6 Tips to Protect Your Online Privacy in 2022

Nowadays your online privacy is very much important. The people should protect their internet privacy. There are many types of hackers, There are 2 important things you should know about the privacy which are,

  1. IP address – The IP address is your identity Online
  2. Visits logs – Which is the internet activities Online

They can make the people target or they can theft their valuable information and data, That's why Lots of post are taking about anonymous surfing, And This post I will share my experience on How to protect your privacy online.

Connect to a VPN, then connect to Tor

VPN is a virtual private network. VPN protects the user IP address. VPN helps to protect the computer it will not do anything to the mobile phone or tablet. It contributes to stay protected.

People should know the use of the VPN, and it is imperative to know the right process. They should never download the browser security software from a site whose URL does not begins with https. There are many sites where https are not there. When the people are using non https site, it will be very much easy for the hacker to steal their valuable data and information.

There are many sites where offer the reviews on VPN service is there. People should understand the reason behind it. All these reviews are not honest they are paid review. People should be very smart they have compared the ratings, price and overall performance and most importantly the security. There are some sites where they sponsor or prefer the software.

People should check the download link and validity. It is advisable for the people to download the VPN from the official site. From other websites, it is not reliable to download. Mostly all the VPNs come in paid option. So people have to pay before downloading it. VPN does not automatically make all the browsing private. There is a process to do it. To gain the most out of the VPN, stick to well-encrypted sites and refrain from giving out your information.

Connect to a VPN, then connect to Tor is also known as Tor over VPN. It helps to protect the private information of the torn network, also you can use the Tor with proxy server also.

Moreover, it ensures that no Tor will ever get to see the user home IP address. Connecting to a VPN, then connect to Tor is an advantage for the user. The VPN service will able to see what is going on inside the TOR network.

Connect to a VPN, then connect to Tor is not an easy way to set up. Setting up the process is tough. It is important for the people to know the right process of set up. While setting up, this process makes it impossible for the exit node to see your traffic.

VPN and the TOR are the best for security. Tor is an incredible private tool. When it comes to the Internet security, it is unbeatable. Connect to a VPN, then connect to Tor is better and it increases the privacy.


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Always use strong passwords and 2FA

It is very much important to use a secure password. If the password is not strong, the hacker can access the account, and they can get all the data.

So it is better for the people to use a strong password. The password should not be random password. The password should be strong, and at the same time, the people should remember it.

Moreover, it is very necessary to use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) whenever possible. 2FA adds another layer of security. This 2FA is very good for the people.

2FA - Two-Factor Authentication

When the people add 2FA, it adds more security. People can choose 2FA by three types of identification

  •    It can be a password, or it can be a pin number.
  •    There can be a voiceprint
  •    The 2FA code can be sent on the phone also.


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Use Pidgin or Tails to keep your chats private

People can use pidgin or tails to maintain the chat private. People can use it to connect to IRC or XMPP, and they can have several accounts connected at the same time. They can choose pidgin by choose application, the internet, Pidgin instant messages.


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Do not login Social Media accounts via Public Wi-Fi network

There are many unsecured networks people should not use Wi-Fi networks which do not require a password. It can create many kinds of problems when the user logged into the social media. To it is better to use a secure Wi-Fi network.

It is very necessary to keep the social media account private. The user can select the setting then click privacy. If the person wants to stay private, then they should limit their post to their friends only.

Also,Using a secure web browser is imperative. There are many free browsers, and people should not use this browser.


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Pay with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is very much secure. It is very much secure money for the Internet. People can pay quickly without any problem. There is a process how to pay with bitcoin.

How to pay with bitcoin

Need a wallet

First of all the wallet is require in bitcoin. There is an app of bitcoin where the people can receive and spend bitcoin.

Buy some bitcoin

When the setup process is done buying some Bitcoin is important.The bitcoin exchanges are available all over the world. The people can easily convert any currency with the help of Bitcoin.

Make a payment using Bitcoin

People can easily make a payment by using bitcoin. The bitcoin payment is fast, and it is extremely secure. To make this payment three are three methods which are available.

Scan the QR Code

People can easily scan the code to make the payment. They should confirm everything and then their wallet will make the payment.

Open in Wallet

People can view the invoice by tapping. If everything is correct, their wallet will make the payment.

Send the Payment Manually

If the user are using the old wallet or the wallet is not supported, they can send the payment mutually. They have to copy the address and the amount of the bitcoin from the invoice. Then their wallet will make the payment.


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Use of PGP

PGP is known as Pretty Good Services. Through PGP messages can be sent. PGP is used to send the confidential message. PGP coalesce with symmetric-key encryption and public-key encryption.PGP has message authentication and integrity checking system.