Does Walmart Accept Afterpay? (Some Alternatives)

Struggling to sue Afterpay as the payment method at Walmart and unsure if Walmart accepts it and how to use it? Though Walmart doesn't accept Afterpay, we have a workaround for you. ReadRead and learn the tricks, benefits, tips, and payment methods at Walmart.

Online retailers are incorporating many payment methods into their businesses. In addition to installment payments, we have seen the rise of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later' options.

One of our interests today is Afterpay, which allows customers to access high-quality and premium products without breaking their accounts. Walmart is the most famous and largest retailer not only in the US but also around the world.

Some people wonder if Walmart accepts Afterpay. If you want to learn more about Afterpay at Walmart, alternative payment methods, and more, here is what we found from meticulous research for our dedicated readers.

Does Walmart Accept Afterpay?

Walmart accept Afterpay

Generally, Walmart, based on the 2024 statistics, does not accept Afterpay as one of the payment methods. However, it is noted that Walmart accepts other Buy Now, Pay Later services. Some of these Buy Now, Pay Later options available at Walmart are Klarna,  PayPal Pay, affirm, and Quadpay, and installments come in 4 equal parts.

However, with Affirm, customers can pay in  2, 5, or even 12-month installments. You can also pay for other services at Walmart in 4 to 6 weeks. Keep in mind that the Afterpay website clearly claims customers can easily pay for products at Walmart with the services via the mobile app.

While Walmart doesn't accept Afterpay, a workaround or trick exists to get over it and settle your payment. If you want to explore deeper details, check the eligible financing items or other Buy Now, Pay Later services, procedures, and many more, and then let us go through them together.

How to Use Afterpay at Walmart?

Though Walmart doesn't accept Afterpay as the official payment method, there is a way to work out and utilize Afterpay's single-use payment method. However, you must agree to the terms and payment plan. If you are a newbie, then here is how to go about it and make payment at Walmart using the Afterpay single-use payment plan:-

  • Start by downloading and installing the Afterpay app on your device. There are Afterpay accounts compatible with Android and iOS devices, such as downloading, installing, and creating accounts.
  • Assuming you have logged into your Afterpay app, search for Walmart in the app. Head to the store section to find Walmart, which is indicated by the blue icon featuring yellow lines. However, when you cannot access Walmart in the Afterpay app, note that you are not eligible to shop and pay with Afterpay at Walmart. This sometimes is attributed to the geo-restriction. Also, when you are new to the platform,. You might not be able to shop at Walmart using an Afterpay application. Afterpay will only unlock access to the stores when you use the app often.
  • Assuming you are eligible, click on Walmart and proceed with your shopping. Immediately after tapping on the Walmart icon, you will be redirected to the Walmart website, where you can navigate through the product selection and more. Note that you must pay at least $20 to start using Afterpay at Walmart.
  • When you are through with shopping, click on the cart and choose the delivery method. This is also dependent on the types of items or products you have purchased.
  • To checkout, click continue, a blue icon located at the bottom of your screen, beneath the total estimate. At this point, you will also be prompted to sign in to your Walmart account or create one.
  • After that, click on the edit payment option and select Add a new payment method. You will proceed by selecting the Buy Now, Pay Later icon, which normally lights up with green.
  • Click on the Buy Now Pay Later icon, and the app will auto-populate the total shopping estimate, including the tax and shipping. Still, click on continue to proceed to the next screen.
  • Then, review the payment schedule. The total payment will be divided into four, and the due fee will be listed. At this point, add your payment method.
  • Thereafter, tap on continue and click confirm, which again redirects you to the Walmart checkout. After that, Afterpay will automatically fill in the payment details, including the Single Use payment information, for the site to finalize the order. In case it fails to finalize and autofill the Single-use payment information, consider refreshing the page by clicking on the 3 dots found in the upper right corner.
  • After that, finish your Walmart order, and everything will be charged from the Afterpay single-use payment. You will, at the end of the payment schedule, make the payment for the balance.

Alternative Buy Now, Pay Later Services at Walmart

Paypal pay in 4

There are many Buy Now, Pay Later Services that Walmart accepts on their website. Other than Afterpay, some other services are:-

  • Paypal pay in 4
  • Affirm
  • Quadpay
  • Klarna

Note that the terms and conditions of using the above plan at Walmart differ, but rest assured that you can use one of the above as the financing option to purchase any expensive items at Walmart.

Walmart claims that they don't accept financing options like Afterpay, Sezzle, or Zip to finance the purchase because they are not Walmart affiliates.

Items Eligible for Buy Now, Pay Later Financing at Walmart

Understand that customers cannot just use the Buy Now, Pay Later option on Walmart to purchase all types of items. However, there are unique eligible products for which you can use this payment plan. Some of these Walmart items are:-

  • Apparel
  • Auto items
  • Electronics
  • Tools
  • Video games
  • Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Baby
  • Home Improvement
  • Sports and outdoor
  • Musical instruments
  • Arts and crafts

The above category qualifies for the Afterpay single-use plan and other Buy Now, Pay Later financing methods. The categories like Pet supplies, tobacco,  alcohol, gasoline, 1-hour photo, money services, miscellaneous supplies, baby consumables, personal care, checkout counter merchandise, weapons, pharmacy, and unique items are not eligible for the Buy Now, Pay Later financing services.

Also, it is noted that Walmart restricts the customer from using the Buy Now, Pay Later service for orders that total between $144 and $2000.

Who Is Walmart's Official Financing Partner?

Who is Walmart's official financing partner

The official Walmart financing partner is definitely Affirm. It enables customers to finance their purchases with options of 3, 6, or 12-month installments, though there are different interest rates.

Thus, when you want to use the affirm at Walmart, it is simple. You can purchase items online as well as in-store with Affirm, which is your desired and prepared plan. Start by navigating to the Walmart website and choosing the plan as well as the installment duration. Then, they will send you a one-time barcode, which you are supposed to scan while at the counter checking out when buying from Walmart.

After that, you will have to pay the remaining monthly installment as scheduled till you clear everything.

Still, when purchasing from the Walmart online inventory, you will only have to tap on affirm from the checkout section and finalize by filling in the details, which enables you to apply for the loan. Then, you will have to clear the remaining installment in time.

However, to use an Affirm at Walmart, you must have a credit score of 640 and above for the financing service to accept the loan. There are also special cases when Affirm will accept a score of 600. Paying all the pending installments increases your chances of getting the loan approved.

How to Use Alternative Buy Now, Pay Later Services at Walmart

How to use alternative Buy Now, Pay Later services at Walmart

There are other financing options that you can use at Walmart for shopping via installment payments. Here are a few options and how to go about them:

1. Quadpay

With the quadpay, you can also split the Walmart payment into 4 equal installments that must be paid within 6 weeks. This method can be used even on a Visa card, etc.

Therefore, using Quadpay is simple for both online and in-store purchases. Start by downloading the Quadpay app to the device, installing it, launching it, and logging into the account. Afterward, locate Walmart in the app or search for the Walmart store using the search feature and click on it.

Once you click on Walmart, it will redirect you to the Walmart website. Make the item selection by adding to the cart online.. then select pay with quad pay when you are at the checkout, confirm the details and have 6 6-week installment payment period.

When you are done verifying details, proceed to agree to the plan, and you will get a generated virtual credit card number, including the CVC and expiry date. Enter the information into the Walmart checkout section and include the visa information, and you will be done.

The procedure for making an in-store purchase is the same. Instead of adding the items to the cart, you will only specify the amount you wish to spend on the in-store orders. When you generate the virtual credit from the app, bring the gadget close to the NFC reader at the counter and finish the payment.

2. Klarna

Compared to the quad pay, Klarna also follows the same procedure when checking out at Walmart, both in-store and online. The procedure starts by downloading, installing, and launching the Klarna app, searching for Walmart in the app, and making the selection. Then, add the item to the cart or click on pay with Klarna; specify the amount of money you need to spend at Walmart either in-store or online. Once done, then you can proceed to make the purchase and get items on the 4-installment payment plan with Klarna; every installment must be paid in 2 weeks.

To use the klarna or quadpay, the customer doesn't have to undergo the credit score check, but the customer is restored on the amount the company can finance, especially with a poor repayment history. No more excessive financing is allowed.

3. Paypal Pay in 4

When shopping on the Walmart website, you are eligible to pay with PayPal Pay in 4 and finish the purchase using the 4 easy installments.

This is very simple: when shopping, choose PayPal as the ideal plan during the checkout section. Then, go with PayPal Pay in 4, which acts as your preferred financing option. It will redirect you to log in to your PayPal account.

After that, it is the responsibility of PayPal to set up 4 equal installments, and each installment will be deducted from your PayPal with time till you complete the pending dues.

Though the above-mentioned Buy Now Pay Later financing options are interest-free, customers must incur extra charges. That is, you have to pay for the interest when you use Affirm at Walmart, as opposed to other methods.


Though Walmart currently doesn't accept Afterpay, customers can still make the payment with the Afterpay single-use plan. There are many other Buy Now Pay Later financing services eligible at Walmart, affirming that Walmart remains the financing partner, and you must incur the interest when using it.

When Affirm is expensive, they have extended payment periods from 3 to 6 and 12 months. Count on the above Buy Now, Pay Later financing option to purchase eligible items at Walmart without breaking the bank. They are a perfect alternative to the Afterpay.

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