How to Get Apple Music Free in 2021

Are you tired of listening to music only when you have the internet? Check out how to get Apple Music free so you can listen to your music collection without connecting to the internet.

Apple Music is known for offering music releases that can only be found on the platform and not anywhere else. Simply put, they have high-quality exclusive releases. What’s more, the app is fully integrated into Apple’s iOS ecosystem.

This makes it the most popular music streaming service around the world even though it was released much later than most services. But as we already know, it’s not possible to learn how to get Apple Music free through the platform itself.

While they offer a free trial, you won’t be able to keep your songs once the free trial is up. So how can you enjoy the music experience thoroughly?

Apple Music for free

This article will teach you how to get Apple Music free by making use of a very useful tool on the internet that you may have already heard of before.

Part 1. The Most Recommended Way to Get Apple Music Free Forever

DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is a tool that gives its users the ability to download the contents from iTunes and Apple Music regardless of the format or type of the content. There are many more functions the tool is capable of.

DumpMedia Apple Music Converter

DumpMedia Apple Music Converter Features

Below are the key features of this software:

  • Apple Music DRM Protections Removal

DRM Protections Removal with DumpMedia Converter

The main reason why users can’t download Apple Music and/or lose them when the free trial expires is due to the DRM protection. By removing the protection, users can easily download the contents of Apple Music.

  • Supports Multiple Formats

Multiple Formats supported by DumpMedia Converter

Users can go as far as convert different formats into the format of your preference. This includes the popular MP3, AAC, M4A, M4R, and many more. It also supports audiobooks and other content on iTunes and Apple Music.

  • Maintains Original Content

The output of the majority of converters will often have their ID tags and some of the original quality lost, but DumpMedia ensures all the original content is kept 100%.

  • Customizations

Customize audio file with DumpMedia Converter

In addition to keeping 100% of the original content, users can also customize the output so that it can exceed 100% or go below that if the user is lacking in storage space.

  • Offline Listening

Once the Apple Music is converted and downloaded, users can play the music file in any device anytime they want. This includes iOS gadgets, Android, Xbox, and more.

DumpMedia Apple Music Converter Offline Listening features

Now that you know a bit about the software, you should now be ready to learn exactly how to get Apple Music free without breaking a sweat. Below are the steps you need to follow to make that possible:

Step 1. Open the DumpMedia Software to Add Songs

Launch the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter on your computer. Make sure iTunes is closed before continuing with the process. Now you will be able to see a list of music files to the left of the software. Simply select the ones that you want to convert and download by clicking on their corresponding boxes.

Launch the DumpMedia Apple Music Converter

Step 2. Set Output Setting

Now below the list is the Output Settings. Simply set it up so that the Output Format and Coder are set to your preferences. Make sure the two are the same. You may also configure other settings if you like.

Set DumpMedia Output Setting

Step 3. Convert Songs

Once you’re done setting it all up, click on the Convert button. Wait for it to finish then go to the Converted tab from the top. Check if you have converted the correct Apple Music and if the output went according to what you like.

Convert Songs by DumpMedia

You now know how to get Apple Music free forever. With DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, you should be able to convert anything that can be found on the Apple Music platform, be it audiobooks or songs.

Part 2. Other Ways to Get Apple Music For Free

Although using a tool like DumpMedia is recommended, it’s important to note that you have other options if you don’t like the idea of using third-party software that you’re not aware of.

With that being said, we will be learning how to get Apple Music free without any Apple Music converters. Let’s start with option 1.

Option 1. Verizon Unlimited

Verizon is a US company that is known to provide wireless services to the masses. It is also known by some as the largest wireless communications provider in the US. So what does it have to do with how to get Apple Music free?

Verizon offers a subscription called Verizon Unlimited. If you are a member of this subscription, then you are eligible to get a free Apple Music subscription which will technically allow you to listen to and download Apple Music for free.

Verizon Unlimited for apple music

The free subscription will last up to six months, but remember that you technically have to be a paying subscriber of Verizon Unlimited first.

For that reason, this is not exactly a way on how to get Apple Music free, because although the Apple Music is free, the Verizon Unlimited subscription is not.

Option 2. Shazam App

If you’re looking for a free trial that doesn’t require you to be a subscriber on any platform, then the Shazam app might be what you’re looking for this whole time.

Shazam App

Recently, the Apple company announced that Shazam app users will be able to claim six months of free Apple Music subscription through the Shazam app. All they have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Download the Shazam app from the Apple Store.
  • Launch the app on the iOS device.
  • Swipe to the right to go to the Library.
  • Once on Library, tap on Try Now that has a caption for Limited Time which is supposed to be talking to the free trial of Apple Music.
  • Now tap on Try it Free.
  • You will be taken to a new screen. Simply tap on Redeem and you will see information about the free trial. Simply proceed to redeem your free subscription.

Remember that once the free trial expires, you will have to pay for it to continue, unless you cancel the payment right before the free trial expires. Either way, that’s how to get Apple Music free using the Shazam app.

Part 3. Summary

Although Apple is known to have tight security, there are simply amazing tools out there that are capable of bypassing Apple’s security. This is especially true for DRM protection on Apple Music since it’s not easy to bypass it.

However, with DumpMedia, you should be able to learn how to get Apple Music free without even putting half the effort that experts have put in it with their own skills. Hopefully, this will make your music streaming experience a lot better.

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