Ace Hardware Return Policy: Things You Need to Know!

Does Ace Hardware take the returned items after 30 days or without receipt? To learn more tips on the acre hardware return policy and conditions, read our expert article and gauge your stand.

There are numerous hardware stores in your locality. However, you are here because you want to try out Ace Hardware. Ace Hardware is a famous hardware retailer for offering materials and profound tools targeting every project in your errand.

Therefore, Ace Hardware gives you the option to order tools and materials in-store as well as through online platforms. If you have purchased an Ace Hardware tool that is not satisfying, you might wonder if the hardware has a return policy. Well, we have done everything for you, and here is what we got from your extensive research.

Ace Hardware Return policy

Ace Hardware Return policy

Ace Hardware has a good return policy. They state that they give customers up to 30 days from the date of purchase to return a product. However, you must have a valued receipt, and the items must be in their original packaging. This means customers must retain the paperwork and feature that particular item’s accessories to be eligible for return to the store.

Additionally, Ace Hardware will seek your form of ID while returning the products to the hardware. The return policy is very comprehensive. But the essential thing is understanding the time frame, which is 30 days. If the timeframe has elapsed, then it is recommended that you can’t contact the support team directly.

Secondly, the times of the items eligible for the return. The Ace Hardware acc4spt almost all the products from in-store to online purchases. In return, the company gives customers three options. You can get the store credit, exchange it, or refund it. Under some scenarios, customers must incur the restocking fee. There are also cases when items might be exempted from the return policy.

If you are eager to learn more about the Ace Hardware return policy, the exemptions, and more, then keep reading our article to the end. We will cover everything you need to know from our extensive research.

How to Return Ace Hardware Products?

How to return Ace Hardware products

Ace Hardware allows you to return the item within 30 days, but it must be in its original condition and packaging. The customer must still have the original receipt for such returned item. It includes all the paperwork, instructions, manuals, accessories, and parts. They insisted they would connect with the support team for further direction if the time elapsed.

They also insist that for your online purchase, return the item to the nearest Ace Hardware or Ace retail store to get the refund. However, your refund will have fewer handling, shipping, and restocking charges. If there is no Ace retail store or hardware in your locality, you can contact the support team at 1-888-827-4223.

Equally, if you are in a position, you can ship the item to Ace Hardware. However, in this case, you must incur the shipping costs for the return. The only situation when Ace will cater for the returned shipping was when you received the wrong item or featured damaged items.

The company will issue the refund through the original payment method. The process will take at least 3 to 5 working days to receive your refund. The time depends on your payment method.

Conditions and Critical Terms for Ace Hardware Return Policy

There are a few terms and conditions that customers must keep in mind while returning. This will give you an easy time through the process. Thus, in this section, we will explore them in detail.

The first requirement is proof of purchase or receipt. You must present a receipt when returning the item to Ace Hardware. Otherwise, these guys will deny you the opportunity. For the return to be eligible, you must have the receipt as proof of purchase. Your credit card also plays a vital role in checking out for information.

The return time frame is another thing. All returns must be made within 30 days from the date of purchase. However, we have also noted that the Ace store features a few items with different return time frames. Refer to the specific product return time frame.

Exceptional conditions and restrictions. Ace Hardware items come with special conditions and strict restrictions regarding the return. A good example is that some items must be in original packaging and in new condition.

An acceptable return payment method gives a refund but only through the original payment method you used while making a purchase. This Comes with exceptions as well. For instance, the company will refund you with the gift card. When you pay using a check, for more details, contact them here.

Ace Hardware Return Exceptions

Ace Hardware return exceptions

There are a few exceptions regarding the Ace Hardware return policy. Some cases go beyond the 30-day time frame. Here are the exceptions you need to understand:

  • The company considered clearance products as the final sales.
  • Customers cannot return the gift card for any reason.
  • You can return the outdoor power equipment, Grill, and smokers within 30 days, and in case you have sued it, contact the manufacturer before initiating the return process.
  • The assembled, customized, and delivered items must be returned to the same local Ace store for the following procedure. This also applies to incorrectly fulfilled, defective, and damaged items.
  • For the merchandise returned as part or whole featuring a reward, remember that the reward will be forfeited.
  • Ace can limit the paint return and may give based on their discretion.
  • Hazardous materials or items using flammable liquids or gasses are not eligible for return.
  • The 30-day time frame return policy exempts the fuel-powered equipment and gift cards.

There are many exceptions, and you can refer to their Ace Hardware return policy on their website.

Ace Hardware’s Return Policy On Custom, Delivered, and Assembled Items

Ace Retail also has a particular return policy for customized, assembled, and delivered items. Based on the return policy, the company claims that customers must return to the same local Ace store where they ordered from for all the custom, delivered, and assembled items. The local store might charge you the restocking fee, which is about 15%, with a minimum of $20 excluding the damaged or defective items. On top of that, they charge you a pickup fee of $15, and if they charge you the original delivery, then understand the company will not refund it.

Both tinted interior and exterior paint are considered customized. All the time-paid items are regarded as the final sale; hence, you cannot return or seek a refund or get the exchange for a different shade. Colors are misinterpreted digitally, so they deny customers such an option.

Still, understand that you are advised to return any incorrectly filled, delivered, custom, and assembled items to the same Ace store where you purchased them. The same applies to the defective and damaged delivered, custom, and assembled items.

Tips to Make Ace Hardware’s Return Policy Successful

Tips to make Ace Hardware’s return policy successful

If you want to enjoy Ace Hardware’s impressive return policy, then there are a few tips you can consider. Always ensure you have these tips at your fingertips.

  • To return the item, ensure you package it carefully. You will easily avoid damages while returning via the mail. Also, go for the trackable shipping option, which guarantees that your returned items will land safely in the right hands.
  • Before you order, always double-check the return policy. Understand the return policy of a particular item to be sure of the conditions as well as the return time frame.
  • Always ensure you retain the receipts as well as proof of purchase. It is a requirement for all your returns and gives you a sure bet. So, keep the receipt in a safe place for future use.


Q. Does Ace Hardware take returned items after 30 days?

The store clarifies that all returns must be made within 30 days from the date of purchase to get a full monetary refund. The return made after 30 days only qualifies for the store credit, less the shipping and other applicable costs. You can connect with the support team first once the time frame elapses.

Q. What items are not eligible for return to Ace Hardware?

Ace Hardware accepts most of the items within 30 days. However, there are cases when items are not eligible for the return. Among these are gift cards, gas-powered equipment, clearance items, or any hazardous items that use flammable liquid or gas, considered the final sales.

Q. Does Ace Hardware accept opened items?

Ace Hardware has a simple policy when it comes to the opened items. If you purchase an item, open it, and realize it is not up to your expectations, you can return it to the store for an exchange, get a refund if it is still in its original condition, and return it within 30 days.

Q. Does Ace Hardware accept returns without a receipt?

If a customer returns an item without proof of purchase or receipt, you might be denied the return. However, when your items are still in good condition, Ace Hardware might accept and give you the store credit or gift card if you have a valid driving license. Thus, contacting the support team in such a case is a good move.


Ace Hardware has an impressive return policy but with multiple exceptions. Currently, the store accepts returns made within 30 days, and the item must be in original condition and present the receipt or proof of purchase alongside the form of ID. The return policy is comprehensive; customers can get a refund or store credit/gift cards besides exchange. The choice is based on your needs and payment methods. Read and grasp the above return policy and make your Ace Hardware purchase experience seamless.

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