AI Could Do Everyday Things – You Didn’t Know that Before

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hot subject in recent times, as new and exciting uses are found for it. As well as the ways that you might never come across, there have also been some incredible advances in everyday uses that could make daily tasks easier.

Look After Your Home

Look After Your Home

Using technology to protect our homes isn’t a new idea, as we've been using the likes of burglar alarms and smoke detectors to do this for decades. Yet, AI opens up the exciting possibility of our home security systems going a step further by learning from our routines and acting accordingly.

Presently, smart systems use neural networks to improve over time. This means that they grow to recognize family members and pets, as well as their routines. This means that they also eventually work out, by their actions, who's a delivery person and who might be a potentially unwelcome intruder.

Pick a Horse to Bet On

Pick a Horse to Bet On

Betting on horses has traditionally involved spending a lot of time researching in order to be able to bet confidently.

In the UK, an example of the advances made by AI in this area can be seen by looking at sophisticated prediction tools such as Beth. As well as offering traditional betting tips and reviews from the likes of established racing pundits from the industry, the site utilizes a state-of-the-art algorithm and numerous, high-powered data filters to seek the smartest options for bettors.

Users are encouraged to Ask Beth!, who will respond with an objective analysis, having taken into account numerous factors. For example, the type of racecourse, weather, and previous performances by the horse in question are all elements taken into consideration before an accurate prediction is made. This gives prospective bettors the best chance of winning and the lowest risk of losing money.

Help You Brush Your Teeth More Effectively

Brush Teeth Effectively

The idea of brushing your teeth more effectively thanks to AI might seem far-fetched. However, you can already buy AI toothbrushes from companies like Oral-B and Kolibree that use intelligent software, designed having learned from thousands of tooth-brushing styles. This advanced apparatus can deal with any technique that you use.

The toothbrushes are accompanied by an app that provides you with comprehensive feedback to let you know if you are, for instance, brushing too hard or if you have missed any areas. You can also use the app to set goals and track them on a daily basis using the feedback that you receive.

Make the Perfect Burgers

Making hamburgers is a skill that takes time to learn. According to some reports, the pre-cooked weight should be seven ounces, made up of 80% meat and 20% fat, and a hot skillet should be used. Yet, even if get these things right, are you sure that you could cook burger after burger to exactly the right degree?

This is where Flippy comes in. Flippy is a robot that can cook up to 300 burgers perfectly in an hour and serve them. This AI technology is used by CaliBurger and was created by Miso, whose CEO, David Zito, said that it's the first automated kitchen assistant capable of learning from its surroundings as well as picking up new skills.

It seems certain that AI will be used in many more everyday tasks before too long, but for the moment, there are already plenty of ways to take advantage of this incredible technology.

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