What Are the Different Types of SEO?

Making your website visible for pertinent keywords or phrases is known as SEO or search engine optimization. It aids in naturally increasing site traffic. Several agencies like The Marketing Vibe SEO provide authentic services in the current market.

1. White-Hat


It refers to techniques compliant with Google and other major search engines' rules and conditions. While maintaining the integrity of a website, it raises the rating on the SERPs.

Their techniques are the most effective way to produce.

2. Black Hat

This takes advantage of the company's search algorithm's flaws to rank better in Google's search results. For example, spammy or paid link-building tactics, keyword stuffing, cloaking, etc., are used to rank higher in the search engine results.

These methods produce results immediately, but if Google discovers them, they may have a detrimental effect on one’s website. So people must stay away from it.

3. Gray Hat

It's riskier than white-hat. That's because the terms and circumstances around gray-hat SEO techniques are ambiguous, making them neither white-hat nor black-hat.

However, unethical techniques won't lead to a search engine blocklist. Put another way, the information or content you publish per gray-hat is still vague.

4. On-page

Title tags, internal links, HTML code, URLs, photos, and numerous other on-page components are all optimized for web pages through the process of on-page SEO to boost ranks and user experience.

It includes creating entertaining, pertinent, and educational content for one’s website visitors. Several agencies just like The marketing vibe provide high quality on-page SEO services, just take a look at their range of case studies and customer reviews.

5. Off-Page


This promotes a website outside Google's search engine results pages. It entails obtaining quality social media advertising, positive online forum reviews from clients, and links from reputable websites operating in the same industry as you.

6. Technical

The main objective of this is to make it easier for Google's bots to properly crawl, understand, and index the pages on a website. Making a website mobile-friendly and establishing a comprehensive XML sitemap are just two strategies people can use to make it easier for web spiders to filter and classify the pages based on their content.

7. Content

It organizes one’s website and elevates it in the SERPs that refer to producing original material, whether writing, pictures, or videos. Copywriting, site structure, and keyword strategy are the elements that should be considered when dealing with it.

8. Ecommerce

It is one of the most acceptable methods for driving visitors through paid search, but its expenses are significantly lower. It assists in building your online store website so that it appears higher on search engine results pages.

9. International

The organic traffic to one’s website from multiple countries and languages increases through it. However, suppose you want to be successful with it. In that case, you must consider the cultural context of your target market and give them the option to transact in their preferred language and currency.

10. Local

It is one of the most crucial types for local businesses. It is excellent in local SEO strategy, which makes the company more visible in Google's local search results. Examining the behavior of the local audience through trillions of searches this aids firms in connecting with them.

11. Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

It is optimizing a website for search engines while ensuring that it can be adequately viewed on mobile and tablet devices. A customer may never use that brand again if they have a poor mobile phone user experience.


SEO tools are a crucial factor to consider to assist a website optimized for search engines. Through proper usage of SEO, a person will be able to rank their site well in the search engines, thereby increasing traffic to reach the ultimate goal, which is revenue generation.

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