How to Find the Best Telemedicine App Development Company

Searching for the company to outsource your project idea may be a great challenge. However, you can overcome even this challenge if you know what is there you’re looking for. The best telemedicine app development company will have a lot of distinctive characteristics. And, among the most important ones is HIPAA compliance.

Would you like to know what makes a telemedicine app development company worth referring to? Let’s explore every detail of medical app development that is important for the healthcare industry.

And, also, let’s speak about Inoxoft – one of the best telemedicine app development providers on the market.

How to know the company is right for you?

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Before sharing your thoughts, perspectives and goals on your business project idea, analyse a list of things you might need to make the right decision afterwards. This list may include:

  1. Project requirements
  2. Time and budget preferences
  3. Preferred location and timezone
  4. Skills and creativity of the team
  5. Knowledge of the industry trends

Project requirements

What kind of telemedicine app would you like to develop? Who is your audience? What features should the app include? Are there going to be third-party integrations? What is your business purpose? And, what needs are you going to meet with the help of this app? These and many more questions can set the righ course of the project development.

Mainly, if the client knows what he/she wants, then the team will understand what has to be done. So, the main idea here is to transmit as many requirements and details to the team as possible. But to do it, you have to understand what you want to build yourself.

Time and budget preferences

Also, there is much concern in your capabilities to finance the project and your timeframes. So, if you are a startup with a major idea for a specific audience, you would be much likely pressed for time and money. This will result in the need to find a specific provider, not to expensive on the market.

But, also, the one that has experience in managing things quickly and with top quality involved. To add, if you are a startup, consider building an MVP first. This is also a great app, but with limited functionality. It also works and you can always add features in the process of app modernization.

What about the cost of MVP? It will be lower due to the fact that it is not a full app. But, it depends on the primary package of things your app should include.

Preferred location and timezone

To find a telemedicine app development company that you can afford, it is better to outsource one than to look for the one in-house. For instance, Ukraine is considered one of the best countries of software development services. Our people are extremely skilled and intelligent and they never stop on their road to personal and professional development.

The only drawback that might concern you is the time zone, which is GMT +2. But, with an organized communication and cooperation methods, means and tools, you can be sure the team will always be at the other end of the screen reporting their successes. So, time zone and location differences are becoming more of a prejudice now.

Skills and creativity of the team

If you decide to outsource your project development, don’t forget to check the team. You might need to know about their experience working with telemedicine apps, certificates, soft and hard skills (comminucation, values, tech stack, seniority level).

And, you might want them not just to listen to what you have to say and share, but to offer solutions, give recommendations, speak out where necessary. Also, it is necessary for the team to understand medical app guidelines.

For example, HIPAA compliance, which dwells on patient security protection. All the data that is stored within the app cannot be enclosed to the third-party viewers. It is confidential. And should remain so.

Knowledge of the industry trends

Skilled teams know all the market trends and they are more aware of what rocks for the audience and what doesn’t. A team, who just blindly carries out tasks cannot go far. Creativity is a great skill to have and requires great work.

As well as the industry knowledge. What innovation can a team bring without creative decision-making? What can an app include to meet the market demand and cover all the tendencies? Sounds complicated, but a skilled team monitors all the market trends in every industry they work with.

Inoxoft – your best telemedicine app development partner


Inoxoft is an international software development provider with more than 7 years of solid market experience. Building telemedicine apps we provide custom platform development, which is from scratch, and an upgrade of the existing telehealth systems together with business process automation.

Inoxoft’s certified team can dvelop telemedicine apps for both healthcare providers and patients, and they will adhere to the HIPAA compliance. Medical apps should, by all means, meet all the needs of patients and specialists. That’s why it is best to make a custom app from scratch.

The newest tendencies make the team proficient in realizing:

  • Video APIs
  • Data analytics
  • Personal patient chatbot advisors
  • Appointment scheduling with doctors
  • Custom notifications
  • Mobile payment
  • Review and ratings
  • Communication channels

We will ensure that every process of telemedicine app development will be cost and time efficient, transparent to you and on time.


To conclude, to find the most worthy telemedicine app development company, you should be aware of what you really need to do, your goals and specific needs. Then it will be easier to shorten the search results.

And, when you will find a couple of great providers, check the team you might work with for their proactiveness, creativity, skills and market trends knowledge. Inoxoft might be such a great option for you.

Our certified professionals value communication, cooperation, and produce quality results. Eager to appear at the top of your competitors in healthcare? With the right company you surely will!

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