Unblock And Watch Formula 1 Online Free

For the F1 fans out there the year 2016 is bringing in its new season, so by now the fans must be wondering how they are going to watch Formula 1 online free as possible in the year 2016. The days of full British coverage are not anytime soon. So even if you spoof your IP address to Britain’s, it won’t suffice. And unfortunately BBC has also decided to cut its sports budget this year thus saving 30 Million Euros, but how is it going to end for you?

The good news is since BBC has released the hold, the Channel 4 is going to broadcast 10 of the races especially for eyes without hideous advertisements even that is after a lot of negotiations with the sports godfather – Bernie Ecclestone.

Sounds Good by Far..?

Not really, the fact is for a die-hard fan of Formula 1 watching 10 of the 21 races would not do any good. Fortunately, this is where Australia comes into the picture and with the use of a VPN you get closer to immersive and free Formula 1 experience. The reason is that Australian network tenplay.com has promised to broadcast those races which will not be shown by Britain’s channel 4. And that means you have almost grabbed the whole of the Formula 1 2016 season. Kudos to that and thanks to VPNs!!

The Affordability Part!

Now if you can afford to spend $740 then you can buy the full package of F1 2016 races at NBC Sports in the US, but you are not going to do it are you? Hang on and read on if you are going to do it!!

Fortunately, if what is flowing in the air is true, then India’s Star Sports network will be showing the Formula 1 season this year as well, that means if you miss a race on tenplay.com or Channel 4, you can head to the Star Sports. But, for doing that you are going to have to unblock Star Sports in your home country first and for doing this you are going to need a VPN subscription and spoof your IP address to an Indian one. That’s how you can watch Formula 1 2016 for free and access to the whole season in your country when you are not in India.

Choosing a VPN to Watch Formula 1 Online Free

So, now you must be thinking what VPN subscription you should buy, but don’t worry I am willing to help. Here I will recommend HideMyAss Pro VPN because they are one of the best VPN service providers, their speed is good featuring unmatched support and as a bonus comes to their strict privacy and data protection policy. So, buy a subscription set up the VPN on your machine and get ready to watch Formula 1 2016 for free and enjoy the ride!


VPNs are the best way to bypass geographical restrictions and above I explained the whole process to watch Formula 1 2016, and watch the whole season from wherever you are. Hope the guide will prove the reader to watch Formula 1 online free and in enjoying the show.