3 Best Vue Component Libraries in 2023

Being a popular open-source JavaScript framework, Vue.js has gained popularity recently due to its ability to create user interfaces and single-page applications. It has immersed itself as a strong competitor to Angular and React.

Also, one of the key benefits of Vue.js is its robust ecosystem of component libraries. You can hire a Vue developer who can re-use building blocks to create user interfaces quickly and efficiently. These Vue component libraries simplify the creation of customizable and pleasing web applications without extensive coding or designing skills.

In this blog, we will cover the top three Vue component libraries with their comparison to help you streamline your web development process.

TOP 3 Vue Component Libraries

TOP 3 Vue Component Libraries

Vuetify, Element Plus, and BootstrapVue are the best Vue component library, but first, let us understand what these libraries are and how they can help you build robust user interfaces.

1. Vuetify (GitHub stars 36.7k  npm downloads 490,288)

Vuetify is an open-source UI component Library created by John Leider in 2016. Since then, it has gained popularity due to its easy development and impressive features, making it a versatile tool for creating responsive and Progressive mobile web applications that follow the Material Design principles. With over 100 customizable UI components, including layout, navigation, and data display forms, feedback Vuetify offers a robust set of options for creating dynamic user interfaces.

Also, these material design principles provide a consistent language for web applications, resulting in visually appealing and easy-to-use websites. With this, Vuetify also supports accessibility which is an excellent choice for developers who wish to create inclusive applications for people with disabilities.

It supports many modern web browsers and devices, including chrome, safari, Edge, and iOS and Android mobile devices.Vue.js also provides built-in support for accessibility, internalization, and RTL (Right to left Languages), making it an excellent choice for creating applications for vivid audiences.

2. Element Plus (GitHub stars 19.2k  npm downloads 164,402)

Element Plus is a popular UI library for Vue.js and an upgraded version of the original Element Library. It offers added features, improvements, and a collection of customizable UI components for building web applications. The customizations also provide modern and sleek designs that can effortlessly integrate into vue.js applications.

Element Plus includes many pre-built components such as buttons, forms, dialogue, and tables. Its key features include better performance, improved accessibility, and typescript support. This new version includes new components such as the date and time pickers, scrollbars, and more.

Vue.js has  a large active community of support that is regular updates and bug fixes. This makes it  one of the most accustomed Vue component Libraries among developers for both personal and commercial uses.

3. BootstapVue (GitHub stars 14.2k  npm downloads 366,450)

BootstrapVue is also a UI component library for productive and easy front-end implementations. It offers responsive mobile components such as forms, buttons, and nav bars that follow the WAI-ARIA accessibility guidelines that make it easy to build an accessible and inclusive user interface using Vue.js components.

The library provides more than 45 accessible plugins, over 1k icons, and more than 85 components. The documentation of Bootstrap vue is user-friendly and comprehensive, making it easy to understand. It also has a large support community, which makes you feel secure using the library for your project.

If you are familiar with Bootstrap, already you can quickly learn Bootstrap Vue and master it to build the best web applications in a short period.

Tabular comparison: Vue component libraries

Tabular comparison

Let us now have a look at the differences between the libraries to have a faster understanding of them.

FeatureVuetifyBootstrapVueElement Plus
Component library sizeLargesmallmedium
UI system designMaterial designCustom designCustom design
AccessibilityFull accessibility support with  pre-built ARIA attributesPartial accessibility support with  pre-built ARIA attributesFull accessibility support with  pre-built ARIA attributes
DocumentationExtensive documentation with examples and demosGood documentation with examples and demosComprehensive documentation
Integration with Vue CLIBuilt-in support availableBuilt-in support availableBuilt-in support available
Vue communityPopular with large communityPopular with growing communityPopular with growing community
Learning curveModerate to highLowModerate to low


To streamline the process of building user interfaces and web applications, Vue component libraries are crucial; Vuetify, BootstrapVue, and element Plus are the top three Component libraries offering customizable UI components, theme support, and extensive accessibility features.

While each library has strengths and weaknesses, they all provide excellent documentation and integration with CLI for the seamless working of the Vue.js  ecosystem. Overall selecting the correct library will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

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