now that you know what VPN is let's see how it works.

Mainly, when using a VPN, your IP address sends a request to your local internet service provider, which the internet provider transmits to the website you need to access once the request is processed.

Interesting Ways to Benefit from a VPN

Benefit from a VPN

As you now know how a VPN works, you might be eager to learn the many things you can do with a VPN, so without further ado, here are some of the most exciting uses of a VPN:

Stream International TV Channels for Free

Have you ever missed your favorite live broadcast of a movie or show just because it doesn't air in your country? It is sad to even think about missing your favorite shows. However, you can overcome this issue with the help of the correct VPN. As many TV channels allow the streaming of shows and programs on their websites, a VPN re-routes your IP address to disguise or hide your location so you can access those websites and easily enjoy your favorite shows safely.

  • Play Video Games

Some of the biggest targets of ISPs are video games, as they slow down your favorite video games while you are playing. Using a VPN helps ease your connection with the game and protects your game from ISPs interrupting it every second. As a result, you get an improved experience, and you also get to enjoy your game just as you wanted.

  • Stay Safe from Online Eavesdropping

Public Wi-Fis are not entirely safe as they do not travel within a protected environment. They are easily visible to other malicious sources online that are waiting to misuse your data. As a result, hackers can easily access your data and invade your privacy for the wrong purposes. However, if you surf the internet with a VPN, you can effectively avoid such threats that you can also refer to as eavesdropping.

  • Access Restricted Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are widely restricted in many countries for multiple reasons. Although the restrictions on social media platforms may be right or wrong, the safest way to access social media platforms, especially in countries where they are restricted, is through a VPN. Once again, a VPN effectively hides your location, which gives you access to the restricted social media platform so that you can enjoy it.

  • Disguise your Location

There are times when you do not want your friends, colleagues or employers to know whether you are on vacation or not. Plus, it is sometimes better to hide your real location from the internet if you are on a holiday because thieves can use this opportunity to harm you as tourists or visitors are their key targets. You can use a VPN located in your home country to hide your location and let others think that you may be home while you may be enjoying the waves in Australia.

  • Commenting with Anonymity

There are many occasions where you may prefer to stay anonymous while commenting online or writing a movie. Anonymity is usually preferred when you write your opinion or view about a controversial personality or social problem. A VPN will help you maintain an anonymous status as you write or comment online by masking your IP address to one that shows you from a different country.

  • Protect Browsing and Search History

Your web browsing history is that dangerous people can quickly invade and misuse against you. Your web browsing or search history is quite a long list of sites that you visit in a day. Plus, this history may also have records of the confidential files you may download. The use of a VPN can effectively help you avoid such third-parties, also known as ISPs, from recording your web browsing history and keep you and your essential data well-protected.

  • Complete Wi-Fi Security

Many public places such as cafes, hotels, and other restaurants offer free WI-FI to their customers, sounds pretty neat. It is a great help, especially when you need to check your emails or some important message that you need to check right away. However, these public WI-FIs can be harmful to your privacy as they are not encrypted like the WI-FI you have at your home. It would be best to use a VPN as it efficiently protects your data against dangerous online preys that may enter your phone through public WI-FIs.


VPN is a relatively safer way to surf the internet. It helps you efficiently avoid any malicious third-parties that may misuse your data for cyber crimes or fraud.

Additionally, it protects your data and also enables you to avoid any restrictions within your location to provide you with enough freedom to enjoy your favorite things.

So, getting a VPN for your online activity is both safe and efficient as it breaks every barrier that stops you from doing something you enjoy.

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