Cycling Tips: Essential Riding Advice for Beginners

For beginners or newbies, cycling can be a bit daunting in the beginning. Many people struggle with balancing a cycle in the beginning, but it is not that big a deal. Most of the things are such that you can easily learn over time if you practice consistently. Here are a few cycling tips for beginners.

1. Invest in the right bike

Before you start cycling, you must know which bike you should invest in first. If you plan on cycling only on the tarred road or within the city, you must get a simple commuter bike or a road bike. They tend to overlap at times. However, if you plan on biking in the mountains, you will need a proper mountain bike. The type of brake, suspension, and wheels of a mountain bike are very different from a regular cycle, says Frank, who offers online assignment help services. If you are buying a bike for a child, you can invest in a good balance bike. After you have got the right bike, it is the practice, which comes next.

2. Getting on the bike

Now, the next step is learning how to get onto a bike. Beginners will surely struggle with getting the right balance in the beginning. If you are uncertain, you can consider holding onto a strong pillar or a wall. You should stand beside the bike, and which side you pick to stand on depends on which your dominant leg is. The dominant leg is the leg that you usually use first to gain balance if someone pushes you. In case your right leg is the dominant one, you should put the bike on your right-hand side.

On the other hand, if the left leg is dominant for you, you can place the bike on your left-hand side.

So, your dominant leg goes on the bike first and the dominant foot on the pedal. When getting on the bike, the right pedal position for the dominant foot must be at the bottom. So, that implies that the other pedal will be at the top. If your dominant leg is on the pedal, sit on the bike seat, and place the other foot on the bike’s other pedal.

3. Learning to balance

After you are seated on the bike, the next thing is learning to balance. Knowing how to balance on a bike will take anyone more time than anything else, says Meera, who offers online finance homework help. If you are afraid you might fall, you can use training wheels or a balance bike. However, do ensure that you are wearing the right protective gear for your knees.

4. Changing gears

Changing gears may seem a bit complicated to understand at first, but it will be simplified if you try it yourself. Nonetheless, there are more than a few guides that can help you know how to shift gears. Usually, the bikes have a back and front or just a front shifter. For the back and front shifter, you get two different sets of gear. The left controls the front set, and the right controls the rear set. It is easier to pedal for the front set if you shift this to a smaller chainring.

Cycling Tips

On the other hand, it can be simplified for the rear set if you shift this to a larger cog or gear. Changing gears can be a bit hard, especially if you apply too much force on the pedal, for instance, when riding uphill or if even though you are exerting a lot of force, you are not moving fast enough. You can test it on a quiet road, and you will know the difference.

5. Understand the brakes

A bike has two sets of brakes – one at the rear, and the other at the front. In the UK, the left one controls the rear tire, and the right brake controls the front tire. However, in the US, it is the opposite. It is easy to check and examine for yourself. Press onto the brake, and see which brake works on which tie.

In most cases, you will only have to use the front brake. The front brake is a lot stronger than the rear brake, and if not applied correctly, it may propel forward, says Dan, an online precalculus tutor. Thus, every biker needs to learn and master the front brake first. You will use the rear brake only in conditions when the road is slippery. But in every other case, the front brake will be enough.

6. Pumping the bike tires

Every bike rider must know how to pump the bike tires, says Jason, who offers the best online python course. Anytime you notice that the tires are flat or feel the need to exert higher force for moving forward, you will have to pump in some air. Bike pumps can be bought online at a cheap rate. You have to look for a small cover in every tire, which prevents the air from escaping. You can remove the cover and place the pump’s valve. Make sure that you pump the tires till they are solid, but do not overdo it. After you see that it is adequately hard, it is a sign that the tire has enough air.

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