6 Steps To Effectively Target And Connect With New Clients

There is no business without clients, without customers, and there is no such thing as a static consumer base; it is either devolving and lessening or evolving and increasing exponentially.

It is highly unlikely you want to lose customers, so let us take a look at 6 ways to target and properly connect with new clients.



You will not be able to connect with your potential clients if you do not even have one in mind. So survey your current customers and members of your target market to discover how you can better market and present your product or service, and find out what other aspects are missing from what you are currently offering and would make a good addition.

Consider a service such as PPC ads, which can help you along the path of reaching out and gaining more audience. The ability to reach both those who haven't yet been exposed to your brand and those who haven't is ultimately the largest advantage of the PPC targeting possibilities.

Cast a wide net, so to speak, to “capture” those who might be interested in what you have to offer and use their data to mold your brand in such a way that it better interacts with your target market. Once you know who your consumers are, where they are usually online, and what they respond to most regularly, you can begin to market to and attract them effectively.

Research Your Competitors

This one may seem a little shady at first, but it is completely legal and ethical as well. All you are going to be doing is researching what your competitors are doing and how they are attracting customers.

Not only is this inexpensive and will give you great ideas to attract your own customers, but it will also reveal dark spots in their process and give you new directions to pursue and take your own marketing tactics.

Target Ads

Target Ads

This is far cheaper than most of the other methods of advertising; Google or Youtube targeted ads can go a long, long way, and this is not even mentioning sponsoring influencers, etc.

While most ads in the physical world can only reach whoever comes across a billboard, a bus stop, or is at the right time and place to see a commercial, these targeted ads can help locate those who are most likely interested in your services based on location, demographics such as age, gender, education, etc.

By investing in targeted ads, you will see a significant increase in attention and customers over time.

Social Media, the Weapon of Weapons

Social media is quite possibly the greatest invention ever thought up for businesses. Now you can have outreach, influence, and engagement with your audience like never before in the history of mankind. Have a social media presence; don’t just use your accounts to promote yourself like every other business.

Put yourself out there, engage, discuss, answer customer questions, have funny tweets or posts that will put you in the public eye, and your company will boom upward. Many companies have their own social media manager position, responsible for maintaining a strong presence online. Capitalize on the digital dimension, and you won’t regret it.

Establish Trust

Establish Trust

Establishing trust is absolutely paramount in not only attracting potential clients but also keeping them. With so many new businesses sprouting up every day and congesting the market, it is obviously getting increasingly difficult to stand out and grow a following. Trust is essential.

Respond to every email, try to solve their issues, listen to what they are saying, answer every call, and go out of your way to accommodate anyone who approaches you, and the respect and appreciation for your company will grow, along with word of mouth, as someone who stands out in all the scummy, relentless money-making, disinterested, automated businesses.

A human, personal touch will go unfathomably far in instilling trust and loyalty in your audience and will keep them coming back.

Leverage the Power of “Influencers”

This might seem a low bar to stoop to, but the fact of the matter is that YouTube streamers and top Instagram accounts have an enormous amount of influence on an audience of sometimes millions. Leverage this to your advantage; find someone who fits your message and style and the audience you are looking to attract, and send them your products to test out or review.

Be human while interacting with them; no one wants to feel like they are being treated as just another cog in the machine by an uncaring, cold institution. Be warm, interested, polite, and engaged with them, and you may find the same success as G-Fuel did when they started sponsoring PewDiePie and their value and reputation practically exploded, to the point where they are almost a household name.

Reaching out the tendrils of your business and encouraging potential customers can prove quite difficult, and keeping them even more so, but we hope this article will help you have at least a basic understanding of what is important and how to utilize these tips.

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