The Cisco Certification – Know The Variety You Can Choose From

It's no secret that Cisco certification is a reputable mark on your CV that makes you stand out from the crowd, especially if you strive to build a career in IT, to be more precise in the field of networking technology.

Why do you think is the reason for that? The thing is that it's not just testing, it's well-designed training and certification pathways that aim to qualify networking professionals. You're probably wondering how exactly that happens? Then read on.

Cisco Accreditation Pathway Overview

Cisco Accreditation Pathway Overview

The main advantage of this qualification program is its multilevel nature. So, at this point, all Cisco designations are divided into 4 main levels, such as entry, associate, professional, and expert. It is also not worth forgetting about the technical specialist certificates, which are fallen into a separate group.

That way you can determine for yourself where to start and how to learn, based on your existing knowledge and experience.

Entry-Level Cisco Certifications


This designation group is a starting point for individuals interested in starting a career as a network technology specialist. In this way, you can obtain the CCT certification that will validate your skills in diagnosing, restoring, repairing, and replacing critical Cisco network and system devices at client sites.

Moreover, this accreditation is available in several areas depending on your specialization – Collaboration, Data Center, and Enterprise.

Associate-Level Cisco Certifications


This Cisco certification level covers everything you need to start a successful career and helps you improve your productivity with the latest technology.

For this, you can choose among the following three assignments that will help you learn how to create, protect, and automate the networks that drive the digital world. This group includes CCNA, DevNet Associate, and CyberOps Associate certifications.

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Specialist-Level Cisco Certifications

Specialist-Level Cisco Certifications

A number of technician certifications will help you validate your core networking skills and knowledge in more specific areas related to Collaboration, Data Center, Customer Success, and Meraki Solutions. Either way, it will make your resume stand out when looking for high-paying networking jobs.

Professional-Level Cisco Certification

Professional-Level Cisco Certification

This level aims to help the candidate identify the technological direction in which they plan to develop. These certificates confirm the breadth and depth of your expertise, cover basic concepts of the technology field of your interest, and provide flexibility in choosing an area of focus.

Therefore, the main feature of this accreditation level is that the candidate needs to take 2 exams, one of which is a core exam and the other – a concentration of choice. This will help you concentrate more on your needs and interests. There are 7 professional level certifications you can choose from, and the CCNP Data Center, CyberOps Professional, CCNP Security, CCNP Enterprise are among them.

Expert-Level Cisco Certifications


The progressive qualification of you as an expert will help you take the lead in networking technology. As you understand, these designations are the most sought-after by employers, as they validate your advanced knowledge of the entire IT lifecycle.

But to qualify as an expert, you need to pass a written qualifying exam and a lab exam. Some of the certifications you can opt for include CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, CCIE Data Center, CCIE Security.


As you understand, Cisco certification is a standard in the networking field, that most candidates want to achieve. In addition, there are many ways to go.

In other words, no matter how much experience you have, this vendor will always offer you the most appropriate certification option in the technology you choose to grow. Thus, you can start your journey with the CCT designation, or from the core exam for the professional-level certificate. The choice is yours!

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