A Comprehensive Guide to Unblock US Netflix Outside the US

Online video streaming and Netflix, both these words are similar. There are many other options for online streaming, but Netflix is the one which is always preferred. Netflix is reliable and has a huge amount of data collection, from your favourite television shows and movies. Search anything on Netflix and you will find it.

Availability of Netflix

Netflix is now available all around the world! It is true. But this does not mean that you have full access to all its television shows and movies. That is the reason why you still need a tool to cope up with US Netflix so that you have a US IP address to access the USA library. There are like more than 6,995 shows in the US Netflix itself which is the highest number.

Netflix also announced that they are going to block users who are trying to access Netflix with the help of VPN’s and proxies, but this is not easy especially when you are using a good VPN service and is being used on a large scale. Till now, the most recommended solution is HideMyAss which has not been affected at all.

What is the need for VPN in Netflix?

An Australian user has access to only 1900 and more television shows and movies on Netflix while a user from the US has access to more than 7000 television shows and movies. Hollywood, as well as other television and movie creators, has copyright laws, now if a country wishes to show the content in their area, then they have to pay a huge amount of money for it.

Now if your country is not paying those fees, you will not be able to watch that particular television show or movie. Now you need a good VPN Service provider to access all this. Netflix is still restricted in some parts of the world like Syria, Crimea, North Korea and China.

How does VPN work?

When you connect to the Internet, a VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to securely access a private network. Data can be shared remotely using public networks. Much like a firewall protects the data on computer, VPN protects it online.

VPN are highly popular amongst people today, it does not matter if they are corporate or just college going students, and VPN has proved to be useful for everyone. The reason is that it helps you in anonymous surfing as well as security.


Using a good VPN service provider is very important, you need to care about the total number of servers a particular VPN service provider is having. For example, a particular VPN service provider does not give you services in the US, then you will not be able to access Netflix as a US citizen. The other thing is security and good connectivity.

I do recommend HideMyAss Pro service provider which is reliable and has more than 151 servers available all over the world. So now you can access Netflix freely all around the world as a US citizen. So enjoy your favourite television shows and movies without any disturbance.