7 Most Powerful Cyber Security Tools By 7 Professionals

With the introduction of newer cyber-security threats every day, it is essential that you keep updating your system by these 7 cyber security tools to protect yourself. Cyber threats are more potent than ever owing to the massive technological advancement witnessed by the world in the contemporary era.

Lucky for you, there are several professional tools available today which will give you a peace of mind while surfing the web. So, keep reading to find out more about such tools.


Microsoft EMET

EMET, basically, employs extra protection at the vulnerabilities of different applications where the chances of intrusion by malicious elements are the most. The hackers have to put in extra efforts in order to bypass that level giving ample time to the users to take notice of such attempts and employing different measures to prevent those. Highly recommended by Yier Jin, Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida, it is amongst the best security tool amongst the available choices.


Fire Eye malware Detection

It is a great tool for monitoring the extrusion detection closely. The tool is recommended by Randy Marchany, the IT security lab director at Virginia Tech. Quite capable of detecting the extrusions, it is also extremely helpful in monitoring network security. Other tools may be good at detecting the inbound traffic but for complete protection, the outbound traffic also needs to be monitored closely.


Privilege Identity Management

Management of access to different components of your business is another area which requires utmost attention. Thus, the Privilege Identity Management tool will assist you in monitoring administrative privileges of the team seamlessly. The tool is also capable of changing passkeys of critical locations at regular intervals, making the job of cyber-criminals even more difficult. The tool has been recommended by the VP and security analyst at Forrester, Mr. Andras Cser.


Windows GodMode

Ron Woerner, the director of Cyber Security Studies at The Bellevue University, vehemently advocates for the use of this tool to gain reliable access to information. This tool enables access to the OS controls and user information easily through a single folder.


Patch Management

The Patch Management tool might be the most important cyber security tool on this list. As the name suggests, it fixes security patches to any vulnerability present on your device. Not only does it patche the vulnerabilities but it also tests the applied patches, thereby upgrading the overall security and improves the performance and stability of the device. The tool has been recommended by Mr. Gary Hayslip, the Deputy Director and CISO for the City of San Diego.


Insider Threat Protection

You are not as threatened by the ‘outside’ factors as the ‘inside’ factors. Incidences of cyber-breach are on a rise due to the vulnerabilities present inside the system. An Insider Threat Protection tool makes early detection of any vulnerabilities or anomalies and informs them to the management ASAP giving them ample time to resolve the issue.  Mike Pappy, VP, and CISO at Northrop Grumman recommends this tool for proving complete security to your system.


Endpoint Detection and Response

Neil MacDonald, VP, and Analyst at Gardner endorses the use of this tool to prevent the execution of any unauthorized code on your system. The tool is capable of continuously monitoring and analyzing the various threats present on the system and gives warning in case of any unauthorized execution of any code. A great precautionary tools for an average as well as a professional user.


Amongst the plethora of choices available, we have brought this comprehensive list of must have any of the 7 cyber security tools recommended by the professionals themselves. Use of such tool will significantly reduce the chances of any hack attacks on your system. One cannot leave any stone unturned if one needs complete peace of mind online. Thus, the readers are advised to give these tools a shot and make their online life a better and safer place.