5 Biggest Threats To IT, And The Best Solution To Help You Stay Safe

In the early 2000’s hacking as done by mischievous and enthusiastic kids who messed up with company websites just for the fun on if. Even though the company might have suffered financially, the hacker only takes credits for bragging about being smart.

Threats from Organized cybercrime groups

Organized cybercrime groups have a proper corporate structure, a company vision as well as the division of labor. They are well funded and have attracted traditional criminals such as drugs lords and human traffickers. They employ the best brains. They continue to threaten our security by staying one step ahead of online security experts.

The Hacktivist Threat

These are anonymous hackers who acts as activists on the internet, they can hack a company or website online in protest to something. The aim of their attacks can be either the company’s clients or take the site complete offline. What they do is illegal, but who cares? Sometimes they are often caught and charged to Court, this will only prompt more attacks from their peers.

Threats from the Fleece

Depending on his level of expertise, the Fleece can make between hundreds and millions of dollars. The Fleece are hackers who and synonymous with financial crimes such as money laundering. Theses hackers will use sophisticated methods such as cloning to clone real login page of a bank account just to lure their prey to enter financial details on the fake page. They are known to live an exhibitionist lifestyle.

Threats from The Merchants of Death

These are the malware developers. There are termed as the evil twin of software developers. The script developed by these evil geniuses are the backbone of numerous cybercrimes. They may use their software to commit the crimes directly or offer to sell them to the highest bidder.

Corporate Spies

These are cyber criminals who are bent on stealing confidential information and selling them to competitors. They are popularly called Determined Human Adversary (DHA). They are the enemies to modern business. They can go great length just to access top secret files.

The Best Solution to Help You Stay Safe

There is no one method or defense mechanism that can protect fully from all the threats we have mentioned above. It is sad to admit to the fact that cyber criminals are always finding a way to maneuver over defense methods. Although there is no much thing you can do against a full blown cyber war, there are certain solutions that you approach that will protect you from password thieves and cyber criminals.

It is recommended that you make use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Although not all VPNs are the same because some are light years ok, and not literally ahead of their peers. When it comes to executing security protocols, device compatibility and anonymity is a major factor.

HideMyAss is a good VPN provider that is being used by many people for internet security. They are based in the UK and are the are affordable and easy to use. There also many VPN providers in the market, but the choice should be made based on your budget and specific requirements as some are a little bit exorbitant.


Threats are inevitable, they will always come around. They have become a daily source of profits by some prominent organizations. That doesn’t mean will stop using the internet, but get up to date with the latest defense mechanisms, that can, at least, minimize these threats.