Difference Between IDC and Tech Diving

Did you know that our oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth's surface? That's a massive underwater playground waiting to be explored! Diving has this incredible way of revealing a whole new world beneath the waves, full of wonders and excitement. Now, you might wonder, “Why should I bother knowing the difference between IDC and Tech Diving?”

Well, dear aspiring diver, understanding these distinctions is like having a map for your underwater adventure. It helps you pick the path that aligns with your underwater dreams, whether you're dreaming of teaching others to dive or yearning for the thrill of exploring hidden underwater realms.

What is an IDC?

What is an IDC

IDC, or Instructor Development Course, is like a diving school for people who want to teach diving. And PADI is the mentor for IDC, running the show, guiding divers to become certified instructors.  The main goal of IDC is to transform regular divers into certified diving teachers.

They teach you how to teach – from tricks in the water to managing a bunch of excited divers. Think of it as the VIP pass to the underwater teaching club. Once you're done, you're not just a diver anymore; you're the boss of the underwater class. After completing your IDC, you're now ready to spread underwater love and knowledge. Dive in, teach on!

What is a tech diving

Tech Diving is the advanced side of underwater exploration. It's not your regular swim; it's the extreme version – going beyond usual dive spots, getting into the deep, checking out sunken ships, and sneaking into caves. Tech Diving is for those who want more thrill, a touch of risk, and loads of excitement underwater. It's like the rollercoaster of diving – taking you to places others don't reach.

The Differences Between IDC and Tech Diving

Depth of Training:

In the IDC (Instructor Development Course), your underwater journey is geared towards becoming a master instructor. Picture yourself learning the art of guiding others through the underwater wonders. On the flip side, Tech Diving is the realm of advanced underwater techniques. Think of it as going from a dance class to ninja training – both exciting, but with different moves and agendas.

Certification Levels:

Complete the IDC, and you earn the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor badge – the golden ticket to teach others. Now, Tech Diving? It's a ladder of achievements, with various levels like TDI certifications, showcasing your expertise in diving's advanced levels.

Diving Environments:

IDC graduates find joy in open water settings, where the sea breeze meets your face. For Tech Divers, it's an exploration into the mysterious – think dark caves and hidden shipwrecks. It's like choosing between a calm swim in a serene lake or embarking on a daring treasure hunt in uncharted waters.

Equipment Requirements:

In the IDC, you're in familiar territory with regular diving gear – the essentials for a classic dive. Enter Tech Diving, and it's like upgrading to a superhero suit. Specialized gadgets and mixed gas systems become your underwater arsenal, transforming your dive into a high-tech adventure.

Depth Limits:

IDC keeps it within the comfort zone of recreational depths – the sweet spot for a leisurely dive. But in Tech Diving, you're breaking free from those limits, plunging into the deep blue unknown. It's like moving from a shallow pond to the vast depths of the ocean.

Risk Factors:

IDC gears you up for handling groups and creating a fun underwater classroom. Tech Diving? It's all about embracing the challenges of the deep sea – think of it as trading the calm classroom vibe for the adrenaline-pumping thrill of deep-sea exploration.


Considering the IDC? All you need is a bit of diving experience under your belt. Now, Tech Diving? They want you to bring a bit more to the table – specific certifications and a decent amount of logged dive experiences in your underwater resume.

Things to Consider When Deciding on IDC and Tech Diving Courses

Things to Consider When Deciding on IDC and Tech Diving Courses

When diving into the decision between IDC and Tech Diving, consider these key factors:

  1. Personal Goals: If you dream of becoming an underwater instructor and sharing the ocean's wonders, IDC might be your calling. On the flip side, if exploring hidden depths and shipwrecks sparks your interest, Tech Diving could be your underwater adventure.
  2. Time Commitment: Assess the clock – IDC courses and Tech Diving have different schedules. Figure out which fits into your life without causing a time crunch.
  3. Budget: Dive into your finances. Compare the costs, not just for the courses but also the gear. Whether it's IDC Nusa Lembongan or another dive center, make sure it aligns with your budget.
  4. Physical Fitness: Check if you're in tip-top shape. Both IDC and Tech Diving demand a certain level of fitness. Make sure you're ready to tackle the underwater challenges without feeling like you need a breather.
  5. Commitment to Teaching: If you have a soft spot for teaching and want to create a school of fish enthusiasts, IDC is your stage. But if you're all about exploring the unknown depths, Tech Diving might be your underwater quest.
  6. Adventure and Exploration: Consider your personal calling. Does the idea of venturing into mysterious underwater realms make your heart race? Tech Diving is the bold step into uncharted waters.
  7. Consultation: Don't swim alone in this decision. Seek advice from professionals – talk to experienced divers, instructors, or dive centers. They've been there, dived that, and can give you personalized guidance tailored to your underwater aspirations.

Final Takeaway

IDC is like diving university, turning you into a certified instructor, while Tech Diving is the thrill-seeker's path, exploring the deep and mysterious. One is about teaching; the other is about extreme underwater adventure. Your diving dreams matter. If teaching others and creating a school of fish enthusiasts is your vibe, IDC is calling your name. But if you crave the adrenaline rush of exploring unknown depths, wrecks, and caves, Tech Diving is your underwater playground.

Armed with the knowledge of these differences, you're ready to dive into your decision. Whether it's the serene path of IDC Nusa Lembongan or the daring depths of Tech Diving, trust your instincts and plunge in with confidence. So, fellow underwater explorers, choose your dive adventure wisely, and may your underwater journey be filled with wonders and unforgettable moments.

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