Vital Processes: Why Built-in Security Is a Must in Custom Software Development   

Everyone knows just how important security is in the current turbulent technology landscape. This means that companies must remain hypervigilant to make sure it’s a built-in feature of every custom software project they commission.

Custom software development refers to the process of designing and deploying software meant for specific users or organizations. This software is most commonly also maintained by the organization that designed it. What separates this type of software from commercial options is that they normally aim to fit the specific set of requirements that have been set forth by the organization.

Custom software is quite prevalent in more specialized industries, including the finance and banking industries. Naturally, as the data handled in custom software is typically quite sensitive, extra levels of cybersecurity are definitely necessary. When it comes to these types of software, security shouldn’t only come from external sources but also include built-in security features in the software design.

Why Is Built-in Security So Important?

The most important reasons for choosing to have built-in security in a custom software project include:

1. Reliability 


Custom software is oftentimes more reliable than commercial software as these projects aren’t widely available for hackers and malicious actors to better examine their code and vulnerabilities. Because custom dev projects are often outsourced to a custom software development company, the team that builds the solution will usually be responsible for maintaining it as well.

This means that the tools will always be up to date, kept in order, and active, thus, providing companies with more reliability.

2. Technical Support

Development companies will often offer technical support and maintenance as part of the software. This means that for any problem that arises, whether it’s purely technical or related to security, there is a member of their team ready to offer their immediate support.

This can add an extra level to security in the case of a breach as it helps make response times nearly immediate.

3. A Security Level of The Company’s Choosing 

A Security Level of The Company’s Choosing 

Depending on the type of company requiring the custom software, the custom software development company may have more options for security. This means that the development team for the software can add extra security features that would have otherwise not been available as part of a normal commercial software of a similar type.

These added security features can provide companies with the necessary confidence to carry out their business, and they can give customers the level of comfort required to entrust a company with their sensitive information. Having a choice in security protocol built-in to a software program definitely helps ensure the security of everyone who uses it.

4. Better Integrations

To add even more reasons to choose built-in security, when custom software encounters a bug or issue in its integration with different software, having extra security features is incredibly helpful in protecting everyone involved in a business.

Depending on the level of integration, the security features are also important for keeping the company’s own software and databases untainted from any security threats that other integrated programs may have.

When businesses choose custom software development, they have the option to choose the security protocols and extra options. Having this built-in level of security means that even if something touches the external components or the integrated programs, their own software and data remain safe. Built-in security is vital for ensuring the elimination of as many security threats as possible.

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