How to Fix the Video Quality Use AI-powered Video Enhancer

Is your enjoyment of videos hampered by fuzzy, distorted, or unstable imagery?

Inferior video quality can stem from a variety of issues, such as subpar resolution, inadequate lighting, improper encoding or compression methods, or even the camera's movement during filming. This might leave you pondering the best approach to enhance the clarity of your videos. Fear not, for we stand ready to guide you toward the most effective solutions.

In our forthcoming blog post, we'll delve into the art of improving video quality, utilizing trustworthy and user-friendly tools like UniFab Video Enlarger AI. This advanced software is designed to upscale your video's resolution, ensuring a polished outcome without the need for deep technical knowledge. Stay tuned as we explore how to elevate your video content to professional standards effortlessly.

Can I Fix the Video Quality?

Certainly. Enhancing the integrity of a video's quality can be tackled with a variety of strategies to bolster its visual excellence. Utilizing a powerful editing tool like Adobe Premiere Pro is a common approach, where one can fine-tune aspects like sharpness, color balance, and lighting.

However, employing Adobe Premiere Pro effectively demands a certain level of technical prowess, as well as proficiency with the particular functions of the software to achieve a pleasing outcome. Given its complex nature, assimilating its nuances can be challenging without prior experience with Adobe's suite of products. Novices may require a substantial adjustment period to become acclimated to its user interface and array of capabilities.

Additionally, improper adjustment of the software's settings can lead to a substandard output. As a result, Adobe Premiere Pro might not be the most suitable option for those just beginning their editing journey. For a more user-friendly alternative, one could consider a dedicated and trustworthy video enhancement tool from the list below, which allows for straightforward fixing, upscaling, and resolution editing of videos.

How to Fix Bad Quality Videos: UniFab Video Enlarger AI

UniFab, A powerful, versatile, and impressive AI program to fix video quality for a more vivid and realistic visual effect.


  • Fix low-res video into 720p/1080p/4k content
  • Fix video quality of old TV shows, black-and-white movies, animations, and homemade videos
  • Remove background noise and customize the sound effects
  • Supports video editing to meet your personalized demands

Steps to Make Bad Quality Videos Better

Check out the process to improve the quality of your old and poor-resolution videos in minutes with just three steps.

Step 1

Download and launch UniFab 

Install and launch UniFab. Then, double-click the program and select the Enlarger mode in the left panel.

Step 2

Load the source video file

Add the desired video to be enlarged in the local file.

Load the source video file

Step 3

Customize the output parameters 

Customize the output format, quality, resolution, frame rate, codec, audio parameters, etc., and click OK. Then, tap the Start button to edit your video file, and UniFab will edit it at a rapid speed.

Customize the output parameters 


Q1. What are the common video quality-related issues?

Some common video quality issues include blurry, shaky, and grainy, or pixelated videos.

  1. Blurry videos while recording due to shaking of the camera. Or while saving videos on a PC or other storage media due to corruption due to virus infection, improper file transfer, or download.
  2. Shaky videos result in a poor and unprofessional or unpolished look, making it difficult and frustrating to watch.
  3. Grainy and pixelated videos due to compressed data in video files, making the video files smaller and reducing memory usage.

Q2. What is the best solution to make bad quality videos better?

You can use video stabilization, apply sharpening filters, adjust focus and sharpness, and use high-quality footage. However, using a robust and reliable video enlarger tool like UniFab Video Enlarger AI is the best solution to fix bad video quality.

Final Words

Possessing the appropriate gear is essential for producing videos of superior quality. To correct issues with video clarity, one must first identify the underlying causes of the deterioration. Various elements can compromise your video's clarity, resulting in footage that's unsteady and lacks sharpness.

Furthermore, incorrect camera configurations can lead to videos of low resolution and subpar quality, characterized by blurriness and instability.

Achieving professional-grade results hinges on adopting the correct approach. Therefore, if you're keen on understanding how to improve video quality, we have an ideal solution for you. That is to leverage UniFab, a tool designed to elevate your video's standard.

This software boasts an intuitive interface that not only facilitates the enhancement of video quality but also offers the capability to edit the videos after applying the necessary adjustments.

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