Does CVS Price Match? (A Detailed Guide)

Are you wondering if CVS does price matching with other available online retailers? If you are curious to learn more about CVS's price-matching policy, read our article for detailed explanations and many more tips.

Many e-commerce businesses try hard to offer customers multiple lucrative deals while shopping. Besides the discounts and frequent sales, more retailers online have a perfect price-matching policy. Price matching involves more than giving shoppers access to loyalty offers and low prices compared to the competitor store.

Many people are wondering If CVS offers price matches. If you want to explore this question and find professional and verified answers, keep reading our article to the end. Based on the research, find out if the company accepts the price match request for the same customers.

Does CVS Price Match?

Reward schemes at CVS

Our research and experience show that CVS does not price match its product collection or competitors' pricing. Some of the competitors are Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon, etc.

CVS has a strict policy, and its website, clearly states that it never accepts coupons or transfer offers. It also strictly prohibits providing incentives and price matching for the automatic refill programs.

If you still wonder why CVS does not offer price matching and need to learn more about the CVS price matching policy or related topics, then we have you covered. Here is what we found out from the research.

Why CVS Doesn't Offer Price Matching Incentive?

CVS does not offer price matching incentives because they can set prices higher due to the “convenience factor” they provide. If CVS were to lower their prices to match competitors, they would lose this competitive edge.

The company focuses on other ways to provide value to customers, such as through its ExtraCare loyalty program, in-store coupons, and weekly specials. Additionally, CVS operates on a business model that includes a wide range of health solutions and has a significant presence with almost 10,000 stores nationwide, which may also contribute to their decision not to engage in price matching.

Furthermore, CVS's online and in-store pricing can vary, and they do not have visibility to store merchandise or prices, which could complicate the implementation of a price matching policy. The company also emphasizes that online prices, sales, and specials are not always the same as in-store prices, and prices may change from store to store. This variability in pricing between online and physical stores further supports the lack of a price matching policy.

Moreover, CVS's coupon policy allows for significant savings through the use of manufacturer coupons, CVS coupons, and ExtraBucks Rewards, which can be stacked for additional discounts. This focus on couponing and rewards programs may be seen as a more strategic approach to customer retention and sales promotion than price matching.

Reward Schemes at CVS

Does CVS Price Match

At CVS, customers are exposed to multiple reward schemes. These schemes can help shoppers save a lot of money while shopping. There is an impressive ExtraCare reward scheme with over 70 million members. This scheme gives customers 2% money back on qualified purchases and offers discounts on selected products.

Still, there are two free-to-join reward schemes that you can try: the ExtraCare Beauty Club and the ExtraCare Pharmacy and Health Rewards. Capitalizing on these schemes can save up to 40% off purchases made at CVS stores. These are good savings schemes.

CVS Coupon Policy and where to find Coupons

CVS's website clearly highlights that they do not offer customer incentives and coupons, but they have a special coupon policy. This is in line with the ExtraCare reward scheme. Therefore, there are multiple sites where customers can get acceptable CVS coupons. This coupon policy applies through the CVS app and their official website. When you join the reward schemes, you can get the CVS coupon to redeem while purchasing products at CVS, including the CVS ExtraCare.

Lately, CVS introduced the New Diabetes care program that targets to serve the pharmacy members.. for the diabetes medication, you  are eligible to get a discount besides the coupon code for the new users when they sign up. Still, you can purchase their unique magazine titled ‘ Reinventing Beauty' which will cost you only $0.99. In the magazine, you will access multiple high value coupons.

There are also other third-party sites where you can get the CVS coupons. Search for the CVS coupons online to get the countless list of the sites and start capitalizing on them immediately.

Do CVS Stores Take Discount Cards?

CVS cards

Though CVS does not offer price matching, it does have reward schemes and a few manufacturers or coupons. In addition, it also accepts discount cards for in-store purchases so customers can save money.

The CareCard is accepted at all CVS locations across the United States. Additionally, CVS accepts other prescription discount cards, such as those offered by ScriptSave WellRx, Easy Drug Card, and RxSaver, which can provide savings on prescription medications.

These discount cards can be used by customers who do not have health insurance or choose not to use their insurance for prescription purchases. However, it's important to note that discount cards cannot be combined with insurance.

Cheaper Retailers Compared to CVS

The online information indicates that CVS is more expensive when pricing than other online retailers. While some retailers like Walgreens and Target have a cheaper pricing plan, their location is further interior and less convenient when accessing them. Because of the accessibility, CVS remains ideal.

Also, keep in mind that CVS designs its stores to enable customers to purchase all the essential products under one roof. Thus, it targets eliminating its competitors from the market.

Because CVS is good at marketing, they place all the essentials under one premise to save you time and travel expenses. Thus, if you want to enjoy a cost-saving shopping spree, CVS is the best; despite Target and Walgreens offering cheaper alternatives, they are hard to access.

Alternative Retailers that Offer Price-Matching

Costco Target

While CVS doesn't offer price matching, many other online retailers still guarantee this incentive for price matching. Some of the retailers that accept price-matching requests from customers are:-

  • Costco
  • Osco
  • Target
  • Walgreens

With the above options, you can research your preferred products, compare the prices, and choose the cheaper ones to help you save on your budget. Price-matching services can also help you save a lot on medication and pharmaceuticals. Keep checking our website for future updates, more articles on price matching, and other facts about CVS services.


CVS does not offer price-matching services at its stores compared to its competitors. However, the above article shows that CVS features numerous reward schemes, coupons, and discount cards to help customers save on purchases. Join the free CVS rewards program and enjoy guaranteed lucrative deals. If you prefer price matching, refer to the alternative retailers above.

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