Love NFL? Learn How to Watch NFL Outside the US

When I talk about NFL (National Football League), Americans will simply nod their face. Most of the Americans love National Football League. A Sunday afternoon without NFL in action is incomplete when it is being played. So a Sunday afternoon is to settle down in front of the television, grabbing some food and enjoying NFL.

NFL Coverage

The most comprehensive television coverage of NFL is being sourced by DirecTv’s NFL Sunday Ticket. Now you must be thinking that you get to watch NFL matches on the internet via DirectTv’s NFL Sunday Ticket. It’s true that you get to watch it online but there are some issues. The issues are that you will be able to watch it only if you satisfy some conditions like you must be living in the area where you get DirecTv satellite broadcasting.

What if you qualify for it? If you qualify and you are watching it on your smartphone or tablet then it will cost $199 per season. If you watch it on any TV or gaming console, it will cost you around $259 per season. If you want it in both then it will cost you $359 per season. So what should be done?


There are restrictions for NFL Games being viewed outside the US. The restrictions are that these can only be viewed within the US. Fans who are from other countries can buy an “NFL Pass”. Using this Pass they can watch NFL from non-American territories. But again, this will cost you extra bucks for sure.


If you are a college student then you may get the tickets at cheap rates, at some schools student get Sunday Ticket Online for $99 per season. But not all are college students, right? So let us look at the other options. Yahoo has teamed up with NFL and is giving access to all the games and is also showing it up weekly.

NFL being the most loved and watched sports in the US has always been attracting global audiences. So now if you are living outside the US or you had to move outside the US for a job or similar problems, you can watch NFL by using a VPN. What you basically need is a good VPN Service Provider and good Internet connection. VPN will represent you like you are accessing NFL channels from the US itself.

You definitely need a good VPN Service Provider like Hide My Ass  which will help you sort out the matters. Even US citizens can watch NFL using a VPN. But this does not mean that you will be able to watch NFL for free, NFL will always cost you but at least, you will be able to watch it!


The new season of NFL is promising, full of thrill and appealing for the fans. Fans are all set to watch their epic season. So you need to get rid of the restriction ghosts. Don’t let them come between you and your favourite season. VPN is the best way to watch NFL. So, use VPN and enjoy NFL!