Is 200 Mbps Good for Gaming?

Surely, gamers need fast networks for a seamless gaming process. So, is 200 Mbps speed good for your gaming? Do you need more or less? Read about the optimal speed for gaming in this article.

Fast Internet is important in many cases. Many Internet service providers offer 100-200 Mbps speed tier that they mark as “fast.” But is this speed good for gaming? Of course, for good quality online gaming, you will need fast internet. You need your game to be seamless, without glitches or freezes, otherwise, you might lose the game. So, is 200 Mbps enough if you’re a gamer? Read the answer in the article.

What is Mbps Meaning?


Mbps is an abbreviation that stands for Megabits Per Second. Bits are units of information that your network sends back and forth when you connect to a game. So, Mbps measures how much info you can get over the network, and how fast your computer will load the game.

Generally, providers measure Internet speed on a scale of 1 to 1,000 Mbps for residential connections. There are, of course, faster connections but most likely you won’t need them. 1,000 Mbps, or 1 gigabit, is the common fastest speed when it comes to residential network connections. People rarely consume more, and only organizations and servers would require more speed.

Why is Faster Internet Better for Gaming?

High speed internet for gaming

Different activities demand different download speeds. For example, the Federal Communications Commission says that 3 to 4 Mbps download speed is good for gaming because this is how many Mbps your console uses while gaming. While 3 Mbps is good for a regular gaming console, you might need 4 Mbps for multiplayer games. This ensures a seamless game process.

Still, there are things to consider. 3 to 4 Mbps is enough, but that works if you are the only person. If other people are using the Internet with you, you might need more. Also, if you want to perform some other Internet activities at the time, you will need more than 4 Mbps. For example, you might want to have a voice call with somebody you play with.

Is 200 Mbps Good for Gaming?

200 Mbps for Gaming

Of course, online gaming requires a steady and fast Internet connection. When you perform actions in the game, you need to upload them to a gaming server for other players. You also need to see what other people do. If you have low speed, the game might lag. Also, when you install updates or download new games, you will need many Mbps. Otherwise, the download might take ages. Also, downloading patches or new files for a PC might take a long time if you have low speed.

If there are no other people at home, a 25 Mbps Internet is enough for gaming. So, if you go for a 200 Mbps plan, that is much more than enough when you play. Still, ping and latency are important if you’re a competitive or professional gamer or streamer. In this case, 200 Mbps speed might be the best. It lets you minimize any lags. In this case, it’s also wise to upgrade to a fiber or cable Internet connection or connect your device directly to a router or modem.

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How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection?

If you feel there’s not enough Internet at your place, you can still get enough Mbps for gaming. Here is how:

Use a Cable Connection

Ethernet cable connection

If you are using WiFi, better switch it to Ethernet cable. In this case, speed is much faster because your computer takes more effort to catch WiFi signals. If that’s impossible, make sure that nothing blocks the signal from your router and it situates as close to you as possible.

Check Your Router

Check Your Router

These devices do a good job serving the Internet to several computers or creating WiFi. But sometimes, they might have bugs, hang up, or handle the network poorly. In these cases, check their software that can debug your router. Also, clean your router with the help of a vacuum cleaner and restart the router. If that doesn’t help, perhaps it’s time to buy a new one.

Disconnect Other Devices

Disconnect Other Devices

If many devices are connected to your network, that might slow down your connection. You can disconnect the redundant ones so you can enjoy the gaming.

Update Network Drivers

Update Network Drivers

Like any software, the network drivers of our computer might get outdated. So, go to your computer producer website and update your software. The older version might have bugs, so the new one will fix them. Often, such updates come with general system updates, so if you haven’t updated your system for long, do it.

Update Network Card Firmware

Update Network Card Firmware

Of course, updating software is necessary, but you might also need a hardware update. If your cables or modems are pretty old, fix them, or buy new. That can patch bags, improve network stability, and add new features to older hardware. So, your speed will get better.

Upgrade a Broadband Package

upgrade bandwidth

If you have tried all solutions above and they didn’t work, upgrade your bandwidth. That might cost more but better broadband might speed up your lagging Internet.


1. How many Mbps do I need for gaming?

You need at least 25 Mbps for great gaming. That works if you are the only one using the Internet, but if there are more people or you have somebody calling in, upgrade to 100 Mbps or more.

2. What is a good upload speed when you play games?

The recommended upload speed is 3 Mbps for online gaming. This is the bare minimum that you need for most modern online games.

3. Can the type of network affect my gaming speed?

Yes, it does. Cable and fiber connections suit best because they transmit data directly to and from the computer. Satellite or DSL connections suit much less and have latency issues.

4. Which Internet speed is fast?

A speed above 100 Mbps is fast, while 25-100 Mbps is acceptable. 500 to 1000 Internet plans are the fastest for home users and fit homes with many people.

5. How to check the speed of your Internet connection?

You can measure your connection using the website. Please remember that your speed will vary across the day and change if other people use the Internet. These tests are good for smaller data amounts. Still, for larger quantities of data transmission, they tend to be inaccurate.


200 Mbps is a great speed, but does it suit gaming? Our answer is yes. Actually, it’s more than enough because, for seamless gaming, you only need 25 Mbps. But other people might also use you home Internet. So, if you have an incoming voice or video call when you game, choose a 100 Mbps Internet plan. All in all, 200 Mbps is a great speed for competitive players who don’t want their game to lag at any time.

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