7 Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Have you ever thought about how frequently you use an app in a day?

Ever since smartphones were invented, it has become a vital part of people’s daily lives. So, it is no wonder that the demand for mobile applications has been steadily increasing. Having said this, the business industry can no longer afford to neglect mobile users. Hence, Mobile app development is becoming increasingly popular among enterprises and software developers.

If you want to establish an inventive, powerful, and user-friendly app, you should concentrate on picking the right technology, best programming language, and one of the top software development companies.

In a nutshell, programming is similar to building a mobile app’s artificial brain. So, if you are intending to design a mobile app, do not overlook the necessity of picking the correct programming language for the job.

Here is the curated list of 7 Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development.

Which Programming Languages Are Best to Use for Mobile App Development?

1. JavaScript

One of the prominent languages in the programming world is JavaScript. It boasts versatility for various projects, as well as the ability to create rich user experiences and interfaces quickly and effectively. While this is valid, Java also has a fair share of certain performance issues.



  • Easy to control and work with
  • Flexible language that may be utilized in a variety of ways using Node.js
  • Client-side browsing is fast and does not require compilation.


  • Can be used for nefarious purposes
  • You may run into browser support issues

2. Python

Python is a widely accepted programming language used for developing desktop apps, web applications, network server, and more.

The language offers comprehensive integration, excellent library support, and effective control capabilities. It is an ideal language to use for startups planning to develop an app.


  • Simple to use, fast, easy to learn, as well as has an outstanding readability
  • A dynamic language that supports GUI applications and is used to create scalable apps
  • High-level programming language used to analyze and calculate numerical data, and develop software


  • Execution time is slow
  • Has some issues with data access

3. Kotlin

Kotlin is said to be an updated version of Java. Kotlin is a cross-platform, open-source, multipurpose programming language used to develop modern mobile apps.

The best aspect of Kotlin is that it allows developers to focus on expressing ideas rather than writing low quality code.



  • Straightforward to use
  • Uses simple code and has clean and compact syntax that is easy to maintain
  • Compatible with Java


  • Gets slower at some point
  • Has few learning resources

4. C++

C++ is a widely used programming language for creating mobile apps. It is a more general, high-level, and object-oriented language that supports low-level memory manipulation features.

It is mainly used for developing games, real-time mathematical simulations, banking apps, and GUI-based applications.


  • Has large number of pre-built libraries and compilers
  • Serve as a prerequisite to easily learn JAVA, C, and C#
  • App can operate on any platform and utilize any hardware


  • Has small standard library and complicated syntax
  • Difficult to learn

5. PHP

If a mobile app needs database access, PHP is the most recommended language to use. It is an open-source programming language for command-line scripting, server-side scripting, and application development.



  • Has built-in security features to protect against security threats
  • Loads fast even with a sluggish internet connection
  • Extremely compatible with seamless integration, and is platform independent.


  • Requires better error handling in the framework
  • Bugs can be easily uncovered to exploit its flaws because of its open-source nature

6. Swift

Swift is specifically designed to be used in iOS app development. This open-source tool features less coding expertise compared to other object-oriented programming languages. It is scalable, versatile, and can quickly adapt a safe programming pattern to add new functionality to any app.


  • Requires less maintenance
  • Features safe and smooth design
  • Easy-to-learn programming language


  • Regarded as relatively young for serious app development
  • Considered as unstable and requires constant upgrades

7. Java

Java is an established object-oriented programming language for Android development. You can create best mobile apps, cross-platform apps, and more with JAVA’s diverse set of features.



  • Supports code portability and reusability
  • Offers security features against issues inherent in native code, memory leaks, and more
  • Platform-independent,  and adaptable programming language


  • Poorly constructed class libraries and confusing syntax, sometimes
  • Poor garbage collection

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