Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers to Buy in 2021

Favorite portable Bluetooth speakers from waterproof brands like Bose, Sony, and JBL. Read reviews from experts about the best Bluetooth speaker for doing smart shopping.

Portable speakers are ideal for anyone seeking to listen to and enjoy wherever you are indoors or outdoors, even hiking. When you want to listen to your music, favorite podcasts, get the weather forecast, or simply amplify movies or TV shows. Getting a high-quality Bluetooth speaker is not easy especially if you want a high performing speaker.

Shopping for the best speaker requires patience to look for qualities that are important like battery life, audio quality, and WiFi and Bluetooth capability. You need a speaker that is versatile and easy to use as well as quick to set up.

Find out about the best Bluetooth speakers that range from waterproof models to popular brands like Bose, JBL, and more. Today in 2021, you can explore the best brands for features using voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Overview – Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers Picks

  • Best Overall Bluetooth Speaker: Sonos Move “Widely regarded as the best Bluetooth speaker in the world; versatile with excellent connectivity.”
  • Best for Home Bluetooth Speaker: Bose Home Speaker 300 “The best smart home speaker; critically acclaimed for its sound quality, design, and ease of use for home-use.”
  • Best for Value Bluetooth Speaker: Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker “Best value speaker with incredible long-lasting battery and top of the line audio features.”
  • Best Durable Bluetooth Speaker: JBL Flip 5 “Offers wonderful sound quality a sturdy, portable, and high value speaker with versatility.”
  • Best Luxury Bluetooth Speaker: V-Moda Remix Bluetooth Speaker “Stunning design; this speaker is great for customization along with loud audio and bass.”
  • Best Sounding Bluetooth Speaker: JBL Extreme 2 “A speaker with the most powerful audio clarity and sound; enhancing highs and lows.”
  • Best Battery Life Bluetooth Speaker: Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 “Longest-lasting battery ideal for long day trips and adventures; includes an outdoor boost for sound.”
  • Best Bluetooth Speaker for Smart Technology: Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) “Smart living at its best with this speaker that can also be your virtual assistant and offer high quality audio.”
  • Best Bargain Bluetooth Speaker: Tribit MaxSound Plus “Cheapest Bluetooth Speaker on the market; compact and full of power and ready to go anywhere.”
  • Best for Music Bluetooth Speaker: Marshall Stockwell II Speaker “Guitar amp design made for music lovers with cool style; powerful vibrant sound with full bass and bright highs.”

Why get a Bluetooth Speaker?

The immediate advantage of a Bluetooth speaker is convenience and enjoyment to listen to anything anywhere. How? Without the need for frustrating wiring, setups, or more you can enjoy high quality sound.

A Bluetooth speaker is defined as an “amplifier or speaker with wireless connectivity.” The speaker is paired with any one or number of smart devices that include smartphones, iPads, tablets, computers, laptops, even iPods.

Advantages of a Bluetooth Speaker


You can travel safely on the road while talking on your cell phone or take a Bluetooth speaker anywhere anytime. There are very few restrictions on taking your Bluetooth speaker anywhere.

Less Electricity Usage

Bluetooth speakers generally use much less power because you can use the speakers with even batteries. Furthermore, Bluetooth speakers don’t require big power adapters to charge or operate.

No Installation

Bluetooth speakers don’t require a complicated setup, so you can listen to music quickly. You can simply establish a connection automatically without the need of plugging in cords, reading directions, or putting together many parts.

Works with Smartphones

Today, using a smartphone drives how you use things and the advantage of a Bluetooth speaker is you can use it in conjunction. These types of wireless speakers utilize RF or infra-red to operate smoothly with your cell phone, tablets, computers, and other smart devices.

Features of Bluetooth Speakers

Voice Control

A speaker with the voice feature that commands anything at your fingertips like weather, timers, your favorite song, and more just simply by your voice.

Waterproof & Durability

A speaker that is sturdy and more likely to be waterproof and durable for specific use and outdoor enthusiasts.

Battery Size and Life

A battery life is important for any Bluetooth speaker especially for people who travel or do day trips, so check the battery capacity and potential.


These are features that may matter for some buyers who do speaker calls or functions.

Speaker Size & Design

Bluetooth speakers come in all sizes, so you need to know what type of speaker is best for your home, travel destinations, outdoors, or any place at all. Single or dual speakers are options for many Bluetooth speakers as well.

Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers Reviews

Best Overall Bluetooth Speaker

Sonos Move Smart Speaker

Check Pricing and Availability

Sonos makes what is widely regarded as the best Bluetooth speaker in the world; versatile with excellent connectivity. This is the premier speaker if you want quality, amazing connectivity, stylish to boot, and of course durable and long lasting.

This speaker is ultimately the best for very simple reasons because it provides the best quality in every category from voice control, battery life, and neat features. This is a great speaker for indoor or outdoor use, thus you will be happy with this speaker regardless of how you use it. In detail, setup to use this speaker is quick and takes only minutes as you utilize Sonos just like Alexa; even with an Amazon Alexa feature if you want to use it. Also, in terms of sound quality, you have great bass capacity and overall crisp audio details. You can enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous charge of the battery. Recharging is easy with an accessible USB-C charger.

In general, speakers especially Bluetooth ones don’t come as amazing as Sonos. Expect amazing range with WiFi and Bluetooth capability and less drop outs and much more consistent quality and sound.

  • Regard by critics and fans as best Bluetooth speaker on market
  • Excellent Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
  • Deep bass and great sound quality for audiophiles
  • Very expensive compared to any other speaker in the market
  • Heavy speaker could be regarded as a negative

Bose Home Speaker 300

Check Pricing and Availability

Bose produces the best smart home speaker; critically acclaimed for its sound quality, design, and ease of use for home-use. This is the best speaker for home use because of its performance with WiFi, superior voice detection, accessibility, and innovative technology.

When you use a portable Bluetooth speaker you want to be able to use the best technology at your fingertips especially at home. The Bose Speaker 300 model comes outfitted with Alexa and Google Assistant, which provides great versatility for a variety of uses. If needed, Alexa speaks Spanish as well with this model. WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility is ideal for accessibility with various music services for devices like a tablet or smartphone.

In terms of sound fidelity, expect a heavy bass that is vivid for the price range. With presentation, you will get a stylish speaker, but note that there is no internal battery. You can connect via standard auxiliary input and Apple Airplay in addition to Bluetooth and WiFi.

In conclusion, when you compare the Bose to the more expensive Sonos, it stacks up well considering it is more affordable. There are some issues with bass distortion on some types of music as well as delays with some controls.

  • Powerful and crisp audio dynamics for sound and music
  • User friendly for Alexa and Google fans
  • More connection options than the standard Bluetooth speaker
  • Bass has been reported to distort on deeper sub-bass tones
  • Design-wise, there is a delay with the Play/Pause buttons

Best for Value Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Check Pricing and Availability

A good value Bluetooth speaker does not have to break the bank. The Anker Soundcore speaker is a great value that offers a powerful sound, solid weatherproofing, and a great strong battery recharge time.

If you are on a budget then the Anker Soundcare is the best option at the price because no other speaker can compare in the marketplace. Outside of being a great price, the Anker offers a speaker that is able to last 24 hours on a single charge. This is one of the biggest selling points of this Bluetooth, as well the price, in addition to a great booming sonic sound. The Anker offers IPX50 rated design; expect a variety of colors that range from blue to red and more. Furthermore, you have access to Souncore’s neodymium drivers that are well received and regarded for sound and customizations. This feature offers state of the art bass technology and sound frequencies for big audiophiles.

Overall, you should expect a Bluetooth speaker that is built for value and great feature all at once. The biggest selling point being the long lasting battery that beats most of the competition.

  • Best value Bluetooth Speaker on the market
  • One single recharge lasts up to 24 hours
  • State of the art Neodymium drivers for pristine sound and quality
  • Bluetooth accessibility is limiting and there are some WiFi connectivity issues
  • Volume leveling has been criticized especially in conjunction with Youtube

Check Pricing and Availability

JBL makes a wonderful sound quality speaker that is sturdy, portable, and popular. This speaker is overall a high value speaker with versatility and plenty of cool features. This is a waterproof speaker that is popular for a variety of reasons like being waterproof and powerful.

The reputation of JBL is top quality especially in terms of sonic and audio power. Why? You will be expected to love the power and brilliance of the audio especially the deep bass that explodes from this speaker. What makes this video unique is that you can take this video outdoors and take it to wilder landscapes. You are able to put the speaker underwater, for up to half an hour, and expect the Flip 5 to be durable. Another factor to consider is battery life, on a single charge, you can get up to 12 hours without recharging. If you want to enjoy music or any anything on this speaker you can expect a loud and sturdy speaker to take the wear and tear.

Overall, this JBL model is built for heavy use. Expect as well a crisp stereo sound and audio quality along with other features like voice activation, enhanced accessibility with various platforms, stereo pairing, and more.

  • Most durable and rugged for outdoor operation and usage
  • Waterproof and able to stay underwater for up to 30 minutes
  • Big and bold audio quality with deep bass
  • Battery recharge can only last for 12 hours; ok compared to competition
  • Some issues with sound at loud volumes especially complaints about crackling

V-Moda Remix Bluetooth Speaker

Check Pricing and Availability

V-Moda offers a great Bluetooth speaker looking for a stylishly designed speaker that looks as fashionable as it is high performing. This model is known for stunning design; as well this speaker is great for detailed customization and accessibility.

This is a luxury model for Bluetooth speaker enthusiasts because you are able to enjoy a premium speaker with striking design and high performing audio and sound. Furthermore, you can customize this speaker to be the way you want; therefore you have a great piece of art along with a speaker that includes steel or platinum finishes. In terms of sound, you get a loud and vibrant sound with crisp audio and powerful bass. For audiophones, expect a thick booming bass, soothing and warm high and mid tones. Moreover, you get a built-in headphone amplifier that comes along with a great array of customization power and control to make your Bluetooth speaker unique.

Overall, the style and power of the V-Moda is what makes this high end and luxurious. On the down side, the Bluetooth speaker only lasts about 10 hours on a single charge and the price is quite high compared to other Bluetooth speakers.

  • Incredible customization options to make this speaker reflect your style and more
  • Striking design options that make this unique
  • Sturdy and durable build for any environment
  • Expensive price for what you get compared to the marketplace
  • Battery charge only lasts up to 10 hours; short time compared to other speakers
  • Loudness level is not strong enough for larger parties or settings


JBL Extreme 2Best Sounding Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Extreme 2

Check Pricing and Availability

JBL has a speaker with the most powerful audio clarity and sound; enhancing highs and lows. If you want a speaker is able to deliver the powerful audio and crisp highs and lows then look no further.

This Bluetooth speaker outperforms many in terms of sound because of its audio specifications and incredible bass clarity. Despite the speaker size, the bass presence and thump is striking and different than the competition. The selling point for this Bluetooth speaker is the impressive Subwoofer experience and low frequency range; it is truly unique. Other selling points are that this speaker is waterproof and has a great design overall. If you want to play the JBL speaker underwater, and continue to enjoy powerful bass, then the JBL Extreme is ideal. Also, this speaker has a microphone that gives this an extra special experience, which can be used as a speakerphone.

Overall, this is a one-of-a-kind speaker because of its supreme bass clarity and general audio sonic quality. Moreover, you get an incredible waterproof speaker that can deliver bass and high quality sound even underwater. If you want to enhance the speaker you can access more with the JBL app included with this speaker.

  • Incredible audio performance with high performing highs and lows
  • Powerful Bass with Subwoofer-like presence
  • Waterproofing excellence that guarantees crisp bass underwater
  • No navigation buttons for tracking make this less user friendly
  • The speaker is bulky and bigger in design than most in marketplace
  • Not for pure Audiophiles looking for raw and unfiltered sounds

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Check Pricing and Availability

The Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speaker offers the longest lasting battery ideal for long day trips and adventures; includes an outdoor boost for sound. There are not many speakers that offer a longer lasting battery as well as great features and usability.

Ultimate Ears is a great speaker because it offers some unique things like the long battery life, portability, easy control and usability. First and foremost, the battery can last up to or more than 13-20 hours. Your charge for a battery will let you be able to enjoy day adventures or be away from a power source. Another wonderful option, you have an outdoor boost option that showcases a boost button to quickly increase loudness and audio enhancement. This model is also dust and water resistant so you are able to take this speaker to many various places. Moreover, you can pair a speaker to a secondary Wonderboom speaker to give a greater and more impressive stereo sound.

In general, you will expect a well designed speaker with 360-degree sound and great bass quality. Moreover, the attractive portable size, powerful sound, incredibly long lasting battery, and waterproof durability will be more than a selling point.

  • Battery will last for around 13-20 hours or more on a single charge
  • Durable and sturdy compared to most other speakers
  • Solid bass and crisp audio performance for the price point
  • Easy pairing accessibility for Stereo modeling at 360 degree sound
  • May distort at higher volumes on specific bass frequencies
  • There is no proper equalizer for controls and specifications
  • Battery indicator is not helpful despite long lasting battery life

amazon Echo 2nd Generation Smart speaker

Check Pricing and Availability

The Amazon Echo offers a great option for a Bluetooth speaker that can give you Smart technology and innovations. This is smart living at its best with this speaker because it can be your virtual assistant and offer high quality audio.

This is a Bluetooth speaker for people wanting to connect with their devices and have a personal ‘tech’ assistant. For example, you have the option to utilize voice control to access your music via streaming. The most unique thing is that this speaker can answer your questions in regards to news, traffic, weather, and better yet a speaker that is very smart and “high tech.” How? The speaker can control switches, lights, order takeout food, and even hear you in a room full of music and sounds. This is the most high tech Bluetooth speaker on the market. In terms of general music and streaming, you are able to use in addition to Amazon; Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, and much more for music services. Furthermore, you can enjoy hands free control accessibility and voice activation with ease.

All in all, this is a Bluetooth speaker that offers the most in terms of technology and smart living. It has no competition almost because it is so forward thinking in regards to access, controls, and interactive features because the Bluetooth is a virtual assistant as well.

  • Virtual Assistant because Bluetooth can access and help with interactive features
  • Easy Hands-Free Control Accessibility
  • Available for almost all streaming services from Spotify to Pandora to TuneIn
  • Sound performance for audio is average and not comparable to other speakers
  • Only available in English, so made for more specific markets
  • You have to keep the device plugged in so not the best for portability

Tribit MaxSound Plus

Check Pricing and Availability

The Tribit Maxsound is one of the cheapest Bluetooth speakers on the market; compact and full of power and ready to go anywhere. This is a great deal for any newcomer to Bluetooth speakers, but don’t expect the most features and high fidelity audio.

The Tribit is a stylish speaker with a lot of benefits that start with the incredible low price and value. Another factor is how small and compact this speaker is overall; measuring only 2.75 inches in width and depth. The selling point may be the price, but you will expect good sound considering what you pay. Why? In terms of the overall audio performance, expect a crisp sound overall that showcases a full bass sound. Moreover, the range of sound is impressive again considering the price. Another well received feature is that you can access and control volume, play and pause buttons, and general functions directly on the speaker.

In general, this is a wonderful speaker that provides great value and repoduction of sound Moreover, you can expect a greater Bluetooth speaker life and time to enjoy unplugged with a surprising strong battery charge.

  • Best price and savings for any Bluetooth Speaker on the market
  • Wonderful audio quality with solid and full bass
  • Atrtactive design that is stylish and engaging
  • Some rattling and noise is detected during louder audio output especially with full bass
  • There is a delay when Bluetooth is paired with video and other devices
  • Small size and limited audio and loudness volume potential

Marshall Stockwell II Speaker

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This is the premier speaker for music fans because it is made by Marshall, a top guitar manufacturer, and its grand size. The Marshall speaker will impress you with the incredible sound that manages to be balanced, crisp, and powerful all at once.

Music fans appreciate this speaker for obvious reasons; it looks like a cool retro guitar amplifier. You’ll expect plenty of power and style in this speaker that will make many music fans happy. Why? The size is impressive but reasonable, so expect a powerful sound along with a front-ended woofer and tweeter. The battery power lasts up to 20 horus as well, so you can take this on any adventure or trip within the day. The battery indiactor is helpful and easy to notice. The Marshall is built to last and quite durable for outdoor use as well as wear and tear.

Overall, this is a speaker that will provide rich sounds along with powerful highs and lows on the sonic spectrum. You will get access control to bass and treble with knobs that make this more use friendly.

  • Crisp and powerful audio with vibrant bass and bight highs
  • Cool design that has a retro music style
  • Bass and treble knobs are easy to adjust and on speaker
  • Guitar amp design may not be appealing to some non-Marshall or guitar fans
  • Heavy and bulky design that may be a turn-off for some
  • No speakerphone functionality and option

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