How to Leverage Event Badges for Networking In 2023

Do you attend events and conferences but fail to maximize your experience? Do you often leave these venues with a stack of business cards but no significant connections?

Maybe you missed accessory there or found it boring. Things at conferences should be specifically designed to leave an impact, like these badges designed in specified ways at 4inlanyards.

But worry not, as this blog post will explore how to use event badges for networking in 2023. Let’s get in!

Customize your badge

Customize your badge

The boring and plain event badges are a thing of the past. In 2023, attendees have the option to personalize their badges beyond their names and titles. Adding a headshot or an interesting fact about yourself can attract the attention of other attendees and create a lasting impression. Creativity is encouraged!

Utilize QR codes

QR codes are gaining popularity on event badges as they provide a speedy and effortless way to swap contact information with others. By scanning someone's badge, you can add them to your contacts or link up with them on LinkedIn. Remember to include your own QR code on your badge too.

Attend networking events

Attend networking events

Several events provide specific networking opportunities, such as happy hours or meet and greets. These gatherings are ideal for meeting new individuals and forging connections that might result in future collaborations or job openings. Be on the lookout for these events and ensure to bring your badge along when attending.

Engage with others

Your event badge can initiate a conversation. If you spot someone with a badge from a company that piques your interest, start a dialogue! Inquire about their experiences or seek advice on breaking into their industry. You never know where a basic chat could lead.


To sum up, event badges are a potent networking tool in 2023. By personalizing your badge, employing QR codes, joining networking events, and conversing with others, you can establish significant connections that may help you in the future. Keep in mind to be friendly, approachable, and genuine. Have a great time networking!

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