Best Practices for Implementing Magento 2 Social Login

Best Practices for Implementing Magento 2 Social Login.

There is no doubt about the need to install a tool to help your users quickly log into your store. Of course, there are many similar products, and it can be challenging to choose among them. In this small review, we bring to your attention an extension from Mirasvit Magento 2 social login. We will analyze its functionality to give you a clear vision of the tool.

However, let's first answer the following question: what is the benefit to the store owner from installing Social Login?

Why implement Social Login?

Why implement Social Login

  • Good UX. We will tell you from our experience how annoying it is to waste time and register new accounts and how sometimes you don't want to share your data with the store. Statistics show that about 90% of users are annoyed by the need for lengthy registration. Therefore, the quick registration button is a good solution for customers who hesitate and are in a hurry.
  • Reduced number of abandoned cards. Sometimes, a person wants to make a purchase and close the site quickly, and he is offered registration. If a person is short on time, he will leave the site.
  • They are adapted for mobile devices. Modern phones are often small personal computers in terms of their power. Therefore, it is unsurprising that many transactions, including online purchases, are carried out by people from their phones. Registering quickly via Social Login on your phone is very convenient. Your customers will appreciate this feature.
  • Data collection. Remembering passwords for multiple sites can be difficult. Logging in through social networks is a practical solution. It also allows the store owner to collect additional customer data.
  • Attract more users. Social logins on your website can expand your audience, as a user-friendly site enhances the overall visitor experience.

To make the most of these benefits, it's advisable to consider the following tips to ensure your platform becomes not only convenient but also enticing for a broader range of users.

Tips for implementing Magento 2 social login

  • Select the most frequently used social networks for quick login. Choose the commonly used social networks for swift logins. Conduct a brief investigation and review relevant statistics to identify the most popular social networks. By opting for widely used platforms, you enhance the accessibility and convenience for users seeking a quick login process. Because there will be little benefit from a social network that few people use. This will only lead to frustration as customers cannot utilize the social login.
  • Correctly position the icons on the site. Place the social login icons in a prominent place so that users notice them immediately. The design should be beautiful and neat.
  • Place icons on multiple pages of your site. Put icons on different pages of your website, including the registration, login, and checkout pages. This way, users can easily access social login from various locations across your site.
  • Ask for consent to the processing of personal data. Requesting permission to process personal data manifests professionalism and respect for the client.
  • Obtain permission to process personal data to demonstrate professionalism and respect for the client. Avoid creating duplicate or fake accounts, as they can clutter your database and affect the results of your reports. Encourage users to access your site through a single account; for example, you can tell them they are already registered with your store.
  • Conduct testing.Prior to implementing the social login feature, conduct a thorough test to ensure its proper functionality. Confirm that everything operates as intended, and that users can seamlessly follow the link to your store.

The functionality of Magento 2 Social Login by Mirasvit

The functionality of Magento 2 Social Login by Mirasvit

Customer convenience is the priority of any serious business that produces products and values. Hence, consider an extension if you're seeking a must-have solution to enhance your customer's user experience. Numerous stores facilitate swift user authorization through social networks. In your quest for the correct extension, the Mirasvit company's tool could catch your interest. Explore this tool to elevate the user experience for your customers potentially.

Statistics indicate that over 80% of users prefer logging into your store through social networks. This impressive figure speaks for itself and doesn't necessitate further analysis or persuasion.

It's almost like magic: just install the extension, and your website visitor transforms into your customer.

Moreover, the Magento 2 Social Login extension makes it easy to gather visitor data with just one click. This opportunity is invaluable for crafting future marketing strategies.

Key features of Social Login for Magento 2

  • The extension supports various services: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, PayPal, Twitter, and Yahoo.
  • Evaluate the module's effectiveness through statistical analysis. Internal statistics help identify the most popular social networks among your visitors, which is valuable for optimizing the authorization page. Review statistics on how frequently users opt for social login during the login process.
  • With the Magento 2 Social Login extension, you can redirect users to a specific page after authorization by simply setting the destination URL.
  • Choose to display the social media option in the cart or any preferred location on the page.
  • Customize the placement of the authorization form as per your preference.
  • Social login can be presented in two ways: through buttons or icons.
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