Unblock Blocked Websites in School, At Work, or Anywhere

Internet censorship has taken a furious form nowadays and is being widely used by various institutions, even Governments are no less than anyone in the implementation of internet censorship, China, North Korea, United Arab Emirates are some such countries which prominently follows the practice of Internet Censorship, where freedom of speech and expression is curtailed and information which they thinks is of no use to the people is restricted.

The same practice of internet censorship is being followed by educational institutions as well, but who said that there is no work around it. We are humans and we always find our ways!

Commonly Blocked Websites

The most common websites which are blocked relates to Social media like Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, LinkedIn, Digg, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Blogs etc. Further in the list comes the websites related with News & Politics like Wikileaks, Wikipedia, Google News,  and the reason behind is that the restricting authority does not want you to be aware of as to what is happening around the world.

10 Ways to Unblock Blocked Websites around the Globe

So without further delay let’s get to how to unblock blocked websites could be accessed, below is step by step guide as to how.


Access blocked websites using Google Translator

Now you must be wondering ‘does it really work’, and the answer is yes it does. All you have to do is open the Google Translator and then enter the website in the input field where generally what you wish to translate is entered, with that done choose a language other than the website is already in and hit translate and you will be able to access the website which is blocked, as Google Translator will provide you with the translated live version of the desired website.


Website Cache

Generally all the browsers and search engines maintain a cached version of a website indexed by them in order to load the web page more quickly when you tries to access the same website in future. Since the website will be provided by the search engine’s servers, it can be used to bypass the IP address and URL-based.


Using RSS Readers for gaining access to the blocked blogs

When it comes to accessing restricted blogs, RSS readers comes in very handy. All the blogs synchronize their content through RSS feeds which you can reach to in web RSS readers like Feedly in order to gain access to blocked content.


Using IP Address of the Website to gain access

In this step the only thing to be done is enter the IP Address of the website in the search bar instead of the website URL, this will bypass the basic form of website filtering. However, if the filtering software keeps track of the IP address to the domain of the website then this method will not work and the website will remain inaccessible. To easily know the IP Address of a website open a command prompt window and ping the desired website, the IP Address to the website will be written in brackets right next to the URL.


Decimal Conversion of IP address if above method does not work

Before using this step try using the method explained above and if you are not able to reach the website even after that, then follow this step of Decimal Conversion. Simply Google Internet Protocol (IP) address to Decimal conversion and after getting the Decimal Equivalent of the URL’s IP, enter that into the search bar of the browser and see if the website is accessible.


TOR Network

TOR Browser Bundle or The Onion Tunnel is freely available software which tunnels the data through several nodes in order to make the source data undetectable and hide the original IP Address of the user. Although, surfing the internet through TOR is slow but it is best to protect privacy at the same time.


IP Hiding Softwares

In some cases, websites block the access to them for some particular IP addresses and in such cases IP hiding software like UltraSurf works the best. Paid and free both types of software are available in this category as well, however, nothing could surpass the paid ones in terms of features.


Proxy Websites

These are basically URL translating sites, which redirects the users to the site which the user intends to visit by hiding the address of the website from your internet service provider.


Changing DNS Server

Changing the DNS server is another widely used method for accessing blocked websites. Under this method changing the DNS servers to those of Google DNS or OpenDNS are the best options to overcome the website blocking, and one more advantage that comes with it is that it also increases your internet speed significantly.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN is basically a tunnel network under a public network that grants more privacy and it also encrypts the data, thus providing complete anonymity. There are both paid and free types of VPN available, however, the best anonymity and privacy is provided by the paid ones. HideMyAss VPN is one such VPN service provider which is ranked at the top in terms of complete anonymity and privacy to its users at a very reasonable price tag.


So, now you know how to unblock blocked websites in your school, college, office or any other institution, after all limiting access to information is not a good thing which is being rampantly done by the Governments and authorities in power nowadays. So why not just transcend such imposed limits and gain access to the free world of knowledge with the help of the above-explained methods.