Use a Proxy to Discourage Internet Profiling

When you go out surfing on the internet, your computer is picking up HTTP cookies at every site you visit. This means companies are tracking where you go with the cookies, how long you’re there, and what you’re doing while there. If you’re not using an anonymous proxy or one that consistently switches your IP address, they can use this information to create a profile of your identity and log it under your IP address. Then, when you go out to surf again, they filter search results, ads, and site content based on what they think you’ll be most likely to respond to.

proxy server to protect your identity

Who Does the Internet Think You Are?

While in some cases this could allow you to find what you’re looking for faster, and even increase the likelihood of finding something you might need or want, it also limits the web experience you’ll have without you even realizing it. It’s like walking into a library filled with books about things you already know and love. How can you hope to expand your knowledge and interests if you never see that there are other topics out there?

The most popular type of profiling categorizes you based on your affluence. If you live in region known for being rich or use an expensive computer to do your surfing, they will make sure to limit products to the price range they assume you can afford. This can make it difficult for you to find the best price for the best product. It’s frustrating to think that companies are creating an entire identity for you based on just a few bits of information that are likely very small pieces of what makes you who you are. By using an anonymous proxy, you can hide your identity from these profilers, opening up your experience to the entire web.

What Doesn’t the Government Want You to Know?

On the one hand, you don’t necessarily want a bunch of websites to come up in search results when you can’t even read the language they’re in, so in this case, the filtering can be helpful. On the other hand, sometimes there are things going on in other counties, that for some reason or another, your government might not want you to know.

content_blocked for GEO location

We often hear about countries like Iran limiting what their people can see or send on the internet, and sometimes they will actually shut it all down to prevent information from seeping through. But there are sites that even American’s can’t access, though we assume our government allows us the right to all information.

The problem is, how do you know your access is restricted if you never see certain sites in your search results to begin with? Some internet users get around this by using a proxy server to Bypass Filter Website with a new IP address based outside of America. By switching to IPs in other countries, they can get access to any website they wish to see.

Who’s Limiting Your View of the World Wide Web?

So the next time you surf the web, take a look to see if the ads and search results seem a bit too you. And if you want to see more of the web and all that it has to offer, you might want to consider buying a proxy to discourage internet companies from profiling, and therefore limiting, your internet experience.

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