​​How Proxies Help Social Media Marketers Manage Multiple Accounts

Being able to manage multiple social media accounts is critical for digital marketing agencies. However, this process is complicated because most social platforms like Twitter and Instagram only allow a few accounts to be run from the same IP address. Trying to run multiple accounts from the same IP address could result in being banned from the platform completely.

So how do marketing agencies handle multiple accounts? One way is to use proxies such as a Twitter proxy that lets you create and manage multiple accounts by rotating the IP address to make it appear that each account is created with its own IP address.

What Are Social Media Proxies?

Social Media Proxies

Social media proxies, such as Instagram or Twitter proxies, are usually private virgin proxies. This means that they haven’t been used to connect to any social media accounts before, making them perfect to use with social platforms without the fear of being banned.

While it may look more cost-effective to go with shared proxies, it is essential to remember that these are not virgin proxies. Therefore they may have a history that you are unaware of, which could cause issues when trying to use these on social platforms.

If you are looking for a way to manage multiple social platforms, the best option is to go with a dedicated social media proxy.

The Benefits of Using Social Media Proxies

Here are some of the benefits of using social media proxies to manage multiple accounts:

  • They are more reliable. Virgin private proxies can be used to easily create social media accounts without fear of a history which can make it challenging to create an account.
  • You have control. Since they are private proxies, they cannot be altered or changed by other users.
  • Less risk of your accounts being banned simultaneously.
  • It makes it easier to scale marketing operations.

Different Social Media Proxies

There are different proxies for the different social platforms. We recommend only using residential proxies that are specified for a specific social media platform. Residential proxies have real IP addresses, which make them look like everyday devices. These are also much more difficult to ban in bulk.

Instagram Proxy

Instagram is one of the platforms that is very particular with how many accounts are created on the same IP address. If you set up and manage too many accounts from the same IP address, you will likely face the dreaded Instagram IP ban. Using an Instagram proxy will allow you to create and manage multiple accounts as you will link each account to its own IP address from the pool available.

Twitter Proxy

Although Twitter is not as strict as Instagram, they still block users attempting to create multiple accounts from the same IP address. Imagine being a marketing agency managing 100 or more accounts? Twitter will not allow that many accounts on one IP address. However, using Twitter proxies means that you can manage multiple accounts and even link them to Twitter bots to start automating certain activities.

Facebook Proxy

With Facebook, it is much easier to manage multiple accounts as you can add individuals to each account and give them the needed permissions to manage the platform. So why would you need a Facebook proxy?

Although a person can be added to manage an account, you are still not able to create multiple accounts from the same IP address. This means that marketing agencies will need to use a proxy to create the accounts for their clients.

How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts?

How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Before we can begin to manage multiple social media accounts, we need to understand the challenges that come with this. Unfortunately, because there are individuals who want to steal others’ data and information, social platforms have put stronger security measures in place.

One of these measures is to monitor the IP addresses of all users, and if there are multiple users with the same address, the platform flags it as spam, which is when an account may be banned. Using a proxy is the only way to manage multiple accounts without being banned.

How Can a Proxy Server Help?

By using social media proxies, such as Twitter proxies, you can create multiple accounts that are each linked to their own IP address. This means that when Instagram or Twitter sees the account activity, it will appear to be managed from another location. In reality, they will all be managed by you from your location.

These proxies effectively hide your actual IP address and replace it with an IP address in the location you decided, which can be almost anywhere in the world. This will also enable you to gain access to platforms that may be geo-restricted, thereby giving you a better marketing reach.

Final Thoughts

While there are limitations on what marketing agencies can do with proxies, this is currently the most effective way to manage and create multiple social media accounts.

Using residential proxies that have been specified for social platforms is the best way to ensure you can create and manage multiple accounts safely and securely without having to worry about being banned from the platform.

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