The Math and Technology Behind Online Game Bonuses

A lot of online casinos provide promotions and bonuses to entice new clients or reward loyalty.

Free spins, no-deposit bonuses, cash-backs, and loyalty programs are just a few of the many different promos. These freebies aren't precisely free money, either. They are promotional items. When an operator offers you a bonus, it anticipates that you will open an account, make a deposit, or play its games for a longer period of time.

Nevertheless, bonuses may cause casinos to lose money. They do, however, reduce these losses by establishing guidelines that everyone who claims their incentives must adhere to. Learn the arithmetic they use to establish the below principles.

Popularity of Online Casino Bonuses

Popularity of Online Casino Bonuses

Offering bonuses is one of the best strategies online casinos have to increase the appeal of their services to customers, who are constantly looking for new ways to do this. Technology advancements have led to a revolution in the appearance of these benefits, which consumers can now see. Modern online casinos are now able to offer a considerably larger choice of bonuses, whilst traditional casinos can only offer incentives in the form of cash.

This includes exclusive offers that are only available to specific clients, VIP memberships, and even free spins with no deposit required. Players are lucky since many operators and casino review websites will always be recommending the best casino bonuses for their new and loyal players. Since you know how great bonuses are it’s time to learn more about how they are determined.

The Bonus Amount

There is a maximum bonus sum allowed by each casino. This cap is determined by the type of bonus, how much money you deposit, and whether or not you are a VIP customer. The bonus amount for no-deposit bonuses is typically modest. It might be $10 or $20, but it never goes above $50. What makes it so tiny? It is a bonus for which no deposit is necessary.

It's an opportunity to play casino games without even connecting a credit card and perhaps win money. To minimize their losses, casinos must keep this bonus minimal. Greater bonuses are offered for deposits. You can qualify for a bonus worth $20 to $5000 depending on the casino. The casino often matches your deposit 100% or 200%.


Computer methods called Random Number Generators (RNGs) produce random numbers, which are then utilized to decide how a game will turn out. This implies that all bonuses, regardless of the kind you're playing for, are determined by luck and chance.

It's critical to keep in mind that RNGs are created to be utterly random when attempting to comprehend how they operate. This implies that there is still no certainty, even if you have a general concept of the type of bonus you might receive.

Security Measures Behind Online Casino Bonuses

The adoption of encryption technology is one of the most crucial security measures behind online casino bonuses. All information exchanged between a player and an online casino is kept safe and private thanks to encryption. In order to confirm a player's identity before granting them access to their account or the ability to make deposits or withdrawals, many online casinos also implement two-factor authentication.

As a result, hackers and other criminal actors are less likely to get illegal access to a player's account and may be stopped. To earn specific bonuses or promotions, some online casinos may need players to submit additional verification materials, such address proof or a photo ID.

Wager Requirements

One of the most ingenious business principles ever devised by casinos to reduce losses on bonuses is the demand for wagering. Think about it. Your bonus is $100. You use the cash to play the Bonanza Megaways slot machine and win $20,000 in the process. That is like getting free money to you. The casino suffers a huge loss as a result. Consider what would happen if everyone else cashed out any winnings from their bonuses. Casinos would cease to exist. By requiring all players to play through their bonus amounts 0x to 40x, wager requirements protect casinos from bonus losses.

Before you can withdraw any bonus wins from a $100 offer that has a 40x play-through requirement, you must spend $4000 at the casino. You will frequently lose some of your $4,000 to the casino. Casinos eventually recover their bonus gifts from play-through restrictions after everyone else has complied with the wagering requirements. In light of this, some casinos are kind enough to offer bonuses without any wagering restrictions.

Games to Play and Betting Limits

You may play certain casino games and win a lot of money even with a little bonus. Consider jackpots that increase in size over time, like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. Lucky winners of these games receive payouts of more than $1M. Casinos set the rules for the games and bets you must place in order to avoid suffering significant losses on bonuses. However, don't worry. The greatest casinos offer a variety of high-caliber games, primarily video slots like:

  • Book of Dead
  • Immortal Romance
  • Thunderstruck II
  • Starburst
  • Bonanza

Validity Period

Wouldn't it be wonderful if bonuses had perpetual validity? You might take advantage of a sizable benefit for as long as you like. Unfortunately, all casinos limit the duration of their promos. There is a window of time during which a bonus can be used. Numerous no-deposit bonuses have a one- to seven-day expiration period. For 30 to 45 days, deposit-based bonuses are still active.

However, there is a deadline for completing wager conditions. Usually between 30 and 90 days. Naturally, choose online casinos with lengthy play-through fulfillment times. If not, you might be unable to comply with these conditions on time. You can also forfeit your bonus.

Withdrawal Limit

Withdrawal Limit

Setting a cap on the amount players can withdraw is another way casinos reduce their losses from giveaways. The maximum bonus cashout varies depending on the bonus type, the casino, and whether you are a VIP member. The smallest withdrawal thresholds apply to no-deposit bonuses. It varies between $100 and $300.

Better withdrawal restrictions, between $500 and $5,000, or no limits at all, apply to first deposit incentives. In light of this information, choosing a casino with a respectable bonus cap is imperative. You might strike it rich and receive a bonus of $10,000. You'll wish your casino had no cap on bonus winnings in that situation.

Restrictions on the Games to Play

There are some games you can play and win a jackpot on, even if the bonus is a small sum. Think of ongoing jackpots like Mega Fortune. With just a $20 wager, this game has the potential to pay out up to $1 million in cash. Casinos limit the games that customers can play with bonus money because of this.

Game Weighting

Wager requirements and game weighting go hand in hand. When you play various casino games, the game weighting determines how much money counts toward completing play. Video slot contributions are typically 100%. Table games, on the other hand, make up between 5% and 20%. These regulations, as we just mentioned, are intended to increase the casino's revenue.

Casinos would incur losses from bonuses if table games were to account for 100% of revenue. Since poker is a skill-based game, certain players can both mathematically fulfill their stake and profit from it. With slots, everything depends on luck. At times, you succeed. You lose sometimes. In the event that you lose while completing your play-through, this aids casinos in making money.

Additional Bonus Rules

You may only use one bonus at a time in practically every online casino. You cannot accept a reload bonus if you want to claim a live casino bonus. Any money you might win from these bonuses is forfeited if you do this. You can only utilize specific payment methods to claim bonuses, which is another restriction. You can't use Skrill and Neteller at a lot of casinos. But you can also pay with Visa, MasterCard, EcoPayz, and PayPal.

When you evaluate online casino bonuses, you have to start with some simple numbers. Use the terms and conditions of the bonus along with the edge and return to the player percentage of the game to compare various bonus offers. You will find that a majority of the bonus offers are almost the same. Nevertheless, once in a blue moon, you might come across a bonus, which leaves some room for you to make a profit.

By offering bonuses, casinos run the danger of losing a lot of money. Nevertheless, they keep offering these incentives to both new and old clients. However, they established the aforementioned restrictions to make sure they didn't lose a lot of money. There are maximums on the bonuses you can accept, the amounts you can withdraw, and the amount you can wager. After that, you must finish the game and adhere to the weighting requirements.

So, make sure you run the numbers for each bonus to find out if it is worth it to invest the money and claim the offer. As you run the numbers, you will know what you are getting into and if you are making some real profit.

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