5 Tips for Identifying a Solid SEO Agency

SEO is indispensable to having a valuable online presence on the internet.  Good SEO ensures increased traffic and sales and decreased advertising budget. Hence a well-optimised website is a prerequisite to running a digital marketing campaign successfully.

Since SEO is the key to boost up your business, handing it over to professionals always proves to be a good decision. Just make sure that you use the right firm to witness your business prospering.

Unfortunately, finding the right firm is quite intricate as the market is full of both good and bad SEO Agencies. And, since it’s your business that’s at stake, there is no room for error.

You cannot just select any from the list of ‘best SEO Agencies’ on Google. To identify a reliable SEO firm that comprehends your business goals, you’ll need to scrutinise it carefully using the following tips.

1. Talk about your Business Goals to Identify their Versatility of Ideas

Each business has its unique targets. So, if a company is titled best for some, it might not be the best for you. And hence, it is better to opt for a firm that either has specialisation in your field or versatility of ideas.

Business Goals

Outline Your Target

First of all, you must outline the exact reason for which you want SEO for your business. It must be a solid reason, like increasing product sales, reducing bounce rate etc, and not a vague objective of increasing traffic.

Check the Agency’s SEO Approach

Since the ultimate purpose of hiring an SEO agency is to meet your business goals, make sure the company understands what you are targeting. And, analyse the approaches it suggests to achieving it.

The agency must have the ability to evaluate each component, adjust the strategies according to what you want and come up with a solution that can reap success.

2. Check their Experience and Expertise

Although the abilities of new agencies cannot be underestimated, opting for an experienced firm is a safer game. It helps you confirm if the approaches and proficiency of the firm are as required.

Visit the portfolio to spot the company that has an impressive experience in SEO specialisation with delightful customers. Check if the firm has a team with top-notch expertise in several SEO strategies.

Don’t miss to test these Points!

  • Previous Works
  • Reviews
  • Audience Reach
  • Market Status
  • Social Media Dominance
  • SEO Knowledge and Expertise

Make sure that the Bangkok SEO Agency that you’ve shortlisted is incomparable to other SEO agencies in terms of experience and expertise. Besides, look for the marketing experience of the agency other than SEO.

3. Pay Special Attention to the Tech, Tools and Link Building Services Provided

The next but equally important aspect to determine whether a company is worth hiring or not is the bundle of products it is offering. You cannot miss asking about it at the agency.

Link Building Services Provided

Tech and Tools

The applications and software that the SEO firm uses determine its true approaches. Since knowing the kind of SEO strategies it follows is of utmost importance to your business., you must scrutinise the accessibility of programs such as keyword tracking, content optimization, SERP and DA rank checking etc.

Link Building Services

Link building is one of the most important parts of SEO to rank your business higher on Google. And hence, an ideal SEO agency can create a modest number of links, each of high quality that you can show to your customers with pride.

The company should be able to create powerful organic links that attract customers and generate income. Also, make sure that the authority of the page and domain of the websites linked is preferentially high.

4. Test their Transparency and Communication

To choose the best, you should check the transparency and skills of the professionals thoroughly.

Know-How They Work

Prefer the firms that are crystal clear about their techniques. You must know what they are bringing to the table. For example, avoid the team that aims to use black hat link tricks to take your site to the top as this won't help you in the long run. So before you hire, make sure that the transparency of the team favours your goals.

Work in Terms of Communication

A constructive relationship with the SEO firm is key to fostering trust. Although you can have access to various software that display the working status, having connections with the team in terms of communication is far better to analyse the data and set future goals.

5. Review their Work Division

Finally, when you know a big deal about the Bangkok SEO Agency, it's time to know the division of the team members to perform different tasks.

Review their Work Division

Know-How the Team is Divided

Each specific task for executing SEO is better when performed by a specific team of experts. In case of lack of specificness, where you find jacks of all trades, the chances for a mess are more. You must be informed about the teams–from keyword researchers to content writers, publishers and so on.

Enquire about the Functioning of the Team

Try to know how the team works and what it can do for you. Let the firm describe its functioning. This way you can find out if a certain company can yield the desired result or not. Or, if the firm would be able to operate at your work pace.

Finally, you must feel that there's something about the firm that is unique and extremely useful for boosting your business.


Hiring the right SEO firm is of immense importance to your business as it can even take losing business to the top. So take time to choose one and don't just grab the deal that comes to your eyes first.

Make sure to use the SEO agency that has not only an impressive industry experience but expertise in other marketing strategies as well. Make a wise decision to let the right SEO Agency guide your way to a flourishing business.

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