7 Secrets to Creating a High-Converting Landing Page for Your BigCommerce Store

Are you tired of spending countless hours creating landing pages for your BigCommerce store, only to see little to no conversions? Well, it's time to uncover the secrets to creating a high-converting landing page.

In today's digital age, a well-designed landing page can make all the difference in attracting and converting potential customers. Here are 7 secrets that will help you create a landing page, which will drive traffic, generate leads, and ultimately increase your sales. So, let’s begin:

What Is a Landing Page and How does it Help a BigCommerce Store Gain High Conversion Rate?

A landing page is a standalone web page that is designed to guide visitors toward a specific action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. The goal of a landing page is to convert visitors into customers by providing them with a clear and compelling call to action, as well as highlighting the key benefits of the product or service being offered. In a BigCommerce store, landing pages can be used to showcase featured products, promote a sale or discount, or target specific audiences with personalized messaging. Let’s take a closer look:

7 Secrets To Gain a High Converting Landing Page For Your BigCommerce Store 

Creating a high-converting landing page for your BigCommerce store is a key to driving sales and revenue. However, it can also be challenging at times. To help you achieve success, we've compiled five secrets for creating landing pages that convert. From crafting a clear value proposition to displaying an attractive call-to-action (CTA), these tips can help you create a landing page that engages visitors, builds trust, and drives conversions as well.

1. Create a Clear Value Proposition

While designing a landing page, make sure that your products and services display its value proposition clearly. A value proposition is a statement that explains what makes your product or service unique and why customers should buy from you instead of your competitors. It should be concise, specific, and easy to understand. To create a compelling value proposition, focus on the benefits of your product or service rather than its features. For example, instead of saying “Our product has a 24-hour battery life,” say “Never worry about running out of battery with our 24-hour battery life.”

2. Have a Clear and Compelling Headline: 

The headline is the first thing visitors see when they land on your page, so it needs to be clear, compelling, and instantly communicate the value of your product or service. It should grab the visitor's attention and make them want to learn more. Use powerful words and phrases that evoke curiosity, urgency, or desire. For example, instead of a generic headline like “Shop Now,” try something like “Discover the Secrets to Effortless Style with Our Exclusive Collection.” This type of headline piques curiosity and encourages visitors to explore further.

3. Use Social Proof

Social proof is basically a psychological principle where people follow the actions of other, only if they have a believe that its the right thing to do. In the context of eCommerce, social proof can come in many forms, such as customer reviews, testimonials, trust badges, and social media shares. In such cases, you can easily embed your social media feeds to your store for more customer engagment in quick, easy steps.

4. Optimize For Mobile

With more than half of all internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, it's essential that your landing page is optimized for mobile. A mobile-optimized landing page should load quickly, be easy to navigate, and have a clear call-to-action that's easy to click. Research shows that 53% of mobile users have an attention span of less than three seconds, and if your website doesn’t load faster than that, then you’ll fall behind. By optimizing your landing page for mobile, you can ensure that you're not losing potential customers due to a poor user experience. This is where expert professionals from certified BigCommerce development company like CodeClouds comes across. Their team of developers come with years of experience in optimizing your business website for different devices, browsers, and search engines that can help your business standout from your competitors and cater to a larger audience.

5. Persuasive Copy

Compelling copy is crucial for converting visitors into customers. Your landing page copy should be persuasive, concise, and focused on highlighting the unique selling points of your products. Clearly explain how your products can solve your customers' problems or meet their needs. Use customer testimonials, reviews, or case studies to build trust and credibility. Focus on benefits rather than just features and use strong calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout the page to guide visitors toward the desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

6. Streamlined User Experience

A cluttered and confusing landing page will only drive visitors away. The key to a high-converting landing page is a streamlined user experience. Keep the design clean, organized, and visually appealing. Use ample white space to allow the content and visuals to breathe. Make sure the page layout is intuitive and easy to navigate, with a clear hierarchy of information. Limit the number of form fields and make the checkout process as simple and straightforward as possible. Remember, every additional step or distraction increases the likelihood of visitors abandoning the page. You can also get freelance designers from Upwork to help you leverage best of web designing fundamentals and UX.

7. A/B Testing

One of the secrets to creating a high-converting landing page is continuous improvement through A/B testing. A/B testing involves making multiple versions of your landing page with systematic variations and testing them against each other to understand what works the best. Test different headlines, images, copy, colors, CTAs, or layouts to see which elements resonate best with your audience. By consistently testing and optimizing your landing page, you can maximize its conversion rate and drive more sales.

Summing Up

By following these 7 secrets, you can create a landing page that is optimized for conversions, and ultimately, increase your sales. Always remember that your landing page is often the first interaction potential customers have with your brand, so it's important to make a lasting impression. By incorporating these tactics, you can ensure that your landing page is not only visually appealing but also persuasive and informative. So, wait no longer—start implementing these secrets today and watch as your BigCommerce store skyrockets in sales and success.

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