Top 5 Apps for Learning the Japanese Language and Culture

We all know how fascinating Japanese culture is! Explore the 5 top apps that can help you learn the language and get to know the culture. Read more here!

Japan's influence has been spreading rapidly, with its history, cinematography, anime, and unique features all captivating audiences worldwide. Recent statistics reveal that Japanese is now the 13th most-spoken language globally, further boosting the country's popularity.

With the Japanese culture and language gaining more followers than ever, it's no wonder the country is fast becoming a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a unique experience.

Why You Should Learn Japanese

Why You Should Learn Japanese

Learning Japanese not only offers new career possibilities but also a wonderful way to experience Japan's rich culture and history. Japanese is an important language to add to your skill set because it is spoken in Japan, which has one of the largest economies in the world and many major companies with their headquarters in Tokyo.

In addition, Japan is a center for technological innovation, especially in the entertainment and gaming industries, making it a desirable location for those working in these sectors.

What Is The Easiest Way To Learn Japanese? 

In today's digital age, there are numerous mobile apps available to help you learn the Japanese alphabet and language. These apps offer customized tests, exams, and exercises that can help you become a fluent Japanese speaker and immerse yourself in the country's rich culture.

Additionally, these apps can even enhance your experience with Japan-developed software and games, including in Japanese online casinos. The ability to create learning plans specific to your level and learning preferences is one of the biggest advantages of using mobile applications to learn Japanese.

They offer engaging and interactive classes that will hasten and expedite your language learning. Some applications employ gamification strategies to enhance learning and keep you motivated.

Apps For Language Learning

There are countless language learning apps available online that cater to various needs and preferences. With the advancement of technology and the internet's globalization, more people express interest in these apps and their features.

In fact, the most popular language learning app, Duolingo, has grossed around $113 million in 2022 alone. Its app for kids, Lingokids, has also amassed $2.9 million in revenue in the same year. These language learning apps offer daily learning routines with customized exercises and exams on different language aspects, such as grammar, pronunciation, and semantics.

Some apps also provide cultural insights to aid in language learning. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the top 5 apps for learning the Japanese language and culture, including Pimsleur Japanese, JA Sensei, Human Japanese, Hello Talk, and Duolingo.

Pimsleur Japanese 

Pimsleur Japanese is one of the best apps to build confidence in conversation with natives and boost your language and comprehension skills. Recently, the software developers made the app available for mobile devices, enabling much easier and more frequent learning and assessment of knowledge.

The application primarily focuses on improving your speaking abilities rather than writing or reading. The developers have designed this audio-learning app in “question, recall, response” format. Each lesson takes you through guided video exercises first and then provides a series of reinforcement drills.

Pimsleur doesn’t incorporate rules and charts but provides a natural context for easier memorization and understanding. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices.

JA Sensei

If you want to become a “sensei” in leading a conversation in Japanese, JA Sensei is your app! Besides developing your speaking competence, this app will also support your writing and reading skills. Moreover, it provides numerous situations for exercising responses, answers, and sentence construction.

The JA Sensei app offers various learning processes and categories that can help you improve your Japanese skills. These categories include aural or listening comprehension, kana, kanji, grammar, and vocabulary. The app also features an evaluation quiz at the end of each lesson that allows you to monitor your progress. Additionally, you can record yourself to compare your pronunciation with that of a native speaker, which is a helpful feature for improving your speaking skills.

It’s a comprehensive app you can download and install on your Android device. The only drawback is that JA Sensei isn’t available for Apple devices. However, JA Sensei can lead you to an N1-level proficiency.

Human Japanese

Human Japanese is another app available on both Android and iOS devices. Among the top 5 apps for learning the Japanese language and culture, it’s the best one for getting a glimpse of cultural differences. The course is divided into chapters and engages the user in long reading pages. The textbook format feels more academic but the style is conversational and easy to understand.

Human Japanese will prompt you to learn Japanese by putting you in everyday situations related to various aspects of Japanese culture. This way, you’ll learn both the language (Kana, Kanji, Grammar, and Vocabulary) and the different cultural characteristics.

Hello Talk

Hello Talk

The key benefit of Hello Talk for learning Japanese is the social networking feature. Hello Talk allows customized voice conversations and the ability to send messages to Japanese friends. This way, it’ll correct your pronunciation, or your friends will correct your message and send it back to you.

This app is most effective when you already have some minor Japanese language skills and want to polish them! However, it’s perfect for getting meaningful insights into the culture!


Duolingo is the most popular language-learning app on the market. Its freemium mode can help you twist your tongue, throat, and pen into learning the listening, reading, writing, and pronunciation basics.

Duolingo is available for all software and provides a customized program that includes everyday learning schedules, Q&As, exams, exercises, and much more. However, it isn’t recommended for learning about cultures because it doesn’t have that feature and doesn’t offer fully-fledged kanji or kana learning programs.

Final Thoughts

There has never been a better moment to learn Japanese than now, given the rising popularity of Japanese culture and language. These 5 apps can show you how to listen, write, and speak Japanese while also having the most extensive learning curricula! Some of them will additionally give you unique cultural views.

Language learning has never been more accessible or enjoyable thanks to mobile apps. With the help of mobile apps, language learning has never been more accessible and engaging. So whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, there is an app for you. Start your journey to learning Japanese today!

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