Youproxy Review

Are you looking for the best individual proxy? Why not try YouProxy! Not only is it fast, but also affordable and is supported in many countries. You also get unique IPs that you can use to visit various websites, gaming sites, and forums.

YouProxy is one of the best proxies in the world. Not only does it offer high speed, but is also affordable. YouProxy can work on a good number of sites, and programs.

Moreover, it also supports HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols. The authorization is through a login and password together with a static IP. This makes it easier for anyone to use the proxy without prior technical experience. What more would you wish for in a proxy?

It is one of the best proxies that can help you to browse anonymously without any issues. Once, you purchase any of the packages, the setup won't take more than five minutes; unless interrupted. It supports over 25 countries and 170 sub-nets.


Why use YouProxy?

With YouProxy, you can buy the best private proxies. It is also so fast and you can access all websites easily. Additionally, it works with all the protocols.

There is also the advantage of getting help from customer service to choose the best proxy for you.  In the case that you aren’t sure of what will work best for you or your business, opt to consult the customer service.

They respond fast and will ensure all your queries are answered. Moreover, YouProxy gives you the option to buy a proxy package or rent the proxy for a while.

It offers high-quality stable and private ipv4 proxies. The proxies are multi-purpose; you can use them in social media sites, online games, parsing, gambling sites, and copping shops from other countries. However, some of the restricted things can be found on the conditions page. The price depends on the number of proxies.

Why use YouProxy

YouProxy Main Features

Parameters Features
IP Type Individual proxies
Price charged Number of threads
Price sample 10pcs for 25USD
Price protocol HTTP/HTTPS/Socks5
Authentication Username/Password + IP Authentication
IP locations 25 countries, 170+ subnets
Instagram Compatibility Yes
Sneaker Compatibility Yes
Speed Average
Support Support 24/7/365
Refund Policy Yes – it is only during the first 24 hours.
IP Replacement Yes – it is only during the first 24 hours
P2p torrenting
Jurisdiction Location Russia

Pros and Cons of YouProxy

Are you looking for reasons why you should opt for YouProxy? Here are some valid reasons why you aren't making the wrong decision. There are a wide variety of pros and cons that are found with using YouProxy.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages considering the developers work daily to ensure improvement of the systems.

a. Pros of YouProxy

This is why using YouProxy will be more advantageous than you think. According to how we evaluated the proxy, it will be a life-changer to your browsing experience. Let's dive into it:

A large pool of IP address

Once you start using Youproxy, it becomes easy to find the right IP that you can use on certain websites and forums. This is due to the large pool of IP addresses. The YouProxy website is also easy to navigate and loads quickly. It is highly recommendable.


The proxy prices are affordable. This is by gauging the number of IPs they offer per package, It also features minimum ping and high speed. The speed is one of the best and you will testify of having a great experience as compared to other individual proxies in the market. You also have the option of renting out the proxy, rather than buying it.


The servers work well

The servers are stable to ensure the best experience when browsing anonymously. You also get 100% protection, 99% uptime, and 3 min order issuance. The proxies are also 100% individual. Hence, more privacy on your side.

Great customer service

The customer service is also remarkable. You can contact them at any time and get the relevant help you wish.  Their support service is active 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Great customer service

However, if you want to get a refund, you must contact them within the first 24 hours of purchase to get a change. If you don’t it can be hard to get back a refund or choose another package. Additionally, once you purchase you can opt to get advice on how to set up the proxy.

Good quality proxy

It offers high speed and works perfectly well. You can use it on social media sites, web scraping, gaming, sneaker, and online marketplace. This is great as you will get the best from the plan that you choose.

Good quality proxy

Flexible Payment methods

It also features a wide variety of payment methods such as Paypal, Skrill, VISA, Bitcoin, MasterCard, and Alipay. Hence, you ain't limited to just using one payment method. It is also easy to buy and setup.

Flexible Payment methods

b. Cons of You proxy

These are some of the limitations, you may encounter while using YouProxy. They are less than the advantages you will get from this amazing proxy.

No shared proxies

All the proxies are individual, hence there are no shared proxies. Hence, you can’t just try it out before purchasing. The only option is to purchase, try it out, and if unsatisfied return it within 24hours. Also, any restrictions of use are found in the user agreement.

Doesn’t support many countries

In as much as YouProxy is amazing, it doesn't support all countries. However, it supports a good considerable amount of countries. Hence, if you are in an outside country it can be disadvantageous to you.

Do We Recommend it?

According to gathered information, the YouProxy is one of its best. It supports most social media accounts, websites, and forums. We tested it ourselves and so how much it is great among the rest. This is in terms of speed, supported countries, proxy reliability, compatibility with other sites, a pool of IPs, servers, and much more.

Hence, you can try out this individual proxy to hide your online identity and browse geo-restricted websites. You will have an unforgettable experience. Try it today!

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