Handy Applications that Assist in Essay Writing

Students rely on numerous applications online when it comes to homework and essay writing. Let’s see some of the most useful apps you can use in essay writing.

Essay writing is not an easy process. Most students often struggle with writing assignments. Of course, they do. Paper writing requires a lot of skills, techniques, experience, and focus. All of that is not easy to gain or find. However, luckily, the Internet can be the perfect place to seek help in such a situation.

There are numerous programs, sites, and applications that can help students deal with their homework and other assignments. Such applications can come in handy when you need to edit texts, find errors, and stay concentrated and organized. Overall, here is a list of five handy applications that assist in essay writing.



All writers know about Grammarly. It’s a perfect program to make all your errors and typos disappear. Grammarly is a great online editor capable of detecting all grammar, punctuation, stylistic, and other mistakes.

Such an app allows you to focus on content rather than technicalities. Thus, students get to write and proofread their papers without worrying about skipping typos or other errors. They can later run it through the program to see what they’ve missed. Moreover, Grammarly shows you the right way to correct your errors while dividing them into groups.

You can use this program for free or buy a premium version for only $12 per month. Moreover, Grammarly’s premium version can also work as a plagiarism checker. It can find and highlight problematic areas, so students won’t get caught with plagiarism in their papers.

This application can also work as a keyboard on various devices. Thus, it will correct you while you are typing a message.


All students know that paper writing requires a lot of research and preparation. Quite often, the writing part of the work is not even the most challenging one. It’s often the pre-writing stages that become an obstacle to young people. Finding the right sources, collecting data, and breaking down the information you have found takes a lot of organization. Fortunately, there are apps like Evernote that can help you on this journey.

Evernote allows you to make online and offline notes. You get to create your own tags and notebooks to store and organize notes. Moreover, you can title each note and seek notes by their titles. Overall, such categorization makes it nearly impossible to lose a note. In addition, you can share your notes with friends. So, you can work in groups, edit notes together, or simply show your texts to friends for them to judge or edit.

Google docs

Google docs

Of course, we simply must include Google Docs in this list. Perhaps, most students already work in Google Docs when it comes to essay writing. Though, if you don't, we strongly recommend it. First, Google Docs has an autosave feature that makes it hard to lose any bit of your writing. Secondly, you get to store all your papers in Google Drive, so they are always accessible from anywhere.

Next, this app has a very easy interface and features, making it easy to work in and organize the right layout. Lastly, you get to share your files with whoever you want and give people special allowances. Thus, you can allow people to edit your work, correct it, or simply watch it and leave comments. Overall, it’s a perfect program for writing essays.

Hemingway Editor

Not everyone is born to be a writer. That’s totally fine. However, students will still have numerous essay assignments in school. So what can they do with them? Well, students can surely use Hemingway Editor to make their papers better. The editor looks at your writing style, techniques, and wording. Overall, it strives to make your text easy to read by breaking down complex sentences, highlighting passive voice, repetitions, etc.

Such a program is a perfect tool for those willing to polish their texts, making them more comprehensive and easy to read. Hemingway Editor will help students find their voices and improve their writing styles. It shows all text nuances that can decrease the readability of your texts and break the flow.

The website is free to use, while a desktop version will cost you only $20. So you can pay for essay writing as well as buy Hemingway Editor and polish your skills additionally?


Last but not least, let’s talk about the most difficult part of any writing process. Concentrations. Making yourself sit and write a paper can be the hardest part of any essay. Students need to block all their distractions, make room and time for writing, and then sit down and start typing. Of course, it’s easier said than done. That’s why there are various apps that can help you find peace in your mind and quiet your surroundings.

Apps like Freedom can block all unnecessary applications on your devices and computer. You don’t need to block them separately. Freedom will simply block your accounts and the mentioned pages on all devices at once. You won’t be able to enter them until the time is up, regardless of how hard you try. Hence you get to focus on your writing.

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