The Requirements for Python Developers and Their Salaries in 2022 

Python is a very common programming language. In a variety of projects, it is used in one capacity or another: both as the main language and as a programming language for developing extensions and integrating applications. In this article, we will discuss a python developer salary and the requirements he should have to implement projects successfully.

Who is a Python developer?

A Python developer is an IT specialist who is involved in the creation of websites, games, online services, social media bots, and other software. The Python programming language is used in various industries, but is most popular in the following areas:

  1. Development of the server part of the web and mobile applications.
  2. Creation of desktop programs and software for various devices (from telecommunications equipment to ATMs).
  3. Analytics and data visualization.
  4. Machine learning, Deep Learning.
  5. Writing scripts and parsers.

Python developers are engaged in the creation, technical support, and refinement of completely different digital programs: from websites to neural networks.

What does a full-stack Python developer do?

What does a full-stack Python developer do

A full-stack developer in Python is a profession that combines 2 areas at once: frontend and backend. That is, a full-stack is a universal specialist who can independently and from scratch create the client and server parts of a site or web application.

What a full stack developer can do? He:

  • builds pages in HTML and CSS.
  • develops frontend with JavaScript and React.
  • applies the principles of client-server interaction and work with databases.
  • performs unit testing of the project.
  • knows backend programming in Python and Django.

What should a Python developer know?

There is a list of what a Python developer should know and be able to do:

  • understand the principles of object-oriented programming and development methodology;
  • know the Git version control system and the GitHub service;
  • programming in Python, writing readable code;
  • use Django and Flask frameworks, libraries, and software for automating the deployment of Docker applications;
  • work with databases, algorithms, and SQL;
  • test the project at all stages of development;
  • understand HTML and CSS layout;
  • read and understand technical documentation.

Requirements for candidates for the position of Python developer

The list of criteria for choosing a specialist to a large extent depends on the specific tasks of the employer. However, it is possible to formulate a list of key requirements for compliance with which applicants should be checked at the initial stage of selection:

  1. Good knowledge of programming fundamentals, data structures, and object-oriented programming.
  2. Unconditional knowledge of the Python language, its syntax, libraries, frameworks (especially Django), and understanding of the differences between different versions of the language.
  3. Database knowledge.
  4. Knowledge of English is highly desirable (especially for programmers working remotely).
  5. Knowledge of Git (version control system).
  6. Ability to understand other people's code.
  7. Ability to work in a team.

Junior, Middle, Senior

Let's talk in more detail about what knowledge and skills Python developers of different qualifications should have.


A junior Python developer is a beginner with 6-12 months of development experience who knows the programming language, the Django framework, and databases at a basic level.

Junior features:

  • performs only simple tasks according to instructions using 1-2 methods, but does not know how to solve non-standard tasks;
  • knows where to look for answers to questions, but works only under the guidance of an experienced mentor;
  • a higher-level specialist comments on his mistakes and gives recommendations for improvement.


A middle Python developer is a middle-level specialist with 2-3 years of experience. He knows the programming language and frameworks at an advanced level and has a basic understanding of the application life cycle.

Features of the work of a middle-specialist:

  • knows the methods of solving problems, knows how to choose the optimal one;
  • can independently cope with non-standard situations;
  • works on one section of the project, which does not require further verification, in accordance with the code style of the project;
  • knows and applies solid principles to write clean code that is understandable to other developers;
  • has hands-on experience with application servers, unit testing, algorithms, and data structures.


Senior-specialist – a top-level developer with 5 years of experience who can work on a project of any level of complexity. He is well versed in Python syntax, and synchronous and asynchronous frameworks, and knows the specifics of his stack and how it works in different environments. He also can independently design a large-scale application.

This specialist understands when certain patterns or solutions should be used or abandoned. Senior can become a team leader who not only participates in the technical part of the development but also manages other programmers, distributes tasks, agrees on conditions with the customer, and defends the final project.

What to pay attention to while choosing a Python developer?

Choosing a Python developer

Python is a general purpose language that is used for a variety of tasks. If desired, it can be used in front-end development, but in most cases, it is more expedient to write code for the external part of the program in a more suitable language, such as JavaScript. Therefore, we can say that Python is a language for backend development since it is suitable for server-side programming.

A Python backend developer is a specialist who develops the server (internal, hidden) part of the application, and is responsible for the internal architecture, logic, and interaction with databases. Its main goal is to make sure that services understand requests, and sites correctly respond to user actions. For example, so that when you click a button, the product is added to the cart or the application goes for consideration.

What tasks does a backend developer solve? He:

  • thinks through internal algorithms and processes;
  • writes code in Python;
  • sets up communication with databases and external services;
  • tests the final project;
  • optimizes the performance of a website or application;
  • compiles technical documentation.

Python developer salary

An employer should be aware that a highly-skilled Python programmer has a reasonable expectation of being adequately paid for his work. In this field of activity, the salary cap is very dynamic, and can change markedly over time, as well as depending on the region.

The level of salary also depends on the degree of qualification of the developer (Junior, Middle, Senior).

Based on the data from Salary Expert, the average salary of a Python developer in different countries is the following:

  • United States: $111,225;
  • Australia: $96,739;
  • Germany: $94,767;
  • Canada: $90,094;
  • United Kingdom: $80,573;
  • India: $17,701.


Finding a Python developer on your own can drag on indefinitely. In addition, there is a risk of incorrect assessment of the qualification level of the selected specialist. And this will negate all efforts to find him.

Newxel approaches the search and selection of candidates professionally. A huge base of applicants, the use of modern recruiting technologies, and many years of experience in this field allow the company to confidently guarantee a quick and effective search for the right specialist.

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