Writing on Classification Essay Topics: How to Make Your Job Easier

Many students tend to deal with classification essay topics. In this article, we offer some recommendations on how to make the process of work easier.

It does not matter whether your professor has assigned you a topic for your classification essay, or you have an opportunity to write about whatever you like. It is a rather complex type of academic writing, and students often find it difficult to approach without sufficient preparation and practice.

However, one does not always have time to master the intricacies of structure, format, and general approach to this kind of work. When you consider this, anything that can make writing such a paper easier is very much welcome – which is exactly why this article has been written.

1. Pick the Right Topic

Classification Essay topics

Sometimes, both school teachers and college professors assign classification essay topics themselves; sometimes they allow you to choose the topics you want to write about. If the latter is the case, you should be careful what you select, as you can make your job significantly harder or easier without really thinking about it. Consider choosing a topic you know well, preferably better than an average student.

For example, if you are a sports enthusiast and know more about this subject than the majority of your peers, you can use this knowledge to your advantage and write about the division of different sports into categories based on some obscure factor. It will be easy to do while resulting in high-quality content.

2. Decide on the Categories Beforehand

Essay Categories

When you deal with a classification essay, you should decide what categories you are going to use before you do anything else. If you come up with new categories as you go along, it is not a sign of good planning.

Similarly, if you cannot find a sufficient number of examples for each category, it is better if you find it out early on before you commit to structuring your essay based on a particular set of categories.

3. Be Creative

Be Creative

Does some principle of classifying the things in question immediately suggest itself as soon as you sit down to write? This is probably not a very interesting foundation for an essay. Instead, try looking for a way to classify the things you write about based on some unusual factor. For example, classifying fiction writers based on the genre they predominantly write in is easy.

You should probably try out other ideas: for example, what about dividing them into those who wrote in their mother tongue and those who became famous writing books in a language foreign to them (there are more such writers than you may think, Vladimir Nabokov, Joseph Conrad, and Samuel Beckett to name just a few)? What about dividing writers into categories based on the age they wrote their most important works? These are just a few ideas you can utilize – think of some on your own!

4. Study the Work of Others

Study the Work of Others

If you find it difficult to build your own classification essays, it may be a good idea to look at how more experienced people do it. You can find many free samples of such writing on the Internet, and some of these samples a pretty well written.

Even those that may have been better can give you a good indication of how you should structure such essays, what paragraph length is optimal, and so on.

5. Make Sure You Understand What You Write About

You Understand What You Write About

Classification essays being focused on putting concepts and ideas into categories means that they heavily deal with the meaning of individual words. If you misunderstand what a term or a concept means, you can easily make a fool of yourself by confidently putting it into a category it does not belong to or making far-reaching conclusions based on completely fallacious premises.

Therefore, when you deal with unfamiliar words or ideas, always take time to look them up or read about them until you are sure you understand what they mean.

6. Use a Single Principle

Writers Single Principle

When you divide things into categories, make sure you do it by consistently using the same principle throughout your essay. In other words, all the categories you use should be based on a single factor. For example, if you classify fiction writers based on their primary audience, you should stick to it in all your categories. Writers aimed at children, adolescents, and adults fit into this classification.

Writers who write predominantly novels do not – while the length of most of their works can indicate that they write mostly for adults, by itself the genre of their work does not determine what kind of audience they write for.

Writing on classification essay topics can be tough, especially if you do not have much time to prepare and practice. However, with the right mindset and sufficient focus, you can easily complete this task on time without too much trouble – and we hope that our suggestions will help you do it!

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