Saving Money and Not Upgrading Your AV System? Signs That Show You Should!

At the workplace, effective communication is important and having the most up-to-date audio-visual equipment in your conference room is one such important aspect you should know.

For a long time, you got through meetings with occasional tech issues and you were fine with a single display. But ever since the pandemic started and suddenly most of the companies in the world shifted to being tech-centric, the basics won’t just cut anymore and won’t do in this time. We have listed down the few signs that clearly indicate you need to update your audio video equipment:

Faulty displays

Faulty displays

Does your display occasionally flicker or go dark out of nowhere? What about your TV, is it slow in processing images and videos? You may have put these issues under the rug before but now is the time to fix them.

A workplace with an outdated display shows the state of the office. Considering so many people are still working virtually, your boardroom AV equipment needs to be updated as you will surely be conducting more meetings.

No proper sound

Aside from flickering visual problems, poor audio can ruin your visual experience like nothing else. Just like we said above, since more virtual meetings are being held than ever before, sound quality during the video is important to maintain. This will help you maintain effective communication. Without having a proper display and sound, collaboration and productivity both will suffer.

Current system not working with a future idea

After the Pandemic, many businesses have expanded and if your business too is expanding, you will need multiple media types to accommodate conference meetings with multiple locations. This is when upgrading AV integration equipment comes to your rescue.

Modern corporate meetings have multimedia media systems that have both audio and video to support several sources and locations. In the end, you want to ensure the communication between people happens seamlessly and the AV system.

You see problem after problem

You see problem after problem

You know you need to update your AV equipment when problems don’t seem to end. Rather than spending money on repairing your broken AV system, simply replace it. This will likely help you save money in the future and you can be assured that at the end of the day, your meeting will run smoothly.

Your business needs have changed

Business is picking up after the pandemic and it is completely understandable if your business needs have changed. Changing business needs dictate it’s time to upgrade or refresh your AV equipment. If earlier you had standardized equipment, you may need to upgrade some of your equipment so that they are compatible across the enterprise.

Mismanagement in integration

Does your team productivity get hamper due to mismanagement in integration? Updated conferencing solutions should easily integrate with the most popular collaboration platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others you may use. The point of updating AV equipment is to ensure every participant whether in the conference room or remote access the same content easily and without wasting time on complicated procedures.

As a business owner or head of an organization, you would know how technology is continually changing and staying ahead of the competition even in the area of communication is vital for business success. If you find out that any of your AV systems regularly experience display flicker or sound outage, don’t settle any longer. Your AV system shouldn’t limit your capacity to support multimedia types and meeting locations.

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