Does Walmart Drug Test? (Best to Know Before You Apply)

Do you want to secure a job at the neighboring Walmart store? This article will explore whether Walmart carries drug test in respective positions. If you are curious, read our article and find out.

Presuming you all know Walmart and the job opportunities it offers to the public, you might at some point wish to apply for the neighboring Walmart store. Regardless of your skills,  there are always job requirements for every brand or company.

Thus, if you are curious to grab one of the Walmart job positions, you may want to know whether Walmart will do a drug test. Depending on the situation, please read our article and learn more about the Walmart drug test.

We have done meticulous research on the matter and are presenting you with relevant findings for your information in this article. Keep reading to the end.

Does Walmart Drug Test?

Does Walmart Drug test

While we all understand that Walmart does drug tests, it is also clear that they rarely perform the pre-employment drug test if you are entry-level personnel as well as a senior or managerial-level employee.

The company does drug tests in special cases. Therefore, when applying for job posts in departments like the pharmacy, auto centers, DELI, and TLE, be sure that they will perform the pre-employment drug test. This is because of their firm safety standards and regulations.

The other scenarios when Walmart does drug tests are when there are workplace accidents as well as random tests. We will delve into details in the later section. They also clarify that initial candidate screening does not require a drug test.

Keep reading our article to stay informed for more details about Walmart drug tests and other service requirements. Let us go to the next step and further on the subject.

Scenarios When Walmart Drug Tests Employees

Scenarios when Walmart drug tests employees

If you are applying for a position at the Walmart store, it is also essential to understand under which conditions Walmart does drug tests for their employees. Therefore, this section will highlight a few scenarios under which Walmart does drug tests. Let us get started from the often to the least case.

1. Pre-employment drug test

This drug test case highly depends on the job requirements or position under which you are employed. Some job posts call for drug tests, beefeater screening, and before orientations.

Most of the staff and ex-officials have claimed that the company rarely does the pre-employment tests for the interview or during the orientation. However, the specific jobs that need the operation of heavy machines and skilled posts call for drug tests. Such posts include the carriers in the auto care centers, pharmacy, and Deli department, as well as firearms. These departments need employees to do the drug test before they hire you.

Thus,. Before the interview, you will be notified of the pre-employment drug test requirements. Also, note that the company does not administer the drug test during the interview. However, they might do a drug test on the same day as the interview as part of the requirements.

2. Reasonable Suspicion drug test

when you are a Walmart employee, and they suspect that you are using drugs, then in such a case, they will do the drug test while at work. The supervisor, or, in this case, the manager, may deem as needed by the company request for the drug test.

The tests are within the rights of the company. They can decide to carry out this type of drug test anytime as the behavior might subject them to such a step since you might cause damage to the company while under the influence of the drug.

3. Post-accident drug test

When you get in an accident while at work or a company and find out that you're involved in a workplace accident, then as one of the requirements, you will be subjected to a drug test. This is the right of the employers regardless of whether you are behind the accident.

In most cases, the post-accident drug test is carried out to ascertain the primary cause of the accidents. Hence, it aims to ensure that all the employees at the workplace remain safe.

4. Random Drug test

This is the routine of Walmart's policy. Based on the requirements, Walmart randomly conducts drug tests among employees. These steps are needed to maintain the workplace's safety and secure all employees and employers. However, though these tests are rounded and well arranged, they are generally conducted at only the discretion of the store manager.

Types of Drug Tests Walmart Screen and Use

urine drug test

Based on current information, the company performs drug tests using the employee's urine. The procedure is simple; the basic-level employee gets a cup to collect urine for the test. Often, the collection is done in the bathroom, and the employee is not allowed to take anything else within them during the test in the bathroom.

For Walmart to sample the tests, they have laid out a few requirements for the person to be viable. As long as the company finds out that you have interfered with the tests, you are a suspect, and your results will be taken as positive on the test.  From the urine tests, they do tests for drugs such as cocaine, PCP, heroin, marijuana as well as methamphetamines.

Walmart Drug Test Policy

Walmart Drug test policy

Walmart has a strict drug test policy. If an employee fails to show up during the drug test or when the result turns out positive, the company will never grant you the job posts you have been interviewed for. The company is likely to terminate the employment contract as one of the requirements for the current employees. The policy indicates Walmart is committed to the code of conduct.

On top of the drug test regulations, the company still features a stringent condition for zero tolerance for threats as well as violence. Thus, when you are up for the Walmart job, remember the above facts on the drug tests and other things.


Q. Does Walmart carry our drug test during orientation?

As stated, Walmart does drug tests based on the job positions and other factors as needed by the company. It is only done at the discretion of the manager. Thus, any job posts and departments like auto care centers, Delis, pharmacies, etc., need you to undergo drug tests. The company only administers drug tests after an interview, when they suspect employees, post-accident, and in random cases.

Q. How reliable is the Walmart drug test?

We all understand that not all drug tests are 100% accurate and reliable. Most of the results for Walmart turn out reliable and accurate because they use urine to test. However, remember that you might see false negative or false positive results.

Thus, during the urine drug tests, the company performs the Elisa or Immunoassay test, which detects the presence of the drug as well as the metabolites. The company does the tests again for the false positive but uses the gas chromatography and mass spectrometry tests. The above series helps to obtain an accurate outcome.

Q. What duration does Walmart take to drug test each employee?

Based on the available data, Walmart informs each employee and gives them 24 hours to submit the samples for the test. However, once the initial samples are collected and submitted, it takes a few days, like 1-2 days, to get the results from the lab for a particular specimen.

Is it standard to take a Walmart drug test before accepting a new position?

As part of the post-offers hiring based on the Walmart policy's consistency, you might be required to undergo the drug test in particular posts before accepting the offer. As permitted by law, other Walmart stores might need you to submit the drug testing results if there are enough reasons for the suspicion. However, if you are based in Japan, Seiyu Walmart doesn't need you to submit the drug testing prior to accepting the position.

Q. Does Walmart test for commonly abused marijuana?

From the lists of the commonly tested drugs at Walmart, marijuana is one of them. Though some people use marijuana for medicinal purposes,  the testing process has become complicated at the Walmart store. Still, about 35 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes; hence, it is hard to test. Also, recently, Walmart was judged against terminating the employment contract of their employees for testing positive. The judgment was passed through the Arizona federal district. Hence, today, Walmart does tests for the drug marijuana not only for recreational but also for medicinal purposes.


Walamaarat prohibits employees from working under the influence of drugs. Hence, from the above article, we have seen that Walmart performs drug tests based on various factors and circumstances. Though rarely pre-employment drug tests, in some job positions, drug tests are mandatory.

If you want to secure Walmart careers, consider the above information before taking the next step. You will likely get involved in drug tests such as post accidents, suspicion, pre-employment, and random tests as employer requirements through the manager's discretion.

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