Which Card to Redeem BTC Rewards?

There would be most people who know that all rewards credit cards can never be the same and the same is claimed with some unique offers when it comes to earning as well as using your points.

Did you know that there are a few rotating categories that are preferring rewards credit cards? In addition, points are offered at the same rate on all your spending and bills. Where you will find many cards to choose from, and it can make sense to live your way of life.  So, if you are planning to trade or mine Bitcoin, then you may visit the website of immediate edge.

Also, you can find some redemption sides of the equation in which you can find more variety. There are gift cards, travel, a statement credit, merchandise, cashback and more when you consider some of the cards that want to cash in on all their rewards. If we go back to the last few years, we have seen a new wave of cards that offer rewards with all other currencies – especially crypto credit cards with which you can earn bitcoins.

Let us know which are the rewards credit cards that redeem bitcoin rewards!

Best Crypto Rewards Credit Card

Nexo Card: To Earn Passive Income

Nexo Card

If you want to earn your passive income then you can use cryptocurrencies for this. Nexo is one company that must be on your radar. Just like with Nexo BlockFi, you will need to deposit your crypto to earn interest.

You can currently easily earn up to 20% APY with crypto and earn interest as well. Users associated with Nexo can apply to receive the Crypto Rewards Card. This is a zero-fee card operated by MasterCard, plus you'll earn unlimited cashback of up to 2% if you make a purchase.

You can see the cashback in your Nexo account. You can choose either the Nexo Token or the BTC IF Key as a reward. There are many benefits of holding these tokens such as:

  • You can get better loan rates if there are more NEXO tokens.
  • Earning up to 12% APR with Nexo Tokens.
  • You can get higher yields on different cryptocurrencies, but only if you have as many Nexo tokens as you can.

BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Card: For Higher Annual Spending

BlockFi is a lending platform and it is also a crypto trading platform, BlockFi is also known as an interesting account. With BlockFi, you can earn your passive income by depositing bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

With BlockFi you are given the facility to buy or sell crypto from your account. This card is zero-fee which is supported by BlockFi, with which you can earn your cryptocurrencies, this includes bitcoins and other altcoins. Some of the perks of this card include:

  • Earn 3.5% back on the first three months of starting and get an unlimited 1.5% later.
  • With BTC getting up to 0.25% back is only possible on BlockFi trades.

Gemini Credit Card: For Grocery & Dining Rewards

Gemini Credit Card

It is one of the most popular crypto exchanges, you need not be surprised as the rewards card has been launched with Gemini Crypto. The earliest access to it will require you to join the waiting list, so you know if it's worth watching.

Gemini has some of the best crypto credit cards on the market when it comes to the card which can be the best. There is no annual fee involved, plus you can choose between different cryptos to earn money. Some of the main benefits with this card include below:

  • This does not include any foreign transaction fees.
  • You earn about a 2% return on groceries.
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