What is a Crypto Unicorn? How to Buy Unicorn Coins?

Bitcoin has become popular with everyone today, as it is attracting a mainstream audience. The second half started in 2021 and the same if we talk about the crypto world, it is the number of unicorns emerging which has increased significantly.

Just earlier this year, with over 50 crypto and blockchain-related projects reaching significantly more coveted unicorn status. It is being predicted with analysts in the market. You would know that Unicorn is a company if we can consider its value by its venture capitalists to be over a billion dollars. The quantum ai is one of the most authentic platforms that you can use for gaining information about BTC trading.

Some examples associated with unicorns in the mainstream include Uber, Airbnb and Elon Musk's SpaceX, which have all managed to achieve valuations in the billions.

In the crypto sector, the giant crypto exchange, Coinbase, has become a curious example of how companies will rise to a dominant position with the crypto industry quite quickly. So, to keep up with this trading trend in crypto consider learning to create a good trading strategy.


Bitpanda, formerly also known as Coinmall, is an Austria-based startup with a crypto brokerage service rated Series B funding of approximately $1.2 billion, with approximately $170 in start-up Millions raised.

How to Buy Unicorn Coins?

How to Buy Unicorn Coins

The guidelines to buy the crypto unicorn coin is by simply visiting its website and clicking its dashboard which shows the following steps for being followed to better transaction experience:

  1. You can start with buying some ether coins from any certified and trusted digital exchange like Coinbase.
  2. Now you have to create an Ethereum wallet like Metamask which provides you with the private key facility to secure your wallet and transaction data, accessible only by you.
  3. After creating a Metamask wallet, transfer your ether coins into it and through the Metamask wallet, you can directly transfer them to a unicorn website address where you can request the desired unicorn amount.
  4. After the transaction is processed you will be shortly getting the delivery of the requested unicorn cryptocurrencies.

Tidal Wave Of Crypto Unicorns

Tidal Wave Of Crypto Unicorns

This field is not new in crypto form, if the frenzy with the space is seen by the investor, you will feel that it is being caught by the investor. Over a while, there have been several startups that have become “crypto coins”.

So rare has raised $680 million through the NFT trading platform with a valuation of approximately $4.4 billion. It will be possible for you to access the new crypto funds only if it leads to the Series B deal with Sky Mavis. The creator of the NFT game and its value up to about $3 billion. In India, it was its first investment and second in the form of Crypto CoinSwitch Kuber, Unicorn.

The interest explosion has been part of the latest wave for crypto startups, as pointed out by Coinfund's David Pakman, but it also turns out that other waves have come before.

  • First-wave companies were most focused only on how people could buy and sell crypto with it. When viewed publicly, Coinbase is considered the most well-known company of that era to do this business. It started in the year 2012, but there are many others like Blockchain.com and Kraken which are unicorns.
  • The next wave is being called decentralized finance, or DeFi, whose startups were attempting to recreate the traditional financial model, (in the same way as the whole system of receiving interest and lending cryptocurrency). It has been rumoured that cryptocurrency lender BlockFi may raise funds with a valuation of $5 billion, while cryptocurrency lender Celsius announced that it has approximately $20 billion in digital assets to manage.
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