What to Expect in Tech in 2024         

Figure 1 It is set to be another exciting year in tech

Predicting what will happen with the tech industry has become part of the annual cycle for everyone involved. It is not that surprising really. As much as technology is designed to help with our lives in the present, rooted at its core is dreaming of a better future.

There has been talk outside of the industry that there should be some kind of slowdown after the last few decades of rapid change. But that is not how tech people think – we are always looking to advance and design the next big thing. That’s why looking ahead to what we can expect from 2024 is so exciting.

As a species, we are living our lives increasingly online. From grocery shopping to online betting, to virtual reality, we are continually becoming more dependent on technology and revolutionary products. Here are some of the things we might be looking forward to in the 12 months ahead.

More AI

More AI

You didn’t think we had heard the last of artificial intelligence (AI), did you? Over the last few years, AI has been both the revolutionary new model that is going to change our lives and the way that the human race eventually destroys itself. It just depends on which media you take in as to which way the world is heading.

But in 2024 it is more likely that we will see more actual examples of how AI is going to help us in the present and the future. The theory of AI has been worrying people for too long. Now we will begin to see much more practical examples of AI helping us live our lives – and hopefully fewer sensational headlines.

Battling the Risks of AI

Just because we are going to experience more positive aspects of AI, doesn’t mean that there are no risks involved at all. We are not living in a state of denial when it comes to answering critics of its development. We need to make sure that everyone is knowledgeable enough to deal with those risks.

This year we are sure to see businesses and other organizations, such as governmental institutions, working much harder in setting up policies and developing tools to combat the negative side of AI. By promoting these policies and agreeing on what is acceptable, AI will then become more accepted in itself.

Work on Containing Increased Energy Usage

Combating the speed of climate change has been a major priority of governments and organizations for years now. There are, unfortunately, those who willfully deny its impact on the environment and the planet’s future. But, thankfully, they are becoming fewer in number and the general consensus is that something has to be done.

Advances in technology have not always had a positive effect on the climate thanks to the energy usage involved. But now there are more people working to see whether that can be contained. AI, once again, will help with this work to monitor and manage energy usage worldwide.

Workplace Transformation

It obviously wasn’t the case that suddenly remote working became a thing at the time of the pandemic lockdowns across the world. But it is a fact that more people experiencing this way of working and the advances in technology at the same time meant that many started to question the older ways of working.

Efficiency, productivity, and security are all important factors when it comes to thinking about how employees can work either remotely or in a hybrid model. There is the need for AI technologies to help with this but only in conjunction with actual human interaction and surveying.

Cloud Strategies

With more work than ever carried out online, there is an increased need for successful and secure cloud usage. It has understandably slowed down somewhat from a few years ago when cloud adoption was new to many industries and the general public at large.

However, the need for cloud strategies is possibly greater than ever. Businesses will need to be aware of the long-term plans for cloud usage and the integration of AI within that. Once there is more understanding of how people and businesses can be proactive, these strategies can be put into effect.

Cloud Strategies

Figure 2 Cyberattacks will become more common

Cyberattack Problems

We may be positive how technology can help everyone but there is also the fact that there are bad actors willing to use it to nefarious ends. Cyberattacks have become more commonplace in just about every industry recently and the lack of spending during the pandemic is now coming back to bite.

There is a commonly held assumption that cyberattacks will only become more prevalent and sophisticated in the next year or so. That means that businesses will have to spend to combat and patch up existing security. That won’t be popular – and many will find it very difficult to do so – but there is a real threat and we have to be ready.

The Goal of Sustainable Technology

We mentioned earlier that working out how to be more environmentally minded when it comes to energy usage is going to be a thing this year. But that is really only one aspect of how we need to figure out how to be more sustainable across the board in 2024.

There is greater awareness and more demand for more sustainable working processes and that will mean technology adapting to meet those challenges. More investment and guidance are needed but the technology sector can play an important role at being at the forefront of a sustainable future for all.

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