What Are Examples of Sales Documents?

Each and every business owner should understand the importance of attracting new customers. The sales department identifies potential customers and deals with the process of their qualification. New customers are an important source of increased revenue that ensures the growth of the company.

It is often the case that this process is not well organized, so you need to use sales documents. There is a sales department that uses different methods of interacting with potential customers. They choose different ways of closing deals. Subsequently, such collaboration can sometimes result in the company's revenue being misdirected.

Sales documents are a great solution for such cases. If they are available, it is easy to transfer the sales process to a new level and make it more convenient and transparent. This is a significant advantage and such features will be appreciated by potential clients.

Sales Documentation: Explanation

Sales Documentation

Sales documentation provides a written record of all the actions that sales representatives use to close deals as efficiently as possible. The sales process should take into account everything that is required to meet the needs of potential customers.

Such documentation will be useful for experienced sales representatives and new employees. It is important to understand the company's methodology. Customers encounter a lot of information to be familiarized with, so a customized process should be unique to each type of business.

Types of Sales Documentation

Types of Sales Documentation

There is a special sales manual with relevant guidelines. Such a document is compiled by the relevant department. It outlines all the effective practices and strategies that can be used to attract potential customers. A guide for dealing with customers is also provided. Sales representatives have the opportunity to learn what to do in each particular case throughout the process.

There are also sales support documents. These are usually used by sales reps to promote the client and adhere to the company's policies. There are different techniques that contribute to increasing the likelihood of customer conversion. The purpose of such functions is to ensure that the customer gets all the information they need to make a decision to purchase the company's product. Let's take a closer look at the types of sales docs:

  1. Pricing documents. They help customers understand how much a particular service or product will cost. This information provides a customer with the possibility to figure out whether the purchase fits the intended budget or not. The documentation contains detailed information about the products that the company provides.
  2. Competitor Cards. These are special assets that the sales team uses when they are competing with another company. These cards emphasize all the benefits of your product and what makes it stand out among its competitors.
  3. Case studies. They explore the problems potential customers may face and show that the product offers significant benefits. Such studies may include testimonials from customers who have experienced the advantages of the product or service. This is certain social proof.
  4. Product demos. It is recommended to create special videos for this purpose. The customers can see all the necessary information about the product they want to buy. The demo is an additional material that provides visual information about the product or service.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions. It is a document that covers the commonly asked questions of the company's customers and answers to them. Sales representatives can thus save a lot of time for the explanation of additional information.

There are special documents that deal with sales training. They contain information about the company that will be useful for new employees. Such documentation provides the social data of the company. The features of the sales process depend on the target audience. You can also include guidelines on how to interact with customers and what is forbidden to sell to them. You can use a tool offered by PandaDoc to sign documents electronically.

Structuring of Company's Offers

Structuring of Company's Offers


  • a description of the sales process;
  • schedules;
  • pricing;
  • social proof;
  • call to purchase;
  • terms and conditions.

It is highly recommended to take advantage of a ready-to-use sales process document template to generate well-thought-out offers, thus ensuring a high probability of conversion. As a matter of fact, there are templates of different documents that have a predesigned structure. Therefore, there is no need to think through every step of the process.

Once the document is saved, it becomes effective. You can use the function of comparing it with other successfully signed contracts to get useful tips on how to improve your contract. One useful feature is the integration. There is an online chat where you can quickly leave feedback.

There are offers from different companies that help speed up the sales process through a built-in subscription option. One more advantage is provided by the use of a digital signature. It is the possibility to negotiate the terms of your contract without the need to print out sales documents. Furthermore, a digital signature is legally enforceable. It can be tracked over time and special marks can be made.

When it comes to documentation management, it is recommended to choose applications that provide case studies. This is one of the best ways to prove that you are suitable for a particular job. Case studies are used to validate previous successes. Clients get a third-party perspective of your company's experience.

Some marketers choose such studies as their main form or content strategy. This is a pretty good option to increase sales. It takes a lot of time to produce them and hence you can use ready-made materials.

With the help of case studies, it is easy to gain the trust of the target audience. They are not just numbers and useful information. They evoke some emotions as they help the business to grow and accordingly gain more than just financial profits. There are many apps and tools that offer a free trial. After that, you can determine how suitable a certain software is for your business.

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