Should I Buy Earbuds or Headphones?

Aside from the fact that earbuds and headphones are different, they also come in a vast assortment of features and designs. That makes it more challenging to figure out what to choose. We’ve got your back! Today, we’ll give a rundown of the differences between a pair of headphones and earbuds, so you can decide which better suits your needs.

Satisfying your audio needs may come down to choosing between the headphones and the earbuds. Picking either might not make a difference for some, but it could matter a lot for others who are particular about their sounds. You can visit Electrotech Fashion for a comprehensive comparison between these two accessories.

How Do Headphones and Earphones Differ?

Both these accessories have their strengths. Though, to ensure you choose right between the two, make sure you know where you'll use them. Going over how they fare in the following should help you make an informed decision:

1. Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Of course, this outranks other factors by some margin. After all, sound delivery is what you’re most after from these devices.

You want clear, crisp, and distortion-free sound even at high volumes. If an item’s sound quality isn’t up to par, you’ll notice it immediately.

Then again, knowing which between headphones and earbuds has better sound can be complicated because that would depend on the model. A good way around this would be to compare models with the same price points. In a level playing field, it's usually headphones that rise to the occasion.

2. Noise Isolation

Noise Isolation

Noise isolation, or noise cancellation, tells how much a pair of earbuds or headphones can keep outside noise from interfering with your listening experience. At a high level, noise cancellation basically cancels out a good amount of outside racket.

In standard models of both the on-ear headphones and earbuds, noise isolation is said to be the worst. Their basic design limits how the function can do its job. They usually leave a bit of space between the ear-inserts or cushions, allowing outside noise to infiltrate.

High-end versions of each, particularly those marketed for their noise-canceling feature, definitely won’t disappoint you in this aspect. In general, you’ll find noise-isolating earbuds cheaper than headphones.

3. Comfort


Music should bring comfort, so it kind of defeats the purpose when the accessory that allows you to listen to music is uncomfortable. So, whether it's earbuds or headphones, you want to make sure they sit in or over your ear pleasantly.

Over-ear headphones tend to be the most comfortable. They’re perfectly cushioned and rest around the ear, making for zero to minimal discomfort. Even then, that little discomfort should only be after the user has either slept on one of the pads or has the headphone on too tightly.

That said, the material used for over-ear headphone padding also factors into the item’s comfort level. The more breathable the material is, the better.

4. Safety

Comfort Earbuds

From a technical standpoint, both earbuds and headphones are safe. However, how safe they are can change depending on how you handle them. Regardless of your choice, listening to music at high volumes for long hours can damage your ears.

Though, design-wise, it would suggest that earbuds pose a higher risk of harm. In particular, standard earbuds have in-ear monitors that sit real close to the ear canals. At high volumes, these are even more damaging.

As far as safety goes, headphones are generally the better choice, as they leave a bit of space between the padding and the monitor.

5. Price

earbuds price

Feature headphones can get really pricey, but they shouldn't be too different from earbuds other than that. Both these accessories have models across all price ranges, making finding one that suits your budget relatively easy.

If you’re in the market for something that’s a good combination of price and quality, you’re more likely to find that in earbuds. That’s because of the earbuds’ smaller size and lower required volume of materials.

Price really is relative to the model you choose. It also runs pretty consistently between headphones and earbuds for the most part.

Both are available in super-affordable and super-expensive versions. Though, the majority of their top sellers lie in the range in between, as it offers a good mix of price and quality.

What Should You Pick for Kids?

Headphones for kids

If you’re not one to compromise on quality for price, either earbuds or headphones should work well for your children. That said, if you desire something a little more economical but still high on safety, you’d more likely find that in headphones.

What Should You Pick for You?

Headphones for adults

At the end of the day, choosing between earbuds and headphones is a matter of personal preference. It all depends on your lifestyle and how you choose to listen to music. Even though each type has its typical cons, it also has models that address these cons in ways that render them inconsequential.

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