Best Drinking Water Test Kit for Home

Want to check the quality of the water you drink? You need a quality water test kit to help you out. Here are some of the best varieties you may want to check out.

Testing the quality of the water we use is very important. It is a very good way to gauge the efficiency of a given water filtration system. You get to know whether the system is working effectively and efficiently as claimed by the manufacturer. If your water filter system uses replacement filters, a water tester helps you evaluate when the filters are due for replacement.

Apart from testing the effectiveness of your water filter, you can use these handy kits to evaluate the level of water contamination. For instance, if you were researching the level of contaminants in your well water. This information can be used to determine the best water filter system for a particular type of water. The benefits associated with water test kits are just overwhelming.

Product nameKey features
Hach 2745250 Total hardness test stripAuto-lock and automatic temperature compensation functions
HonetForest water quality testerA large LCD display and 3-year warranty
Hofun TDS water quality tester – TDS, EC & Temperature meterHigh-grade titanium alloy probe and ATC range of 0 – 9999 ppm
Seakcoik TDS Meter digital water tester12-month warranty and Advanced 3-in-1 smartpen design
Ketotek digital TDS & pH meter and PPM testerDual function TDS meter. Ultra-lightweight and pocket-sized tester.
Amtast Digital RO TDS MeterPocket-sized. Backlit LCD screen
The 7Pros high accuracy pen type water quality tester3-in-1 tester with backlit LCD screen
Digital pH and water quality testerHigh accuracy readings up to 0.01 resolution
Pancellent water quality TDS pH test meter30-day money back guarantee. 0 – 9999 TDS range.
Apara Instruments waterproof pH pocket tester2000 hours of superior water quality testing

What is a water test kit?

As the name suggests, a water test kit is an equipment that is used to evaluate the concentration of contaminants in water. As such, it can be used to test your household water, well water or any other type of water out there. You want to check for the concentration of lead, bacteria, nitrates, mercury, etc. a water tester is all you need.

As you know, there are many brands of water test kits out there. They come in different types and varieties. Some are specific for checking a select list of contaminants while others are rather general. Such water testers can be used to check a broad list of contaminants. Even so, there are just some common contaminants that it does an excellent job singling out. So, depending on your needs and expectations, you will have to choose. Be sure to check for the particular set of contaminants your kit is best suited to check.

Do you really need a water test kit?

Like I have mentioned above, thee kits are very beneficial when it comes to checking the quality of your household water. As repetitive as it may sound, these kits are designed to help you decide on an ideal type of water filter or softener. You also get to know the likely contaminants you are dealing with. For instance, detection of lead and mercury in your drinking water should prompt you to do something to get rid of such toxic heavy metals.

Like in my case, out of curiosity, I wanted to know the types of contaminants in my municipal tap water. I was shocked to find out that it actually had high levels of fluoride and chlorine. So I bought a fluoride water filter that doubled as a chlorine filter and had the problem fixed. So, as you can see my water test kit awakened me to a simmering disaster. If you want to take control of your health and the wellbeing of your loved ones, it’s about time bought one of these handy water testers.

Home Water Test Kit Reviews - Pros & Cons

After weeks of research and product evaluation, our team managed to single out some of the best brands that you really need to check out. Here are some tested and proven affordable high-performance water test kits for you. Before that, here is a table summarizing all the water test kits in our collection.

Hach 2745250 Test Strips

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Testing and evaluating water hardness is very crucial. Not only does it help you gauge the suitability of particular water but it also helps provides a detailed breakdown of the hardness causing ions. It is common knowledge that hard water comes with a number of downsides. From a very salty taste to problem lathering with soap, the list of associated problems is long and inexhaustible. With Hach total hardness test strip, you will be able to test and know the best softening method for your type of water.

  • Hach total hardness test kit is the simplest to use
  • An affordable way to detect water hardness
  • Ideally suited for evaluating water hardness
  • Allows you to choose an appropriate water softener.
  • Can be used to evaluate the efficiency of your water filters.
  • A multipurpose water test kit that can be used to test the suitability of your drinking water
  • No warranty

HonetForest water quality tester

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HonetForest is a very reliable and accurate water quality tester that comes with an integrated temperature test meter. It is best used for evaluating the alkalinity of water from any source. The inbuilt titanium alloy probe works alongside an automatic temperature probe function to allow for accurate measurement of water pH readings and contaminant concentrations at any temperature. Something I love about this water test kit is the auto-lock function. Added to its super-sized LCD screen, there’s no doubting this tester’s capacity and ease of use. And if you idle for more than 120 seconds, the equipment will automatically shut off. It provides an excellent way to track the quality of water in your aquarium, fish pond, or better still, water from your faucet. Every purchase is backed by a 3-year warranty and a 90-day replacement guarantee.

  • HonetForest water test kit provides a reliable and accurate way to test the quality of water in your spa, aquarium, and even kitchen faucet.
  • Comes with an upgraded large-sized LCD screen for easier reading
  • The auto-lock function and automatic temperature compensation ensure simple and easy recording of water pH and contaminant concentration.
  • Only requires a simple stir of the water and it will be able to give you a detailed reading of the quality level.
  • Every purchase comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty and a 90-day replacement guarantee.
  • Not identified

Hofun TDS water quality tester - TDS, EC & Temperature meter

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I have used HofunTDS water quality tester to evaluate the quality of water in my aquarium for 2 years now and I can say that I am loving it. It is one of a few TDS meters that support quick measurement and evaluation of water quality. This is facilitated by its high-grade titanium alloy probe. Its automatic temperature compensation function has an efficiency range of 0 – 9999 ppm. This high accuracy level makes it fit for use to test the water quality of an aquarium, in the laboratory, spa, and swimming pool. You will be impressed with its 3 in 1 capability. That is to say, you will be able to measure the electric conductivity, temperature, and TDS. All that from a single meter. Like other leading water test kit brands, this one comes with a large backlit LCD screen for fast and easy reading. I also loved its single button operation. It makes access to relevant water quality data readily available. For easier interpretation of test readings, this water test kit features a reference chart at the back.

  • Every purchase comes with a 1-year warranty for free repairs and replacements. You also get a lifetime tech support whenever you want it.
  • Fast and easy single button operations. Just turn it on, put inside the water and you should be able to get all the readings you want.
  • Top grade titanium alloy probe and automatic temperature compensation facilitates more accurate TDS readings
  • Large backlit LCD screen for easier and more accurate readings
  • Dual function water test kit that is capable of providing measurements for temperature, electric conductivity, and TDS values.
  • Not identified.

Seakcoik TDS Meter digital water tester

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I have not used Seakcoik myself but from its description, it seems a good water test kit. I definitely will try it out. After taking the time to check it, I was particularly intrigued by the low power digital screen that makes it a lot easier to record readings. Whichever the source of water, this kit readily tests it and lets you decide on its suitability for drinking, cooking, among other functions. Using it is also very easy, just like the name. All you need to do is to stick it inside an inch of water in a container and readings will automatically be locked on the LCD screen. It is also very power efficient. It is able to shut off automatically if it stays idle for more than 120 seconds. Every purchase comes with a 12-month warranty for repairs and replacement. There’s no better way to test the purity of your drinking water than with this kit. And you can also use it to test the quality of water in aquariums, well, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, etc.

  • Every purchase comes with a 12-month warranty and a lifetime customer tech support.
  • It comes with a large sized backlit LCD screen for better display of the readings.
  • Best for testing the quality of water that drips out of your kitchen faucet. It can also be used to display the quality of water in swimming pools, aquaria, etc.
  • TDS meter can also be used to gauge the efficiency of reverse osmosis systems, ion exchange resin systems, and other water filters.
  • Readings auto-lock on your screen instantly whenever you stick Seakcoik TDS meter inside the water.
  • Energy efficient system automatically powers off whenever it is idle for more than 120 seconds.
  • You can also save measurements for later reading, thanks to the hold function.
  • Advanced 3-in-1 smartpen combines TDS meter, electrical conductivity, temperature meter for exceptional accuracy.
  • Not identified

Ketotek digital TDS & pH meter and PPM tester

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If you are looking for a pocket-sized and ultralight digital water test kit, the Ketotek PPM meter is what you should go for. It comes with an integrated automatic temperature compensation feature for better accuracy at all temperatures. It is one of a few TDS test kits that also double as a pH tester. The single button functionality makes it very easy to operate. All you are to do it press the power button and stick it inside your water. You will be able to get all pH, TDS, and electric conductivity readings displayed on your screen immediately. When you are done, just press the same buttons and your Ketotek digital PPM meter should be able to power off. In case you forget to switch it off after use, no need to worry. The system is programmed to shut off automatically whenever it is idle for more than 5 minutes. This also lengthens the life of the batteries. Other than just the TDS values, Ketotek PPM tester also measures electric conductivity, water temperature, and pH readings.  So, you get a whole lot of water quality related data from a single measurement.

  • Single button control function facilitates easy usage
  • Dual function TDS meter. It also displays reading about water pH, temperature, and electrical conductivity.
  • Can be used to test and evaluate the suitability of water for drinking or use at home.
  • Determination of the level of water hardness allows one to decide on an appropriate method for eliminating the same.
  • High-level accuracy; has a TDS measurement range of 0 – 9999 PPM at an accuracy of +/- 2%.
  • No warranty cover

Amtast Digital RO TDS Meter

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If you have been looking for a water test kit that works well with Reverse Osmosis systems, this one is a very good pick. The installation process for this water test kit is very easy. You won’t require anything like wrenches. All values of your water’s TDS, temperature, electrical conductivity are displayed on its HD digital screen. You will certainly its small pocket-sized design. This makes it very portable and you can carry it with you wherever you go. It is also very energy efficient. Once connected to your RO system, it only powers on whenever water flows in and off when water flow is interrupted. You won’t have to keep resetting it time and again. And because it uses high precision measurement technology, you can be sure to get very accurate results. All results are displayed on its backlit LCD screen for better reading.

  • High precision measurement technology provides more accurate and dependable water TDS, electric conductivity, and pH results.
  • Best suited for use with reverse osmosis systems
  • Small pocket sizes water test kit can be carried with you anywhere you go.
  • Automatic start and stop functions guarantees ensure readings are recorded only when water is flowing.
  • Very easy installation process. It inserts directly onto your whole house RO system.
  • No warranty

The 7Pros high accuracy pen type water quality tester

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Measuring water pH, hardness, and TDS contaminant values can be very challenging without the right tools. Using paper strips is just not my thing. I tried it before and certainly didn’t like it. It is time-consuming and very inaccurate. So, when I came across 7Pros high accuracy water tester, I knew at once that it was all I had been looking for. A digital small sized pen type tester that works magic at testing and giving the results in a split second. I like the simplicity with which it is operated. This makes it ideal for use at home to test the quality of your drinking water, or water inside your swimming pool, aquarium, etc. to use it, simply stir the water a little bit them stick it in. the readings should be able to stabilize on its backlit LCD display immediately. It uses the automatic temperature compensation feature to enhance accuracy in different water temperatures.

  • Comes with an inbuilt automatic temperature compensation feature that enhances the accuracy of readings at any water temperature.
  • Fast and accurate results appear on the display screen immediately
  • This water test kit is ideal for use at home to test for TDS, pH, and electrical conductivity in your drinking water, aquarium or even swimming pool.
  • It has a small pocket-sized design making it very portable and good for water testing wherever you go.
  • Automatic temperature compensation feature enhances the accuracy of the readings.
  • No warranty

Digital pH and water quality tester

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TDS meters that combine affordability and accuracy are hard to come by. The Digital pH and water quality tester is one of a few testers that still combines these two. Without spending a lot, you get to test the quality of your water and get accurate results immediately. This makes it easy to decide on appropriate water softening methods if the hardness is higher than accepted. Something I like about this water testing kit is that it is very sensitive. It detects very small changes in water pH and TDS concentration that could potentially harm fish in your aquarium or even harm you. For better accuracy, this tester supports readings of up to 0.01 resolution. What’s more, it comes with an integrated automatic temperature compensation feature that enhances accuracy in the readings. The compact design & small size enhances portability. So you can actually carry it with you when going out in the field.

  • Ideal for use at home when you want to check the suitability of water for drinking, aquarium, swimming pool, etc.
  • Comes with automatic temperature compensation function to enhance the accuracy of readings at any water temperature.
  • Very compact and small sized design easily fits inside your pocket when heading out to do some measurement in the field.
  • Every purchase comes with a lifetime tech support, a carrying case, pH meter, and a user manual
  • No warranty

Pancellent water quality TDS pH test meter

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If you are looking for an accurate fast acting water test kit that delivers accurate results in seconds, then check out Pancellent water quality TDS pH test meter. It supports high accuracy both for pH and TDS in the range of +/-0.01pH and 0 – 9999 ppm respectively. Something to note is that Pancellent water quality TDS pH test meter is very affordable when compared to other leading brands. It comes in a small pocket-sized design that is suitable for measuring the pH balance of your drinking water, Reverse osmosis systems, swimming pool, etc. What’s more, every purchase of this water test kit comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. For replacements, you have up to 120 days for the same.

  • Comes with a 120-day replacement guarantee and a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Pocket-sized design best suited for testing the quality of water in your aquarium, swimming pool, reverse osmosis system, etc.
  • Affordably priced
  • The auto-lock function ensures that that only accurate readings are captured displayed on the screen.
  • It is very energy efficient and will automatically shut off whenever the tester is idle for more than 2 minutes.
  • Not identified

Apara Instruments waterproof pH pocket tester

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The Apara instruments waterproof tester comes with a buffer recognition feature and automatic temperature recognition for enhanced reading accuracy at different temperatures. One of a few water test kits with quality pH sensor that works at very low impedance for enhanced sensitivity. To protect it from the elements, this water test kit comes with a rugged carry case and also includes pH buffers. The inbuilt auto-lock function enhances the accuracy and consistency of recording and displaying more accurate values.

  • Up to 2000 hours of superior water quality testing
  • Its auto-lock function facilitates efficient and accurate recording of more accurate TDS and pH readings.
  • Automatic temperature compensation function improves the accuracy of reading at different temperatures.
  • Uses low impedance Apara quality pH sensor for enhanced response rate and better accuracy.
  • No warranty

Types of water test kits

There aren’t any particular brands of water test kits that we managed to single out. However, there are countless brands of these testers in the market. A rather general classification of these kits may be on the basis of the types of contaminants they can identify.

For instance, some water test kits are designed to only check for heavy metals, others check for chlorine, fluoride, asbestos, etc. Another category check for bacteria, viruses, protozoa, etc. Then there’s the category of testers that checks for all these contaminants. So, you’ve got to know what it is you are looking for.


How to choose an ideal water test kit for Home

Some of the things to look out for when shopping for a water test kit include:


You want something that can be easily carried with you whenever you are traveling. This is more so if you make a career out of testing and fixing water quality.


You want a water tester that is within your budget range. Not too expensive nor too cheap.

Ease of use

Go for a kit that is very easy to use. That way, you will be able to get accurate results.

That’s it for our round-up of the best water test kits. Take time to compare all the products in this listing in order to find the very best. We have also included some Amazon links for each water tester. Be sure to click on that in order to get the best price deals.