Proxies Spicing Up The Gaming Performance – Best Gaming Proxies

Do you love playing games online? Do you love accepting challenges from friends and turning them in your victories? Then the Gaming proxies are the most required ones for you.

Reduce lag with Gaming Proxy

Often people take their cyber security quite loosely and fell prey to malpractices and other cyber crimes rampantly increasing these days.

What is Gaming Proxy?

Gaming Proxy is the practice of having an authorized player acts as a proxy and stand-in for the actual player to represent his or her game.

A proxy server is usually an intermediary between your computer and the website you are using. The proxy server would send the request on your behalf making its own identity visible and restricting yours. Most of the proxy servers are easily available for the public and guarantees the safe access of the information without leaking your browsing information and the personal data over the network.

Proxies have been used extensively to hide the details that can be traced to get knowledge about the online behavior of a persona and helps to achieve anonymity to a great extent. Gaming proxies have found their market growth due to the high rise of the application base gaming sessions which are driving the market of the online games.

Advantages of Using a Gaming Proxy

You are having access to a fast internet connection and yet experiencing some problems in the speed of the games you play. Then probably you are in need of a goof Gaming proxy.

Some online gamers have found out that despite having access to a good speed internet connection, they register a very poor performance of the game. The cause of this poor performance is generally the long ping times between your ISP and the gaming server situated at some remote location. Here becomes the gaming proxy highly crucial. They improve the speed of the game thereby acting as an online geo proxy server between your ISP and the remote server.

When you take the aid of a gaming proxy, it establishes a good connection and probably a shorter route between your ISP and the gaming server hence acting as a relay between the two connections. The response speeds during this process are generally higher and provide you good performance in the gaming session which would have been otherwise impossible to achieve.

Tough highly consistent, they can have unfavorable results on the speed and hence it is advised to check the compatibility with the geographical constraint before accessing any particular gaming proxy. Also it is highly recommended to go through the comments and reviews from the past users before accessing the proxies.

Where to find Gaming Proxies?

Due to their rising popularity and demand for a safe and speedy gaming session, Gaming proxies are today available across websites. Though some of them can be accessed for free, such as free public proxies; most of them are available at very nominal fees. It is highly recommended to go for the paid versions since they offer greater consistency and security.

Top Residential Proxy Service for Gaming

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$$75 – 5GB – 300 Ports
  • Over 120 countries
  • 8.5+ million IPs
  • Excellent city positioning
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$125 – 10 Ports
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 31+ million IPs
  • 99% uptime
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$75 – 5GB
  • 195+ locations
  • 40+ million IPs
  • Unlimited threads
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Top Private Proxy Service for Gaming

1 sslprivateproxy Service
$15 – 5 Proxies
$67.5 – 25 Proxies
$130 – 50 Proxies
  • 58,000 dedicated IP’s
  • Servers across 23 US states
  • Special for Gaming Proxies
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2 squidproxies Service
$15 – 5 Proxies
$65 – 25 Proxies
$125 – 50 Proxies
  • Stable Gaming Proxies
  • Conquer Chrome
  • No program restrictions
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3 limeproxies Service
$150 – 50 Proxies
$300 – 100 Proxies
$900 – 300 Proxies
  • New Virgin IPs
  • 1 Gbps Blistering Speed
  • 24/7 Service
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