How to Check Someone’s Background Online

Do you want to know how one can check someone’s background by using online sources? If yes, you can pass this information, but if you are searching for a way through which one can do it online, you are on the right page.

Here we will let you know how one can monitor someone’s past and have a background check on them. Please go through this article till the end as we hope that you will find out what you were looking for till the end of this information.

What is Background Check and Why do we Do it?

Background check means to find out about the past of someone and all their whereabouts, especially into their history as to what kind of person they are. This allows you to find out and everything about the target person.

Now the question arises why people need to go for a background check. The answer is quite simple, because for the sake of your and the safety of your loved ones. Sometimes you sell or rent a property to someone and don’t look for their previous record. This can be dangerous in the long-run.

To save yourself from all the issues, one needs to keep an eye on the surroundings and have all the necessary information to help people know that the person they are looking for is a threat to society.

With the help of doing a background check, we can save ourselves and our loved ones from many scammers and hackers. Social media is filled with all kinds of people, and we cannot couch for anyone. Doing a background check guides us in the right direction and reveals everything about the person you are looking for.

CocoFinder, The Best Background Checker Online

This application is one of the finest ones when it comes to doing a background check. From the homepage of CocoFinder, you can get to know a lot more about the way it works and finds many other details here.


This application is in the usage of millions of people in 50 states. All of its features are some of the best ones that you will use through this app that cannot be found anywhere else. This application has everything that one looks for.

Doing a background check with the help of CocoFinder allows you to know about the workers and their background. With this application's help, you can learn whether or not they have a criminal record at the town, county, and state level.

You can also see the public registry for sexual offenses to save yourself from any convicted sexual predators. Before you interact with the person, let alone befriend them, you must have civil records of the person.

Organizations do background checks to find out about the academic data of their employees. Except that you can check out the employment history, references, and other detailed information of a person’s history.

Following are some other leading features of CocoFinder:


This application is user-friendly and works fine with all kinds of devices. There is no need to use a particular device to use the app. CocoFinder functions with iPhone, Android, tablet, computer, and laptop without any issue. The results will be equally amazing, so no need to be worried about that.

Secure and Authentic

The application is safe to use for everyone. It doesn’t leave any trace of you doing any searches; neither does it leave any information when you are drawing any data against the person as it is safe to use this app.

CocoFinder is authentic in case you are having second thoughts about the features and originality of the app. This application searches data for the sake of your ease within a couple of minutes and offers you the right information within a couple of minutes.

24/7 Customer Support Service

The application offers you its assistance 24/7, so you can contact them whenever you feel like it. They are pro and work at all times of the day or night so you can get them whenever you need to. They will guide you with all your quarries, so there is no need to be worried about gaining access to professional assistance.

Detailed Information

With the help of CocoFinder, you will be able to find out everything about the target person. The application does a detailed background check and lets you know about all the numbers registered on the same name, location, address whether it is the present or previous one, email address, social media profiles, criminal record and a lot more than you cannot imagine otherwise.

Detailed Information

Social Media Profiles

CocoFinder helps you in finding out about the data of the desired person. With this app, you can check out their social media profiles and all their activities. You can also learn through these apps how many accounts that person has under the same information.


The application is cost-effective, and initially, you don’t have to pay for anything to use the app. When you need to look for detailed information, you are supposed to buy a paid plan to enjoy all the perks of CocoFinder.

Verified Sources

This app offers you the information that you gather that comes from authentic and verified sources. CocoFinder is integrated with real public resources, and there is no doubt that the app gives you the most accurate data.

The information you collect through this device is the official information available on the person you were looking for, so there is no possibility that the data you get about the person is fake. Everything is 100% authentic with CocoFinder.

White Pages

This feature allows you to use this app without going through any complex commands of registration. You don’t need to register yourself first to use it as it functions without all these formalities.

White Pages

Using CocoFinder to Check Someone’s Background 

With the help of CocoFinder, you can perform background checks on people by having their name, phone number, or email address.

The application offers you background checks and background screenings that are100% authentic. The application is interconnected with hundreds of public and official databases across the US to gain the maximum information about the searched person.

You can see and download the detailed report about the person's background information such as name, date of birth, email addresses, residential addresses, social account handles, credit history, marriage details, and criminal records, and more.


Try out one of the finest background checker applications CocoFinder as it has everything that one could ask for. We hope you will not find anything better than this tool for ease of usage and safety. Please share your experience with us after using this app.

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